Best Courses For Grade D, D-, & E

There are still some great courses if you scored grade D, D+, D minus going downwards. Indeed, the current Kenyan education is such that you can rise from a certificate level to do take a degree at one of the local technical universities.

In this article, I will highlight some of the best courses for grade D in Kenya and also mention some of the colleges where you can take D courses in Kenya.

Here they are:

1.      Craft Certificate In Welding And Fabrication

One of the most marketable certificate courses in Kenya, wielding and fabrication graduates get employment either in the private sector or public enterprises. You can also open your own welding business.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Mathenge Technical Training Institute, Mathira Technical Training Institute.

2.      Craft Certificate In Automotive Engineering

Formerly known as motor vehicle mechanics, this course gives students the skills to diagnose and repair various problems in vehicles.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Ol’lessos Technical Training Institute, Baringo Technical College, Katine Technical Training Institute, Kisumu Polytechnic, Emining Technical Training Institute, Wote Technical Training Institute

3.      Craft Certificate In Building And Construction Technology

Trainees of building and masonry get practical skills to work in construction sites as technicians and foremen.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Ol’Lessos Technical Training Institute, Kipsinende Technical Vocational College, Bumbe Technical Training Institute, Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology, Eldoret Polytechnic

4.      Craft Certificate In Food And Beverage

A food and beverage certificate prepares students to professionally manage production, sanitation, costs, and nutritional requirements associated with running a restaurant/catering services. This is undoubtedly one of the best courses for grade D.

Some Colleges Offering This course:

Laikipia North Technical & Vocational College, Friends College Kaimosi, Coast Institute Of Technology, Rwika Technical Institute, Kenya Coast Polytechnic, Nyeri National Polytechnic. 

5.      Craft Certificate in Electrical Engineering

This course combines elements of electricity and numerous electronic technologies. Electrical and electronic engineers can get opportunities in many industries, such as manufacturing, power, and general electronics among others.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Kipsinende Technical Vocational College, Mukurweini Technical Training Institute, Kaiboi Technical Training Institute, Kiirua Technical Training Institute, Thika Technical Training Institute, Sabatia Technical & Vocational College. 

6.      Craft Certificate In Civil Engineering

Civil engineering deals with all construction environments tasks including planning, design, and overseeing construction in addition to the maintenance of buildings and other facilities such as channels, railroads, roads, bridges, airports, harbors, dams, and even irrigation projects.
Some Colleges Offering This course:  Kenya Coast Polytechnic, Kipkabus Technical & Vocational College, Karumo Technical Training Institute, Sigalagala National Polytechnic, Mawego Technical Training Institute

7.      Craft Certificate In Plumbing

This is one of the best d plain courses in Kenya and involves learning various concepts about modern-day plumbing. Plumbers install safe and functional plumbing systems as well as maintaining water distribution and sanitation systems.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Ugenya Technical & Vocational College, Ziwa Technical Training Institute, Emsos Technical & Vocational College, Mathenge Technical Training Institute, Kenya Water Institute, Murang’a Technical & Vocational College,  Kenya Institute Of Highways & Building Technology(KIHBIT)

8.      Craft Certificate In General Agriculture

A graduate of a certificate in agriculture enables one to work as agriculture professional and entrepreneurs in crop sciences and the production of animals in a farm environment.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Runyenjes Technical & Vocational College, Ramogi Institute Of Advance Technology, PC Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute, Mitunguu Technical Training Institute, Butere Technical & Vocational College, Mitunguu Technical Training Institute

9.      Craft Certificate In Carpentry & Joinery

In a carpentry certificate and joinery program, students master the competency needed to practice as a carpenter on top of performing various job duties including finishing and roofing. They can also solve emerging carpentry problems when building furniture items.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Machakos Technical Institute For The Blind. 

10. Craft Certificate In Information Technology

Studying ICT means you will obtain more advanced computing skills and knowledge. You will also deepen your overall knowledge of technology plus how it works.

ICT programs usually include relevant work experience to help students develop the required practical skills and establish valuable industry connections.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Bushiangala Technical Training Institute, Tseikuru Technical Training Institute, Kisumu Polytechnic, Rift Valley Institute Of Science & Technology, Nyeri National Polytechnic, Kajiado West Technical & Vocational College

11. Craft Certificate In Catering And Accommodation

A catering and accommodation certificate is intended for form 4 leavers interested in the burgeoning food and hospitality industries. The course provides students with essential culinary skills and business skills necessary for the food service/catering industries such as management plus marketing.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Centre For Tourism Training & Research, Nyeri National Polytechnic, Mathenge Technical Training Institute, Shamberere Technical Training Institute, Maasai Mara Technical Vocational College, Nibs College, ICS College. 

12. Craft Certificate In Hair Dressing & Beauty

Here you gain skills to work as a hairdresser, masseur, salonist, Salon manager, and beauty expert.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Bumbe Technical Training Institute, Godoma Technical Training Institute, Meru National Polytechnic, Rwika Technical Institute, Ekerubo Gietai Technical Training Institute, Jodan College, Uzuri Institute. 

13. Craft Certificate In Clothing (Fashion Design) Technology

A certificate in clothing technology/fashion design) is a post-high school program is designed to make students expert fashion designers. Through studying color, fabrics, sewing, techniques, and design, students understand the foundation of creating attractive garments and offering the end product to clientele.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Katine Technical Training Institute, Borabu Technical & Vocational College, Mathioya Technical Vocational College, Meru National Polytechnic. 

14. Craft Certificate In Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering involves the design and proper operation of myriad machines. Within this class of engineering, machine parts are typically analyzed to create the best machining systems for manufacturing. The certificate program offer specialized skills in this field and a chance to upgrade it to a Diploma.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Keroka Technical Training Institute, Kisii National Polytechnic, Kenya Coast Polytechnic, Kaiboi Technical Training Institute, Kabete National Polytechnic. 

15. Craft Certificate In Mechatronics Engineering

A certificate in mechatronics engineering fits those planning to practice as mechanical engineers and aspire to become professional contributors to multidisciplinary designs and product development in mechatronics.

The course combines the in-demand mechanical engineering with regular electronics. Those in this field develop and create products controlled by diverse electronics and computer systems such as robotics, intelligent machines systems, and more.

Some Colleges Offering This course: North Eastern Province National Polytechnic, Mumias West Technical Vocational College, Okame Technical & Vocational College

16. Craft Certificate In Plant Mechanics

Here you train how to repair heavy automotive industry equipment such as loaders, dump trucks, bulldozers, and haul trucks.

You will also know how to inspect and service transmissions, brakes, steering, fuel injection systems, batteries, and hydraulics plus troubleshooting basic faults.

Some Colleges Offering This course: North Eastern Province National Polytechnic.

17. Craft Certificate In Masonry

This teaches students foundational and advanced bricklaying plus masonry practices, not to mention training how to skillfully build and maintain concrete, stone, and brick structures.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Katine Technical Training Institute, Bondo Technical Training Institute, Mukiria Technical Training Institute, Nyandarua Institute Of Science & Technology

  1. Craft Certificate In Marketing Management/ Certificate InSales & Marketing

The purpose of the Certificate in Sales/Marketing management course is to train school leavers who wish to establish themselves as sales and marketing gurus. This is the basic level and will allow you to make the first steps into a professional marketing career.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Ekerubo Gietai Technical Training Institute, Siaya Institute Of Technology, Kenya Institute Of Management.

19. Craft Certificate In Leatherwork Technology

Trainees learn how to design and make leather goods such as footwear, belts, caps among others.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Machakos Technical Institute For The Blind, Laikipia North Technical & Vocational College, Kenya Industrial Training Institute

20. Craft Certificate In Food Science Technology

The certificate in food science technology gives you the knowledge and competence required to excel in the food processing industry.

You get broad theoretical as well as practical know-how on the whole leather products manufacturing industry.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Nyeri National Polytechnic, Kabete National Polytechnic, Kenya Coast Polytechnic. 

21. Craft certificate in Land & surveying

A land surveying certificate involves units in construction laws, land planning, mapping, and land subdivision issues, as well as analysis of properties or land space for occupancy readiness.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Kaiboi Technical Training Institute, Kenya Institute Of Surveying & Mapping, Eldoret Polytechnic, Aldai Technical Training Institute, Kitale National Polytechnic, Sigalagala National Polytechnic

  1. Craft Certificate In Science Laboratory Technology

Laboratory technicians execute work that allows scientists to concentrate and undertake more advanced analytical processes in a laboratory. You are involved in numerous laboratory-based researches within life science, chemical, biological, and physical areas.

Some Colleges Offering This course: Bushiangala Technical Training Institute, Kisumu Polytechnic, Kiambu Institute Of Science & Technology, Endebess Technical Training Institute, Kisiwa Technical Training Institute, Mawego Technical Training Institute

What If I had a D minus/E?

Now, but for a few courses like the information communication technology (ICT) program, most of the best colleges in Nairobi (and countrywide) offer an artisan level for each of these courses.

This means that you can start with an Artisan in catering/accommodation before graduating to a Craft certificate then finally a Diploma.

 When And How To Apply For Best Courses For Grade D

You can apply either:

1.      Through KUCCPS

KUCCPS places applicants according to their courses preferences made earlier in High school (during course selection).

You have to visit the KUCCPS portal to apply when they reopen applications. KUCCPS usually announces their course application dates through Kenyan media so you have to keep your ear on the ground for the dates.

2.      To The College/Institute Directly

Some of these D courses in Kenya have to be applied directly to your college of choice. Applicants are supposed to visit the institution/ respective websites for the application forms.

You are to deposit shs.500-shs.1000 as course application fees when picking the forms.

Students should apply soonest possible to secure admission for the September, January, and May intakes.


As you can see, most of the best courses for grade D in Kenya are technical. That’s because business courses and a few other disciplines such as social work are flooded.

Remember the programmes take about 2 years (artisan/craft) and you are allowed to study upwards up to the diploma provided you are passing your exams.

Also, there are tens of colleges offering each of the courses so you are free to choose an institute that’s convenient for you.

That said, they are very much worth your time as opportunities abound for graduates in the mentioned areas.


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