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Over the years, Aisha Jumwa has become a household name in Kenyan politics- she is widely known not just in the Coastal region, where she hails from but also across Kenya.

Aisha is the former MP of Malindi Constituency and is currently the Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Public Service, Gender and Affirmative Action.

Besides, she is one of the most vocal female politicians in the world of politics in Kenya and she is an inspiration to women who would like to dabble in politics in Kenya and elsewhere.

Here is her story starting with Aisha Jumwa Education Background


Aisha Jumwa Education Background

Below is her educational journey and her achievements along the way.

She started school at Takaungu Primary School in Kilifi for her primary education.

Aisha then joined Murray secondary school, where she dropped out in form 2 due to lack of school fees.

Now, during her time out of school, she ventured into small businesses and later joined politics.

However, Jumwa was married off at a young age, but that did not deter her from achieving her dreams.

She later resumed back to school and completed her secondary education while serving as a councilor (elected on a KANU party ticket) in Takaungu.

On her resumption of studies, she joined Ganze Secondary School and then Nyali Senior School.

Thereafter, she joined Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in 2013 and graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce.

By this time, she was serving as a Women Representative in Kilifi County.

Aisha Jumwa also holds a certificate in governance from JKUAT.


Aisha Jumwa biography

Aisha was born on 23rd March 1975 in Takaungu, Kilifi County.

She attended Takaungu Primary School (as I had mentioned), then proceeded to Murray Secondary School.

While in form 2, she dropped out due to lack of finances.

Later on, she resumed her studies and joined Ganze Secondary School and Nyali Senior School.

For her tertiary level, she went to JKUAT (2013) and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce in 2016.

The vocal former MP is now a big time politician who is both loved and hated for her political persuasion in equal measure.

She has successfully managed to maintain her credibility in politics over the years.

She is self-reliant, easygoing and easily interacts freely with the majority.

Before joining active politics in 1997, she established the Aisha Jumwa Foundation, which was a vocal voice for youth, women and people living with disabilities.

Being a strong and a tenacious politician, she has become a pioneer in the world of politics.

She has previously served as a Councilor, Woman Representative, Member of Parliament, and is currently the Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Public Service, Gender and Affirmative Action.

In the 2022 general elections, she contested for the Kilifi County gubernatorial seat on a UDA ticket, but she lost the seat to Amason Kingi.

Aisha has been branded as a superwoman in politics due to her confidence and brave moves.



Aisha Jumwa’s husband

Until now, Aisha has been married twice.

She was first married at a young age after she had dropped out of school in Form 2. The husband’s name is not known to the public. They were blessed with two children.

However, her husband was against her being in politics and wanted her to keep off politics (remember she had already joined politics) and this led to disagreements in their marriage.

It is said that she defied to becoming a housewife as per her husband’s will.

This is one of the reasons the couple parted ways, ending their marriage after siring two kids.

Aisha ended up returning her dowry to her in-laws through the area sub-chief.

The dowry consisted of cows, goats and Kshs. 20,000, which she refunded fully.

Later in the 2000s, she met Karisa Nzai Munyika, who was also a politician, and they got married.

When they met, both were serving as councilors-Aisha was the councilor representative of Takaungu in Kilifi whilst Karisa was the councilor of Mombasa Municipal Council.

Nevertheless, their marriage only lasted for about 9 years and the couple separated in 2014.

This was shortly after Aisha had been elected as the Women Representative for Kilifi County in the 2013 general elections.

Munyika had also been elected as the Jomvu ward MCA Representative in Mombasa.

In this second marriage, they were blessed with a daughter.


Aisha Jumwa age

As of the year 2022, Aisha is 47 years old- remember she was born on 23rd March 1975 so you can subtract the years yourself to get her correct age.


Aisha Jumwa house

Politicians are known to live extravagant lifestyles from the glance of their houses and Aisha Jumwa is no different.

Aisha’s house is a one-storey building in Malindi where she enjoys a luxuriant lifestyle with her family.

The house is spacious and has glamorous decor.

In addition, in one of her numerous TV interviews, Aisha Jumwa stated that she owns another luxurious mansion in Nairobi-both were built from savings from her hustles and salaries.


Aisha Jumwa family

Aisha is the second born of a family of five and was brought up by both her father and mother.

Also, her father was a polygamous man and had six wives, with whom they had 28 daughters.

She is currently a single mother of 3 children that is: Ruth, Selina and Karisa.

She is also blessed with a grandchild, Morgan.


Aisha Jumwa networth

Aisha Jumwa said she’s worth Ksh100 million only during vetting after she was appointed the CS for public service.


Aisha Jumwa Education Background -Wrapping up

Despite Aisha Jumwa Education Background being very rough, Hon. Aisha Jumwa is an inspirational role model to many girls and women – especially those facing gender inequalities.

She is an excellent illustration that women are capable of leadership roles.

Her confidence and media personality puts her as the most powerful woman politician in Kenya.



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