Kenyan Universities Ranking 2020

This year’s Webometrics Ranking of Universities worldwide was published earlier this year. The ratings give a rough indicator of how various colleges and universities are performing on numerous parameters including web presence, the richness of their internet content, and excellence.

We have been looking at the Webometrics Kenyan Universities ranking and have compiled a summary of the ratings accorded to our local institutions to see which university is king.  Well, it’s clear that the largest universities in Kenya like the University of Nairobi are still far ahead of their newly established peers while in the category of the best private universities in Kenya, Strathmore University still tops.

Here are the official ranking Kenyan Universities rankings  2020 (recognized universities in Kenya only):

Summary of Kenyan Universities Ranking 2019

1 University of Nairobi
2 Kenyatta University
3 Egerton University
4 Moi University
5 Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology
6 Strathmore University Nairobi
7 Maseno University
8 Masinde Muliro University
9 Muranga University
11 Technical University Of Kenya(TUK)
12 Daystar University
13 St Paul University-Limuru
14 Catholic University
15 Mt Kenya University
16 Machakos University
17 Pwani University
18 South Eastern Kenya University
19 Kibabii University
20 Dedan Kimathi University
21 Africa Virtual University
22 University of Eldoret
23 Kabarak University
24 Kenya Methodist University
25 Maasai Mara University
26 Jaramogi Oginga Odinga (Bondo University)
27 Kisii University
28 Embu University
29 Meru University of Scienc. & Technology
30 Karatina University (32 overall)
31 Technical University of Mombasa(33 overall).
32 Chuka University (35 overall)
33 Africa Nazarene University (36 overall)
34 KCA University (38 overall)
35 Baraton Univesity (39 overall)
36 University of Kabianga (40 overall)
37 Laikipia University (42 overall)
38 Multimedia University (43 overall)
39 Co-operative University (44 overall)
40 African International University(45 overall)
41 Pan African University(46 overall)
42 Management University of Africa(47 overall)
43 Riara University(48 overall)
44 Zetech University(49 overall)
45 Great Lakes University -Kisumu(50 overall)
46 Adventist University(54 overall)
47 Scott Christian University(55 overall)
48 Tangaza University College(56 overall)
49 Kirinyaga University(59 overall)
50 Kiriri Women’s University(63 overall)
51 Rongo University(64 overall)
52 Umma University(65 overall)
53 Taita Taveta University(66 overall)
54 Gretsa University(68 overall)
55 Presbyterian University(69 overall)
56 Pioneer International University(73 overall)
57 Uzima University(76 overall)
58 International Leadership University(80 overall)
59 KAG East University(81 overall)
60 Lukenya University(86 overall)
61 Garissa University(84 overall)
62 Kenya Highlands University(96 overall)



While we cannot say that webometrics Kenyan Universities ranking is the ultimate yardstick in terms of the quality offered by our institutions, it’s still a useful indicator towards what you can expect at least in terms of information openness and web weight.

That being said, it’s not very easy to come up with the ranking of Kenyan universities from the best to the worst since they are so many dynamics involved.

This means you should consider other factors like facilities, collaboration programs that a university has with partners, and even marketability of offered courses as you hunt for a university to join.



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