Mathira Technical Training Institute: Location, Contacts, Admission Letter, Fees structure

Despite being one of the newest Technical and vocational colleges in Kenya, Mathira Technical Training Institute is on course to become a premier educational and skills hub in Kenya.

This can be attributed to not only its strategic location (at Kaiyaba in Mathira East District) but also the impressive infrastructure that the management has deployed in the various training departments.

The institute has been earmarked by the government as the center of excellence in Welding & Metal Fabrication Technology and has, in preparation, procured state-of-the-art metal work, fabrication, and related equipment for their students.

This includes machinery used for top-notch skills training in both arc and gas welding.Mathira Technical Training Institute

Mathira Technical Training Institute At A Glance

The college is run by the ministry of education under the state department of technical, vocational education, and training (TVET).

Oversight is by the TVET Authority (Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority), the body mandated by the ministry to spearhead all TVET programs in the country.

The aim of the institution is to help learners obtain the skills and competencies required to succeed in the competitive Kenyan labour market or venture into self-employment.

Currently, the college offers more than 12 diploma and certificate courses in ICT (Information Communication technology), Welding/Fabrication, Plumbing, Hair dressing/beauty therapy, and Business.

Why Study at Mathira Technical Training Institute

Studying at mathira technical training institute can be a rewarding experience. Here is why:

  • Subsidized Fees: Total fees is about shs.57,000 annually but like in other public colleges, students joining Mathira Technical College benefit from the Government fees subsidy for TVET trainees amounting to Shs.30,000 annually.

In addition, qualifying students apply for and are awarded HELB loans to cater for tuition fees, examination fees, and living expenses.

  • Exemplary Facilities: As I had mentioned, the college has some of the best workshops, computer labs, lecture halls, and student support tools/equipment. The faculty also comprises of experienced lecturers with a proved track record of helping students to build their dream careers.
  • Serene Location: The institute is located away from the hustle and bustle of Karatina town at Kaiyaba and is generally in an area very conducive for studies. Still, the technical institute is easily accessible as its just about 1 kilometer from the main Nyeri-Karatina highway.
  • Center of Excellence: The institute hosts the center of excellence in metal work and wielding so students in this course are exposed to the best possible training making them hot cakes when searching for employment.Mathira Technical & Vocational College

Mathira Technical Training Institute Contacts

Physical location: Kaiyaba, Mathira West Sub-county, in Mathira Constituency (Kirimukuyu ward). It’s about 6 Kilometers from Karatina Town.

How to Access the College: If travelling by public means, take a Matatu to Nyeri/Tumutumu from Karatina and ask the tout to drop you at Giagatika town (junction to Kaiyaba). You can just walk towards Kaiyaba (it’s about 600 metres) or take a boda boda to the college.

If coming from Nyeri, request to alight at Giagatika (junction to Kaiyaba) and follow the kaiyaba road as above.

If driving, take the Karatina-Nyeri road (or Nyeri-Karatina road) and branch off at Giagatika, again to kaiyaba.

The college is on the tarmac just as you approach Kiriko primary school.

Postal Address: P.O Box 1785, Karatina 10101.

Telephone: +254 720 772 225



Courses at Mathira Technical College

The public college has successfully launched a reasonable number of courses, some of which have proved a hit with form-4 leavers.

Here are the current course offerings, their requirements, and intake dates:

Course Requirement Intake
Department of Business Studies
Craft Certificate in Procurement/Supply Chain Management (CSCM) D (D plain) January & September
CPA (Certified Public Accountants)  Section 1 C+ (C plus) ( C+ In English & Mathematics) Or completed the ATD ( Accounting Technician Diploma) level 3. Registration with KASNEB January &
 ATD(Accounting Technician    Diploma) 1-3 C- (minus), Registration with KASNEB January &
Department of ICT
DICT (Diploma in Information Communication Technology) C- (C minus) January & September
CICT (Craft Certificate in ICT) D (D plain) January & September
Computer packages Open Continuous
Technical Courses
Diploma in Welding and Fabrication Technology
C- (C minus) January & September
Craft Certificate in Welding and Fabrication Technology
(CW&F T)
D (D plain) January & September
Craft Certificate in Plumbing(TEP) D (D plain) January & September
Artisan in Welding and  Fabrication D- and below January & September
Artisan in Arc Welding(AAW) D- and below January & September
Artisan in Gas Welding(AGW) D- and below January & September
Artisan in Plumbing (APL) D- and below January & September
Artisan in Hairdressing and  Beauty Therapy (AHBT) D- and below January & September
Trade Test in:

Welding & Fabrication



Gas Welding

Arc Welding


KCPE (only from 2016 and earlier as from 2017 the government has set a 100% transition to secondary school) January


Proposed Short Courses:

  1. Computerized accounting.
  3. Computer repair & maintenance.
  4. Computer programming.
  5. Driving skills.
  6. ICDL (International computer driving license).

Examination Bodies at Mathira Technical Training Institute

The college collaborates with reputable examination bodies to ensure students get locally and internationally recognized certificates.

The current examiners are:

  1. KASNEB:KASNEB is a renowned professional examinations body formed under the Accountants Act (2008) and the Certified Public Secretaries (of Kenya) Act (1988). The test students pursuing the two accountancy qualifications at the college-CPA and ATD.Mathira Technical & Vocational College
  2. KNEC (Kenya National Examinations Council): KNEC is the national exam body with the mandate of overseeing national testing at all levels of education in Kenya. KNEC examines the majority of the certificates and Diploma courses at Mathira TTI.Mathira Technical Training Institute Contacts
  3. NITA (National Industrial Training Authority): NITA is a state corporation/parastatal created under the amended Industrial Training Act (2011). NITA is in charge of Trade tests and certification in programs such as Welding & Fabrication, Plumbing, and Hair dressing/beauty therapy at Mathira technical & vocational college.Mathira technical Training Institute admission letter

Who can Enroll?

Mathira Technical College provides training opportunities for form 4 leavers who sat their KCSE examinations in the year 2018 and earlier.

The institution accepts grade starting from C-, D+, D, and D- and even below.

Students taking KASNEB courses must register with KASNEB before 30th November (For those planning to sit the May exams-following year) or 31st May (if you’re to sit the November exams).

KASNEB registration forms are available from any Kenya national library branch near you or online from the kasneb portal.

How To Apply

There are four ways through which you can apply to join the college….

  1. Via KUCCPS: Here you need to log on into the KUCCPS (Kenya Universities & Colleges Central Placement Service) portal once its open for applications. You will choose your desired course (from the list of the courses above) and select Mathira TTI as your preferred institution. See how to apply for KUCCPS here. This method automatically qualifies you for the government fees subsidy and HELB.
  2. Online: This time you visit the official Mathira TTI website and create a student account and then use it to apply for admission.
  3. Visit the College: You may also visit the College at Kaiyaba, Karatina (Nyeri county) and pick application forms. The admission office will process your request for application immediately and will likely issue you with the admission letter in time for the next intake.
  4. Post office: The post office application will require that you send copies of your KCSE result slip, National ID card, and school leaving certificate to:

The Principal,

Mathira Technical & vocational College,

P.o Box 1785-Karatina 10101.

Mathira technical Training Institute Admission Letter

The admission letters are available from the college premises (visit them) and sometimes online on their website. You can always call 0720 772 225 to enquire about the progress of your admission letter.


The institution doesn’t, as of yet, have own boarding facilities. It has instead partnered with the surrounding community some of who have invested in excellent rooms and hostels facilities for Students.

There are more privately owned hostels at the nearby Giagatika town.

Fortunately, the rent is quite fair not to mention that food is very affordable seeing that the institute is in a rural setting.

Mode Of Study

The courses are available either on full time but there is a provision for studying part time, evening, and weekends provided a class meets the set quorum.

Mathira technical Training Institute Fees Structure

As I had mentioned, the annual fees is shs.57,000. However, there is, of course, a subsidy for students applying through KUCCPS.

Mathira Technical & Vocational College

Mathira TTI Intake 2019

This college has opened new registrations for 2019 for its numerous courses. Apply to join either the next September/January intakes.

Mathira technical Training Institute Student Portal

Visit the college’s main website here and create an account to be able to access the student’s portal in the future.

The portal is, however, still under construction.





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