Land Title Deed Search in Kenya (Requirements for Land Search in Kenya)

Thanks to technology, you can now perform land search online in Kenya in a number of counties.

For example in Nairobi, land search must be performed online through Ardhisasa, the  innovative digital land management information system run by the ministry of land.

Unfortunately, most counties are still in the process of digitizing land management services and land search must still be done at local land offices.

So, what are the requirements for land search in Kenya (online and offline)?

Below you’ll find all you need to know about land search in Kenya including the requirements, how to do a land search in Kenya, the cost of land search in Kenya plus much more.

Let’s dive in:


Requirements for Land Search in Kenya

These are the requirements for land search in Kenya

  • A copy of the title deed for the land you want to conduct the search
  • Sellers KRA PIN number – a copy (depending on the country the land is)
  • Sellers National ID card – a copy

That’s all for the requirements for land search in Kenya.



Now, you may need to pay Ksh.. 500 – Kshs.1000 for the service.

But there is something very important I need to clarify here: Land Search in Kenya is actually free as long as you don’t mind waiting for  2-3 working days to get the results.

Put another way, the Kshs.500-Ksh1000 is an unofficial amount that you pay to whoever is doing it for you to quicken up things (you get results within hours).

So you can choose to do it yourself for free and wait 2-3 days then go for the results

Let’s now look at how to perform land title deed search in Kenya:


Land Title Deed Search in Kenya- How to do land search in Kenya

There are two ways to perform a land search in Kenya:

  1. Manual land (title deed) search
  2. Online title deed (land) search

Manual land search

Though many Kenyans prefer to conduct land search online, doing it physically is not so demanding.

Here is how to conduct land search physically, at your nearest lands’ registry:

How to conduct land search manually in Kenya

You just need to visit the nearest Land Offices in your County or Sub County.

Once there, you will be issued with a land search form (form RL 26) to fill and submit.

Ensure you attach a copy of the land title in question and the other documents (PIN and ID copy).

In addition, you will need to pay the required ‘facilitation’ fee of Ksh 500 – Kshs.1000 (mostly via mobile money transfer) to have the search prioritized.

If you do that, wait for a couple of hours for the results to come out (you should have gotten your results by latest 3 p.m)

Otherwise, if you don’t have the money, just fill the form RL 26 and submit and go home.

You can go check the search results after 3 days

How long does it take to do land search in Kenya?

As mentioned above, If you go the free route, it takes a maximum of 3 days for the ministry of land to issue you with the official (stamped) land search results form indicating the status of the land you had searched for.

But those who pay will get their results the same day (by 3.00pm)


Kenya Online land search (ministry of lands Kenya online search)

Online land search is preferred by many Kenyans and below is the procedure.

The search is also referred to as the ECitizen land search because it is actually performed on the E-Citizen portal online.

Either way, follow the process below to conduct land search online in Kenya.

  • Go to E-Citizen portal:
  • Log in to your account using an e-mail address and its corresponding password. Otherwise, start by creating an account in the portal if you don’t have one.
  • When logged in, proceed to the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning section and click on it
  • Click on ‘Get Service’
  • Now select the service you are looking for (title deed/land search for our case)
  • Provide the Title Number for the land you’re searching for. Complete the online land search form as well by entering the other required details as prompted. Then confirm all the details you’ve entered and click submit.
  • Choose your payment option (M-Pesa, Credit/Debit card, bank transfer) and pay Ksh 500.00
  • The system will display a signed and sealed form for the search results from the land registrar.


You’re all done.

Print the results at will.

Don’t forget that the above service is only available for Nairobi parcels in Nairobi as it is only Nairobi’s land registry that has so far been completely digitized..

Contents of a successful land search result form

A successful land search will have the following details:

  • The real registered landowner / The proprietor details
  • The approximate size and area of the land in hectares
  • Validity of the title in question
  • Title number
  • Search number
  • Nature of the title (freehold/leasehold). Freehold means free ownership where the owner of the land can own it indefinitely. Leasehold indicates that the person owns the land only for 99 years after which the ownership reverts to the government.
  • Any restrictions/encumbrances against the piece of land including caveats. Caveat/cautions are registered on land when, for example, the owner has a loan secured on the land.
  • Last date when the land search was done
  • Any applicable land rates
  • Company directors and shareholders, in case the landowner is a company

Requirements for Land Search in Kenya (Parting Shot)

You now know the requirements as well as how to search for land ownership in Kenya so you will no longer use guesswork when it comes to land search in Kenya.

Of course, it’s very important to undertake enough due diligence when purchasing a plot or a piece of land in Kenya to avoid being duped into buying non-existent land.

The other thing I recommend is working with a professional (and ethical) land surveyor in Kenya.

He/she will not only help smoothen the process for you but also give you vital advice during every step in the course of buying the land/plot you have selected.


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