Wholesale Motorcycle Parts Distributors In Kenya

So, who are the wholesale motorcycle parts distributors in Kenya? –perhaps you would wish to invest in the currently booming motorcycle spare parts business in Kenya.

Well, this comprehensive guide will list the leading wholesale motorcycle parts distributors in Kenya – our intention is to help those who intend to start selling motorcycle spare parts in Kenya know where to source products on wholesale.

There is more to learn including what you need to start this type of business but let us first look at where to buy motorcycle spare parts on wholesale in Kenya


Spare Parts Wholesalers In Kenya – List of Genuine wholesale motorcycle spare parts distributors in Kenya

The following list briefly outlines some of the popular wholesale motorcycle spare parts dealers in Kenya.

Sohansons Limited

Location: building 20, Kijabe Street, Nairobi.

Telephone: 0720 742 345/ 0202220 619


Car and General Ltd

Location:  Cargen House, Lusaka Road, Nairobi

Telephone: 0728 606 179.


Mark Holdings Limited

Location: Near City Stadium, Nairobi.

Telephone: 0722 290 850/ 0788 501 999

Note that this distributor has branches in Ruiru, Nairobi, and Embu


Tip Top Bikes

Location: River Road, Nairobi.

Telephone: 0708 096 096.

Moto ADV Kenya

Location: Reliance Industries, Mombasa Road, Nairobi.

Telephone: +254 701 029 589/ +254 739 884 198


Honda Motorcycle Kenya

Location: Off Enterprise road, Nairobi.

Telephone: 0701 876 870/ 0202 481 973


Cycle Importers

Location: Kijabe Street, Nairobi.

Telephone: 0720 283 468.


Premier Trading Company Ltd

Location: New Kagondo, River Road, Nairobi

Telephone: 0729 041 777


Ryce East Africa Limited

Location: Industrial Area, Kampala Road, Nairobi.

Telephone: 02026 532 658


Nairobi Motorcycle Trade Center

Location: Kahawa Wendani – Thika Road.

Telephone: 0727 139 666


Bikers Garage Kenya

Location: Warwick Center, Gigiri.

Telephone: 0723 398 006


Bajaj East Africa Ltd

Location: North Airport Road, Nairobi.

Telephone:0707 512 109

Side Note: You can call any of the above distributors for an updated motorcycle spare parts price list

What you need to start a motorcycle spare parts business in Kenya

Let is now look at how to start a viable motorcycle spare parts business (requirements and more) plus the pit holes associated with motorcycle spare parts business in Kenya


Requirements to start motorcycle spare parts business in Kenya

Business licenses

For this one, we don’t need to insist.

The government of the day won’t allow you to operate smoothly without proper licensing.

A single business permit will cost you around 5,000 – 10000 shillings a year in most counties.


Motorcycle spare parts business does not need a lot of capital to start – it is not like motor vehicle spare parts business.

In fact, with just 50k you can be good to go as far as stock goes.

Of course, you may need to increase the seed money if you want to open a bigger shop.

Strategically located premises

It is important too that your base is located in a busy location – one with a lot of human traffic and low competition.

Another thing: Though motorcycle spare parts are not that bulky it is good to ensure that your space is big enough to allow for future expansion.


How to Start

So, how do you commence?

Well, here is how to get started:

Do adequate research

Like every other business, you MUST gather enough information about motorcycle spare parts dealers in Kenya (you want to get the best prices possible).

In addition, you should also research on;

  1. The market gap in your prospect area
  2. Who your competitors are likely to be
  3. The motorcycle models operating in that area – this will assist you to choose the best spare parts to start with.

Now, some of the common motorcycle brands in Kenya are the Boxers, TVS, Rangers, Jingcheng, and captain so that you can know what to stock.


Business Plan

Someone said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail” and you do not want to fall victim.

With that in mind, it is important to come up with a good business plan describing everything from sourcing for funds, marketing, and operations plan.

Obviously, it should also outline your short term and long term objectives and how to achieve them.

Drawing up a business plan should be easy, if you have done sufficient research (you can also hire someone to do it for you).


A word on marketing your new business

Promoting your work is hugely important.

Now, if you are opening in a place with extreme competition, you can embrace door to door advertising- Meet those riders in person and show them why they should buy from you and not anyone else.

Also, consider modern marketing methods such as online advertising -Opening a website and advertising on social media works for many businesses and spare parts business is not an exception.

What to be wary of (Pit Holes to avoid)

The bigger challenge in operating a motorcycle spare part business in Kenya is purchasing fake products.

My friend, resist counterfeits like a hot piece of coal-It will kill your business in the long run!

Needless to say, you want to create trust among your customers and offering them genuine products is the only way out.

But how would you distinguish genuine spare parts from fake ones?

This is how:

  • Most fake products have misspelled names in packages
  • Differing colors and designs from the original
  • Uncommon packaging criteria
  • Lack of labels and PINS (product identification numbers)
  • Awkward phrasing etc.
  • Unreasonable cheap prices

A word on the fast moving motorcycle spare parts

The following is a list of some of the fast selling motorcycle spare parts and accessories in Kenya (in most locations):

  • Gaskets
  • Mudguards
  • Lights
  • Brake springs
  • Side mirrors
  • Brake pedals
  • Brake rods
  • Bulb holders
  • Ball races
  • Acceleration pipes
  • Acceleration cables
  • Batteries
  • Fuses

Quick Tip: For a comprehensive list of motorcycle spare parts and accessories in Kenya, again get in touch with any of the distributors we mentioned earlier.

Wrapping it up

Of course, dealing in motorcycle spare parts is a promising idea both in the short run and long run now that boda bodas have mushroomed all over Kenya.

You now know who the leading Wholesale Motorcycle Parts Distributors In Kenya are and the basics of starting this kind of business so it should be easier to get started.

Go ahead and open your business- it may turn out to be your best decision down the road.


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