Accounting packages courses: All you need to know

It’s an open secret that many businesses have automated operations meaning that employers are increasingly favoring students who have qualifications in accounting packages courses.

Indeed, securing a meaningful finance-related position, for example, accounts assistant is nearly mission impossible if you lack computerized accounting knowledge.

This article will introduce you to the most popular accounting packages courses and where to study computer accounting packages in Nairobi and the rest of Kenya.

Let’s dive right in.

What is computerized accounting?
Computerized accounting is simply executing double-entry transactions using accounting software rather than conventional book-keeping methods which make use of manual ledger books.

As the accountant, your role is just keying in data from the source documents such as receipt books and invoices.

The computerized accounting system will do everything else and eventually generate all the reports automatically.

This means you get the statement of financial position (balance sheet), trial balance, income statement, and even budgetary control reports instantly.

In fact, accounting packages make your work really simple..

What is accounting software?

Accounting software is nothing else but a category of computer programs designed to help record business transactionary data, process it, and finally, produce relevant management reports.

These programs, however, vary tremendously in scope and applications.

Some are built to perform routine bookkeeping tasks while others are powerful systems with dozens of financial management and control modules.

Let’s now look at the most popular accounting computer packages in Kenya…

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Why companies invest in accounting systems

Overall, using accounting packages helps businesses to cut down on cost. That’s because the software can complete the tasks of two or more accounting staff in less time.

Businesses also minimize costly bookkeeping mistakes since the software are programmed to reject wrong entries and data manipulation.

Additionally, reports are also available on demand unlike in manual book-keeping where you have to work overtime to produce interim reports.

Moreover, the latest accounting programs are powered by artificial intelligence and can produce intelligent reports, for example, forecasts to help business managers make more informed decisions.

Leading accounting computer packages in Kenya

While there are tons of accounting systems, only a few are affordable to small and medium businesses locally.

Needless to say, it is these programs that should be your priority when shopping for accounting software courses in Kenya.

Have a look at the best-known computerized accounting packages in Kenya…

·       QuickBooks

QuickBooks largely dominates the local market and tops our recommended list of accounting packages to study in Kenya.

It’s made and marketed by Intuit, an American software development company.

QuickBooks can do pretty much everything and exist in both desktop and cloud versions.

You can even install QuickBooks on your phone/tablet for personal accounting tasks.

So, what tasks can you perform in QuickBooks?

Glad you asked..

Take a look…

Quickbooks can:

  1. Track expenses, sales, and profits.
  2. Create and send unlimited invoices.
  3. Track and manage VAT
  4. Manage and pay business bills
  5. Generate sales quotes.
  6. Track inventories.
  7. Create and track purchase orders
  8. Track individual project or jobs profitability.
  9. Manage payroll.
  10. Prepare cash flow statement.
  11. Create and track budgets (including variance analysis).
  12. Run automatic bank reconciliations.


·       Sage Accounting

Sage accounting software is arguably the second most dominant accounting software in Kenya amongst small and medium firms.

Sage again helps you easily manage payments, keep an eye on your financial health, and much more.

Like QuickBooks, you can access the app on the go (Sage Cloud version).

With Sage, businesses can do the following..

  1. Print sales quotes
  2. Create and send invoices online.
  3. Track sales and purchases.
  4. Prepare cash flow forecasts and reports.
  5. Manage stock
  6. View profit & loss statements and balance sheets instantly.
  7. Calculate VAT returns


·       Pastel Accounting

In addition to Sage accounting, the Sage group develops Pastel, a comprehensive financial management software engineered to support the specific needs of diverse industries.

Pastel was initially released by Pastel Software company which later sold its rights to Softline.

Sage bought Softline in 2003 and renamed the product SagePastel and then Sage 50cloud Pastel.

Here are some of the most interesting Pastel accounting software abilities..

  1. Bill of material computation (manufacturing)
  2. Cost and profit center analysis.
  3. Sales commission calculation.
  4. Cash management (Point of sale).
  5. Advanced financial reporting.

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Other accounting packages

Some businesses deploy Tally accounting, Zoho, Xero, and Oracle financial cloud.

Having said that, big enterprises go beyond regular accounting packages and prefer robust ERPs (Enterprise resource planning) systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP (System accounting program) , and  ABAS ERP.

That explains why their finance-related job advertisements quote ERP knowledge as one of the requirements.

Now, only a few colleges offer ERP training in Kenya so you might have to search online for your desired ERP courses.

What a typical Accounting packages courses curriculum entails

Accounting packages courses curriculum is typically customized to prepare finance students for entry- level roles in a computerized business and/or financial services industries like auditing firms.

During training, you’re shown how to use financial applications to increase your day-to-day productivity in roles such as accounts assistant, accounts clerk, tax assistant, and more.

Training is usually short-term and can take even 2 months in some institutions.


Schools Offering Accounting Packages in Nairobi

Here now are some of the colleges offering accounting packages courses in Nairobi.

1.   Webbs Institute

Location: Coffee Plaza (3rd Floor), Exchange Lane, Off- Haile Selassie Avenue

Contacts: 0700268169/0776375544



2.   Star College

Location: Tubman Road/Biashara Street, Kalyan House

Contacts: 0728 787974/0707 787 974



3.   Oshwal College

Location: Second Parklands Avenue, Nairobi

Contacts:  0729644691 / 0733747902 / 0728449688



4.   Summit Institute of professionals

Location: Cabral Street, Union Towers, Nairobi

Contacts: 0720322961



5.   Royal Business School

Location: StanBank House, Moi Avenue, Nairobi

Contacts:  0716 338701



6.   KCA University

Location: Ruaraka, Thika Super highway

Contacts: 0710 888022



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Accounting packages courses

Accounting Packages in Mombasa

If you’re in Mombasa, consider the following colleges..

Mombasa Aviation Training Institute

Location: Harbour House, Moi Avenue, second Floor, Opp. Jubilee Building, Mombasa Town

Contacts: 0754 613697



ICS College Mombasa (East Africa Institute of Certified Studies)

Location: Trade Centre (Ambalal House) Third Floor, Nkurumah Road, Opposite Electricity House, Mombasa

Contacts: 0722 857455


Other Accounting Packages Courses Trainers

There are a couple of great computerized accounting colleges in other major towns.

Here are their details…


Nakuru County

ICS College Nakuru (East Africa Institute of Certified Studies)

Location: Tower One, Moi Road, 5th Floor, Next to Post office, Nakuru Town CBD.

Contacts: 0722857455


Nakuru Training Institute

Location: Nakuru East, Major Mwangi Road.

Contacts: 0722 512 129 or 0736 433 148


Nyeri County

Kenya Institute Of Information And Technology

Location: Old Batian House, Gakere Rd, Adjacent to Samrat Supermarket, 3rd Floor

Telephone: 0720 943 002

Dexter International College

Location: Nyeri Shopping Complex, (Near Safaricom Customer Care Nyeri), 2nd Floor

Telephone: 0795 057866

Karatina Institute of Technology

Location: Rhino House, Past IBIS I Hotel, 3rd Floor Near Equity Bank –Karatina Town

Telephone: 0728 59 55 55

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Kisumu County

ICS College Kisumu

Location: Mega Plaza, 10th  Floor, Lake View Tower, Oginga Odinga Road, Opp. University of Nairobi-Kisumu City.

Telephone: 0722 857455

Intraglobal Training Institute Kisumu

Location: Alpha House, Ground Floor, Oginga Odinga Road, Kisumu

Telephone:  0722 416 338


Uasin Gishu County

Alphax College

Location: City Plaza, 2nd Floor, Left Wing

Telephone: 0717 650 823



Elgon View College

Location: College House, Oloo Street

Telephone: 0720 618624


Final thoughts

Most of the SMEs in Kenya have invested in computerized accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Sage, and Pastel.

As a result, adding a certificate in accounting packages courses to your CPA, Commerce, and ATD qualification may put ahead of the competition when hunting for your dream job.

I have introduced you to the in-demand accounting software in Kenya as well as where to study.

The fee is quite affordable and ranges between shs.6000-20000 for the full course.

Well, the ball is now in your court…



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