Bumbe Technical Training Institute Contacts, Courses, Admissions, Location, and More

Bumbe technical training institute is a reputable government sponsored college offering dozens of TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) courses

The college’s goes beyond just CBET education to deliver advanced trainings and skills development in numerous areas.

The institution has impressive facilities and equipment not to mention exemplary faculty and is on the path to fulfill its vision of being a leading technical training institution in the country.

Bumbe TTI Location

Bumbe technical training institute is situated in Busia County, Kenya.

Specifically, it’s in Sio Port, Bumbe Rd, Off Mumula area. (Along Bumala-Sioport road) and about 250 metres from the scenic shores of the great Lake Victoria.

Bumbe Technical Training Institute Contacts

Postal Address: P. O. Box 440, Funyula 50406  (Busia)

Phone:  0720 838485

E-Mail: bumbetec@yahoo.com/ info@bumbetech.ac.ke

Website: www.bumbetech.ac.ke

Bumbe Technical Training Institute Courses 2019

Bumble technical training institute currently has over 15 courses with most of them being examined by either KNEC, KASNEB, or NITA (National industrial Training Authority)

Business Department:

  1. Diploma in Business Management (KNEC)
  2. Diploma in Secretarial Studies (Computerized) (KNEC)
  3. Diploma in Human Resource Management (KNEC)
  4. Diploma in Supply Chain Management (KNEC)
  5. Diploma in Sales and Marketing (KNEC)
  6. Accounting Technicians Diploma (KASNEB)

School of Engineering:Bumbe Technical Training Institute 2

  1. Diploma in Automotive Engineering (KNEC)
  2. Diploma in Building Construction Technology (KNEC)
  3. Diploma in Electricals & Electronic Engineering (Telecommunications) -KNEC
  4. Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Power option) (KNEC)

Hospitality Department:

  1. Diploma in Food & Beverage Production plus Sales and Service(KNEC)


  1. Diploma in Fashion Design & Garment Making (KNEC)
  2. Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics Management (KNEC)
  3. Diploma in Social Work & Community Development (KNEC)
  4. Diploma in Guidance & Counseling (KNEC)
  5. Diploma in ICT (Information Communication Technology)- KNEC

Bumbe Technical Training Institute Fee Structure Pdf

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Bumbe Technical Training Institute Online Application

Visit the college to apply or use KUCCPS portal

Bumbe TTI Students Portal

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Bumbe Technical Training Institute Admission Letter

Visit the college to collect your admission letter.

Bumbe Technical Training Institute Tenders

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