Where to Buy Refurbished iPhone in Nairobi

Find out where to Buy Refurbished iPhone in Nairobi in this article

Well, for their superb quality, original iPhones tend to be more costly than the refurbished gadgets.

Fortunately, refurbs are usually tested for functionality and defects and work just as well as a brand new iPhone.

As such, it makes sense to go for a refurbished iPhone if your budget cannot allow you to go for the latest iPhone in the market.

So, where can you buy a refurbished iPhone in Nairobi?

This article will indicate where to buy refurbished iPhone in Nairobi including their locations and contacts.

Continue reading.

Where to Buy Refurbished IPhone in Nairobi

Without further ado, below are the shops where you can buy a refurbished iPhone in the CBD:

Phones and Tablets Kenya

Phones and Tablets Kenya is one of the best refurbished iPhone centers in the CBD.

You enjoy wonderful customer service plus you can get your refurbished gadget delivered to your doorstep within Nairobi or from other areas of the country.

And you are assured of on-time delivery if you want to order online.

Reach them on:

Phones and Tablets Kenya contacts

Telephone: 0716 690990

Shop Location: Kimathi Street, Kimathi House, 1st floor, RM NO. 106.

Facebook: Go here

Mac and More Solutions

From what we have seen from online reviews, Mac and More Solutions is another good shop when it comes to shopping for iPhones in Kenya.

They will even guide you on selecting the best refurbished iPhone to cater for your needs.

We highly recommend them too.

Mac and More Solutions contacts

Telephone: 0700 288 144

Location: Bandari Plaza, Westlands.

Website: https://mac-more.co.ke/

SARUK Digital Solutions

SARUK DIGITAL is another great shop you can consider for your refurbished iPhone.

They have a good stock of refurbished iPhones in excellent condition so you will have a variety of great iPhone refurbished models to choose from.

You can order online as well (they deliver countrywide)

SARUK Digital Solutions contacts

Telephone: 0709 942 400

Shop Location: Kimathi Street, Old Mutual Building, 2nd floor.

Website: https://www.saruk.co.ke/

iPhone Street Kenya

iPhone Street Kenya is famed for their unrivalled professionalism and customer service.

You will get from them quality gadgets from iPhone 6 all the way to later versions of iPhone refurbs.

iPhone Street Kenya contacts

Shop Location: Kenyatta Avenue, Tuskys Karasha

Telephone: 0722 489 174

Zuri Digital Solutions

Zuri Digital is an all-inclusive-electronics store with good quality iPhone refurbs in store.

They are along Mfangano street in Nairobi, CBD

Zuri Digital Solutions contacts

Shop location: Mfangano Street, Information Hse, Ground floor.

Telephone: 0714 565 180

Facebook: Go here

Symian Electronics

SYMIAN shop is another option if you’re wondering where to buy refurbished iPhone in Nairobi.

Besides you can also take your broken iPhone for repairs.

You could try them as well.

Symian Electronics contacts

Location: Kimathi Street, Nanak Hse, 4th floor.

Telephone: 0716 796 000

Website: http://symian.co.ke/

Phablets Kenya

Located in Nairobi CBD, Phablets Kenya stocks lots of electronics from the trusted brands in Kenya including original and refurbished iPhones, iPads, and their accessories.

Phablets Kenya contacts

Location: Kimathi Street, Kimathi House, 1st Floor, shop no.105

Telephone: 0700 820520

Comlands Shop

Visit Comlands for fast and excellent customer service.

More importantly, the shop has genuine refurbished iPhones on offer.

Comlands Shop contacts

Location: Moi Avenue, Bihi towers, basement shop no. B3 & floor 12

Telephone: 0702 000 900

Tushop Digital Hub

Tushop is a great smartphone center stocking refurbished iPhones.

You could check them out and see what they do/offer differently.

Tushop Digital Hub contacts

Telephone: 0720 823 229

Location: Moi Avenue, Prinsely Hse, shop 11B.

LiveMall Kenya

LiveMall Kenya  is one of the best refurbished iPhone centers in Nairobi.

Besides having a physical location in the CBD, LiveMall has an online selling platform and they offer same day deliveries for all your online orders if you’re within Nairobi.

Deliveries to locations outside the City are made the next day.

LiveMall Kenya  contacts

Telephone: 0703 272 760

Location: Ronald Ngara Street, RNG Plaza, 2nd floor, shop no. S16

To shop online: visit https://www.livemall.co.ke/

iPhone City

Go to iPhone City  for a great experience and good prices when shopping for your next refurbished iPhone in Kenya.

iPhone City contacts

Location: Eagle House, Kimathi Street

Telephone: 0715 889 552

Facebook: Go here

iFix.ke – Mobile Phone

In addition to iPhone repairing and maintenance, iFix have a wide range of refurbished iPhones in stock.

You can choose to buy from them.

Location: Kimathi Street, Pioneer Hse, 2nd floor.

Telephone: 0700 049000

Website: https://ifix.co.ke/

Apple Shop & Repair/Apple Center KE

You can also check out Apple Shop & Repair/Apple Center for genuine refurbished iPhones in the city.

Apple Shop & Repair/Apple Center KE contacts

Telephone: 0722 986 457

Location: Standard Street, Rehema House, 6th Floor.

Website: https://applecenter.co.ke/

Nairobi Computer Shop

Nairobi computer shop is another shop worth checking out when shopping for your iPhone refurbished device.

They have very competitive rates prices so you should expect to own your gadget more cheaply.

Nairobi Computer Shop contacts

Location: Kimathi Street, Old Mutual building, 4th floor, room 418

Telephone: 0724 139 588

Website: Buy online at https://nairobicomputershop.co.ke/

Best-Deals KE

As the name suggests, you can expect to receive discounted deals while shopping for a refurbished iPhone here.

They have very good grade A+ refurbished iPhone devices in stock.

Best-Deals KE contacts

Location: Midtown business plaza (Timboroa Lane), Nairobi

Telephone: 0721 578 080

Facebook: Go here.


Yes Gadgets Ke

If you chose to trade in your refurbished Apple iPhones and acquire an upgraded refurb model, then consider Yes Gadgets.

Yes Gadgets do both wholesale and retailing of refurbished iPhones in Kenya.


Yes Gadgets contacts 

Location: Moi Avenue, Ebrahim Shopping Mall, 1st floor, shop H4

Telephone: 0746 152 231

Wrapping up

As you can see, we have an endless list of shops from where to buy refurbished iPhone in Nairobi and truly, we haven’t exhausted them.

So, you can still do more research and look for other amazing options.

All the best in your shopping!



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