AA Driving School Fees Structure:[All driving classes]

After writing about how to select a Driving School in Kenya, some of you have asked for AA Driving school fees structure and other details.

Of course, AA is rated as one of the very best driving schools in Kenya (alongside Seniors Driving School and Glory Driving School) so we are not surprised that people want to know how much is the AAA driving school fees.

And so I popped into one of the popular driving School branches and picked the current AA driving school fees structure.

Here is the actual AA driving school fees structure including the number of lessons..

AA Driving School Fees Structure

Course:  Learner Driver Course

AA driving school recommend this course for beginners (those who have no prior experience) and it’s offered in three categories as explained below..

·         Motor Cycles (Category A NTSA)

Here you are taken through 15 lessons (theory and practical) on safe and professional motor cycle riding.

The AA driving school fees for this programme is kshs. 4,500.00

You will also need to add shs.700 to cater for the driver’s manual, shs. 2200 NTSA fees (examination and logistics), and shs.580 as service charge.

This comes to a total of shs. 7980 (all inclusive)


  • Light Vehicle (Saloon car) Driving Instruction course – NTSA Category B

Under this driving instruction course, learners go through 30 practical and theory lessons.

The AA driving school fees for this course is shs. 17,500.00 but like in the motor cycle driving course, you’ll also include shs. 700 ( driver’s manual), shs. 2200 NTSA fees, and shs.580 (service charge).

The total fees required to complete the course will, therefore, be about shs. 20980.


  • Heavy Commercial Vehicles Drivers’ Instruction course – NTSA Category C

The curriculum here is for aspiring truck drivers in Kenya and its again 30 lessons long.

And while you only need to be at least 18 to enroll for Category A and Category B driving courses, you must be 22+ years to qualify for this course.

The standard AA driving school fees for the course is shs. 19,900.00 .

So, yes, that’s how the AA Driving school fees structure looks like for the beginner courses.

Remember you have to pass the AA road signs test before sitting the final NTSA test on a date set by the school.

As a result, most of the best performing students in the national NTSA driving test results are AA trainees.


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Other AA driving school courses

The driving college also offers PSV driving and refreshers courses. Here are the fees:

·        Commercial Vehicles PSV Drivers’ Instruction course –NTSA Category D

This targets Kenyans wishing to work as PSV drivers and costs shs. 11,500.00

  • Refresher Driver Course (for previously licensed drivers)

This is for Kenyans who have some past experience on Kenyan roads but wish to elevate their driving skills.

The course makes you a more competent and confident driver and involves relearning safe driving tips as well as the latest driving principles from AA driving school’s professional driving instructors.

This is one of the most flexible driving courses at AA and the school can customize the schedule to fit your availability.

The curriculum is also personalized depending on your current skillset so the instructors will first assess you before commencing training.

The course takes a minimum of 15 lessons and will set you back shs. 10,000

About AA driving school

AA Kenya Driving School is without a doubt one of the oldest and very best driving schools in Kenya.

It opened its doors to the public from way back in 1962 and has since trained hundreds of thousands of Kenyan on safe and responsible driving.

The school gets draws its expertise from both local experts and from peer automobile clubs in Africa.

All the school’s instructors are massively experienced and NTSA certified while the entire curriculum is NTSA approved.

It’s also among the very few driving schools whose training is approved by the Government of Kenya, International organizations such as the UN.

All learners are issued with the AA Driving manual- an authoritative guide explaining the latest road signs.

The charts can be very helpful to learners as well as experienced drivers.

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AA driving school contacts

Head office Location: Renaissance Corporate Park, Upper-Hill, Nairobi
Postal address: P.O Box 40087, 00100 Nairobi

Email: aak@aakenya.co.ke

Website: www.aakenya.co.ke 

Telephone: 0709 933 000/0709 933 999 /0720 227 267/0720 261 576

SMS code: 21062



Just to recap, the AA Driving school fees structure is as follows: You pay shs. 7980 for motorcycles, shs. 20980 (for small cars), and shs. 19,900 for trucks respectively.

Besides, PSV drivers are required to pay shs. 11,500 while refresher courses cost about shs. 10,000.

The driving school has over 25 branches countrywide so you can take the course at your most convenient location.

As a bonus, AA students are awarded free membership to the Automobile Association of Kenya in addition to free defensive driving lessons.

Good luck!















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