Zuku packages and pricing 2022[ Internet and TV Comprehensive guide]

After previously looking at how to pay Zuku, we can now turn our attention to the various Zuku packages.

Now, the subscription amount depends on the type of service and the bouquet you have selected.

To make it easier for you to follow, I will summarize the various Zuku products and explain the content of each package along the way.

Let’s dive right in..

A summary of various Zuku packages

I will highlight internet Zuku packages as well as Zuku TV packages.


Zuku internet packages 2018

The company offers free Installation, a free Wi-Fi Modem, and Digital TV decoder to new subscribers to the existing Zuku packages.

The prices again vary depending on the internet speed and extras. For example, with an extra shs.499, you can access all the TV channels under the Zuku TV Classic pack.

Let me take you through Zuku’s internet offerings.

1.      5 Mbps Internet Only Package

For only shs.2499/- per month, you will be enjoying unlimited internet services at home including email, social media, Netflix, and music streaming. Not only is this speed is enough for typical home internet needs but is also adequate for businesses with between1–2 employees.

To put it into context, at 5mbps, it will take you about 16 seconds to download a 10 MB data file.

It may not be, however, adequate for data-intensive application like Video conferencing.


2.      Zuku 10 Mbps Internet only Package

10 Mbps is quite fast and delivers an excellent internet surfing experience. You can actually stream a high-definition (1080p) video without any buffering.

It’s good even for basic online gaming and fairly heavy YouTube videos.

This Zuku package will set you back shs. 3999 per month and is again unlimited.


3.      Zuku Triple Play Package – 5 Mbps

With TriplePlay Zuku packages, you get triple services- that is unlimited internet, Satellite TV, and telephone.

At shs.2799, this is the most affordable Tripleplay package and you’re assured of at least 5 Mbps internet speed 24/7,  60 TV channels (local and international), and Zuku telephone access. The phone uses Zuku’s internet so it works awesomely so long as your connection is strong.

As a bonus, you will enjoy FREE access to Zuku’s Premium TV channels in addition to countless Asian channels.


4.       Zuku Triple Play Package – 10 Mbps

Here the speed rises to 10 Mbps while you have more TV channels- 60 to be specific (local and international) and as usual, Zuku telephone.

Like I mentioned, a 10 Mbps is super-fast and allows you to stream a plethora of online content and/or execute fast downloads.

Unsurprisingly, this is one of the best-selling Zuku packages and costs kshs. 4199 per month.


5.      Zuku Triple Play Package – 30 Mbps

A speed of 30 Mbps is lightning fast and you can stream your favorite content simultaneously on multiple devices.

The package is priced at shs.5299.


6.      Zuku Triple Play Package – 50 Mbps

A 50 Mbps internet speed exceeds what many applications need and most downloads are actually instant.

The package is priced at shs.6799.


7.      Zuku Triple Play Package – 100 Mbps

This is a whole new level as far as speeds are concerned and everything is loaded and downloaded/uploaded at insane speeds.

You have to part with shs. 11299 to access this Zuku internet package.


8.      Zuku Triple Play Package – 250 Mbps

This is the fastest among all Zuku packages Kenya and just amazing. From high-octane online Video gaming, video conferencing, online collaboration…..I can’t think of a task that’s too big for this speed.

Go for it if you can afford (it’s priced at shs.22,499).


NOTE: The latter four TriplePlay Zuku packages are largely for commercial enterprises and are also bundled with the following:

  • 60 TV Channels (98 for the 250 mbps option)
  • Absolutely free Zuku-To-Zuku, Police, and Emergency telephone calls from your Zuku phone.
  • Free access to Premium TV channels including those under the Asian Packages.


In addition, you will need to buy a telephone handset costing shs.1500. The phone is nevertheless almost free since you’re awarded Kshs. 1,500 worth of airtime (can call all networks) with the order.


Furthermore, if you want more TV, the tripleplay Zuku packages can be a good fit since they come with the option to order for extra TV channels. You must however top your monthly bill. For instance, adding shs.499 gives you access to 74 local and international channels.


Likewise, you will be provided with 99 TV channels with an addition of shs.999 and a total of 34+ Asian channels if you surrender an extra shs.1149 regardless of your internet package.

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Zuku TV packages

Here now are the myriad zuku TV packages (Kenya)

Package name Content  
Zuku smart pack  42 TV Channels

18 Radio Stations

Local Channels


Ksh 449


Zuku classic  76 TV Channels

55 Radio Stations

Local Channels


Ksh 1099


Zuku premium  97 TV Channels

55 Radio Stations

Local Channels


Ksh 1549


Asian Standalone Package 26+ TV Channels

55 Radio Stations

Local Channels


Ksh 1150


Asian Buy through (Zuku Asia) ·          21+ Asian TV Channels


Ksh 1150


*Zuku charges Ksh 4,999 as installation for any of these packages. You will, however, enjoy free access to Zuku premium content for one month. After that, you’ll be making the standard monthly zuku payment to continue enjoying services.

If you want to pay cheaper, purchase your best Zuku package during any of their occasional promotions. They usually reduce the installation fees and you can make huge savings.

Just so that you get an idea, the above Zuku packages contain the following channels..

Zuku smart pack

This is the most pocket-friendly package. Among the renowned TV channels (and their channel numbers) here include:

  • 010-KBC
  • 011-Citizen
  • 012-KTN
  • 013-NTV
  • 014-KTN News
  • 015-K24
  • 016-Kiss (KE)
  • 017-EBRU
  • 018-KTN Burudani
  • 019-Kass TV
  • 020-UBC
  • 024-Bukedde TV 2
  • 026-TBC
  • 028-Wasafi TV
  • 029-Clouds Plus
  • 030-Bukedde TV 1
  • 031-TV West
  • 034-Kameme TV
  • 035-Lolwe TV
  • 036-RAIA TV
  • 038-Urban TV
  • 039-Weru TV
  • 040-Inooro TV
  • 055-Kyeni TV
  • 056-Channel 44
  • 058-RTN Somali
  • 059-STN
  • 062-Horn TV
  • 520- Al Jazeera (English)

Zuku classic

Zuku classic bouquet has the above channels in addition to channels like:

  • Zuku Sports- channel 300
  • BBC World News- channel 510
  • JimJam- channel 620
  • Travel Channel- channel 712
  • Colors- channel 903
  • B4U Movies- channel 908
  • Nickelodeon- channel 640


Zuku premium

Zuku premium TV packages has some amazing channels beside the above.

  • Fox Sports- channel 320
  • Fox Sports 2- channel 321
  • Discovery Science- channel 415
  • Bloomberg- channel 542
  • Fashion one- channel 721
  • MTV Base- channel 770

Asian Standalone Package

This is the first Asian community targeted Zuku package and has famous Asian channels such as:

  • Star Plus- channel 901
  • Star Bharat- channel 902
  • ARY Zauq- channel 926
  • Zing- channel 930
  • Zee Cinema- channel 910


Asian Buy through (Zuku Asia)

The second Asian zuku packages highlight channels include:

  • Star Plus- channel 901
  • Star Bharat- channel 902
  • B4U Movies- channel 908
  • Zee Punjabi- channel 938
  • Star Jalsha- channel 937

*Visit Zuku’s website (www.zuku.co.ke) to view a complete list of the TV channels in each package.


Zuku TV free to air channels

All the aforementioned Zuku packages include most of the popular free to air channels in Kenya like KBC channel 1, KTN, NTV, Citizen TV, KTN news, K24, and more.


How can I order the Zuku package of my choice in Kenya?

Ordering your favorite package is easy peasy. Just follow the steps below:

Visit Zuku’s website (packages page- TV or Internet) where you find all Zuku payment packages.

Scroll until you see your Zuku package that you have selected.

Just below it, click on Get Package or Order Now.

You will be taken to a new window where you’ll be required to fill in details such as your name and email.

Complete the form and click Submit.

Zuku will be contacting you shortly with directions. You can also visit your nearest Zuku shop for assistance on ordering.


How to downgrade zuku package

If for some reason you want to shift to a lower package, write an email quoting your Zuku account number and the package you wish to downgrade to and send to support@zukufiber.co.ke.

You can also visit Zuku Facebook page and request them to downgrade your package.

How to upgrade zuku package

You may also want to go up to a package that is more fulfilling for you.


  • Dial  * 502#
  • Type 2(Upgrade my Account) and press send
  • Select your applicable account and again press send.
  • Select the package that you wish to upgrade to and press send


Zuku customer care contacts


Zuku contact telephone: 0205-205-205/ 0719-028-200

Zuku phone number  (TV Support) : 0205-297-000

Zuku website: www.zuku.co.ke

Zuku Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/ZukuOfficial/


Other Zuku contacts

Sales telephone contact: 0205-222-222

Email: support@zukufiber.co.ke

Zuku fiber customer care: 0205-205-205/ 0719-028-200

Physical Address:

Block E, Gateway Business Park, Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya.
Adjacent to Parkside Towers


Zuku payment packages differ depending on the type of service- internet or pay TV. We also have the Tripleplay which is for businesses.

I have also explained the monthly rates for the tons of Zuku payment packages and even how to apply or upgrade/downgrade from one package to another.

I hope this helps.

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