Stawika Loan App: How to get an MPESA loan in 5 minutes

If you’re in a financial mess and want a quick solution, then you should consider downloading the Stawika Loan App and making a loan application.

What I like most about Stawika Loan App is their lightning-fast disbursement…

Indeed, if all goes well, you should be sorted within less than 5 minutes…No papers, collateral requirements, or such nagging complications..

Sounds cool? I bet..

I want to show you how to access an emergency loan from the Stawika Loan app within moments, step-by-step..

How to borrow an MPESA loan from Stawika Loan App in 3 easy steps

Now, with Stawika Loan App, the process of getting a loan is bliss.

And that’s their biggest selling point….you will have the cash in your MPESA in 1,2,3…

Here are the steps..

Stawika apk App Download (Free)

Like with other loan apps, your first step is to download the stawika loan app apk..

Is it difficult? Nay!

Simply head over to Google Playstore in your phone and search for the Stawika Loan App (Just type Stawika loan in the search section) and give it a few seconds…

Click Install as soon Stawika comes up…

If you are reading this from your smartphone, you can as well click here to download Stawika.

The app installs quite quickly (Remember to allow it the permissions it asks for before it starts to download) meaning that you’re ready to move to the next step…. Registration..

Stawika Loan App

Registration on Stawika Loan App Download

Click Open as soon as the app completes the installation then click on Sign Up to register. Suffice to say that Stawika needs very little personal details from you..

In fact, you simply type in your Safaricom number  then click next. Stawika sends you a verification code through SMS.

Type it in the provided space and again click next.

Next, you are prompted to create a secure PASSWORD/Pin and confirm. Do so.

You will then type in your USER details….First name and other names (Middle and last), ID number, email address, date of birth (press next after each entry).

 Then, you will type your occupation details, place of work, and income then tap on finish.

Next, you sign in by typing in your previously created password and clicking sign in.

To view your loan limit, click View loan limit.

Stawika might ask you to send your MPESA statements to them to proceed.

You simply press *234*5*1*3# on your phone then press call.

From there, change the email address for your mpesa statements to

Now type your ID number and reply with 1(other options) then choose 6-months statements and send.stawika loans kenya

You them wait for between 10-15 minutes as Stawika evaluates your statements and assigns a loan limit.

Finally, open the app and log in by typing your password to check your loan limit.

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Request for your first Stawika loan

Now that you have confirmed how much you can be advanced, simply click Request (apply) loan.

Next, you answer the few questions.

Your money will shortly be released to your MPESA account..

And that’s all..


stawika loan limit

Stawika Terms and Conditions

So, what are stawika terms and conditions for their micro loans?

Well, Stawika seems very friendly..

To start with, the minimum they can lend you as first loan is shs.500. Some apps including Branch loan app starts you lower (shs 250) so Stawika might be more favorable.

Personally, Stawika started me with shs.5000 (and I understand they give even more)

Turning to the repaying period, you’re allowed at least 21 days to repay your loan- which is equal to Tala and better than apps such as Opesa (14 days).

What about the interest rate? Well, keep reading to learn how much your loan will cost…

Stawika Loan Interest Rate

The interest rate fluctuates depending on the duration, repayment history, and other factors.

Having said that, I was charged 21% on my first loan.

How to repay your Stawika loan

Always strive to repay your loan by the due date to have your current loan limit reviewed upwards..

Here is how to pay back..

  1. Open the MPESA menu on your phone.
  2. Choose Lipa-na-MPESA
  3. Click PayBill.
  4. Type Stawika Paybill Number 830685.
  5. Next, type the Mobile phone number you’re paying for (Your number unless you’re paying from a different phone).
  6. Enter the amount you desire to pay.
  7. Type your PIN then confirm.
  8. Click send and wait for a confirmation SMS from Stawika and MPESA

How Stawika works

Stawika is a mobile phone based loan app offering emergency loans in Kenya.

The loan app currently works only on Android phones and sends your loan instantly to your MPESA wallet (You’ll need a Safaricom line).

To determine how much it will lend you, Stawika automatically checks and assesses your mobile phone data including MPESA messages.

It also factors in other considerations such as your past credit history when assigning repeat loans.

Like I mentioned above, the entire application and loan disbursement process takes below 5 minutes (but for when you’re required to provide your mpesa statements).


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How to Increase your Stawika loan app  loan limit

You can easily have your loan limit increased to shs.30000 in a short time if you follow these tips..

  • Avoid deleting your mobile SMS messages.
  • Always repay your Stawika loans on time.
  • Don’t uninstall the Stawika loan app from your phone even if you’re not planning to borrow from them anytime soon.

Stawika Contacts

Stawika has a 24/7 support team waiting to answer your queries or guide you through the various loan application steps if stuck.

Here are the official stawika loans contacts..

Who owns Stawika?

Stawika mobile phones loan app is a product of  Stawika Capital Ltd, a registered Kenyan fintech.

According to Google, Stawika has so far been downloaded by over 500000 Kenyans most of who have awarded Stawika a rating of 3+ which is quite satisfactory by any standard.

The app is free to download and won’t ask for registration or levy hidden charges.

Wrapping it up

According to me, Stawika is one of the best loan apps in Kenya.

The smooth registration and application process and the significantly higher initial loans makes it a favorite among its users.

Besides, Stawika consistently raises your loan limit as long as you’re punctual in paying.

Try it today…

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