Dorcas Rigathi Age, Bio, and Mr.Rigathi Gachagua Wife

Read about Dorcas Rigathi Age and learn more about her background and history before becoming Kenya’s Second Lady.

Meet Pastor Dorcas Wanjiku, who rose from being a house help to now being Kenya’s second lady.

Dorcas Wanjiku Rigathi is a vocal lady who is a mother, a pastor, and Kenya’s current second lady.

She is the wife of Kenya’s deputy president, Rigathi Gachagua.

Below is Dorcas Rigathi age and her background history.


Dorcas Rigathi age

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi celebrates her birthday on the 18th day of the month of October each year.

Unfortunately, her year of birth is yet to be known to the public, but it will be updated as soon as we get any information.

Apart from Dorcas Rigathi age, this article also tackles her full biography of growing up to be the person she is today.


Dorcas Rigathi biography

Dorcas Rigathi’s story is an absolute example of a rise from grass to grace and it’s quite inspiring. Her life history starts from very humble beginnings.

Dorcas was born in Murang’a but mostly grew up in Kiandutu slums in Thika. This was after her father’s death when she was just 11 years old, and her family was forced to relocate to the slums.

She attended her primary education at Mugumoi-ni Primary School, then proceeded to Alliance High School.

However, for reasons not known, she didn’t complete her secondary education at Alliance but completed it at St. Francis Girls.

Furthermore, Dorcas is an alumnus of Kenyatta University, having graduated from the institution in 1985 with a bachelor’s degree in Education [majoring in History and CRE].

Nonetheless, Dorcas’s life right now seems great, but getting where she is today has not been a walk in the park.

Shortly after losing her father, she also lost one of her sisters to pneumonia. They also lost contact with their mother for about 6 months but they eventually got reunited and learned that she had been admitted to Kiambu Hospital.

At one time, she worked as a house help in order to help her mother feed the family.

Away from that, she joined the Agriculture Department of the Cooperative Bank in 1990, where she worked as a banker.

She later retired from working as a banker in 2006 and started running their family business and also to serve God (though her devotion to serve God started when she was still a child).

According to Dorcas, she started working as an usher in the house of Grace Ministries church in 2002 and later started working with windows in the church.

Through the life her mother had lived as a widow and the experience she had gone through as a child, she was motivated to start a widow’s initiative, the Dorcas Rigathi Mercy Ministries. She was dedicated to helping widows through her ministry.

This initiative earned her an honorary doctorate from Breakthrough International Bible University in 2021 due to her commitment to serving widows.

In addition to running the Dorcas Rigathi Mercy Ministries, she is also the patron of the Association of Pentecostal and Evangelical Clergy of Kenya (APECK).

Pastor Dorcas is known to be a very religious individual, and hence, she runs her own church in Mathira.

Also, she directs one of their family businesses, Wamunyoro Investments Limited.

Sometimes, back before serving as the second lady, she had said that her focus would be to improve the lives of the vulnerable, especially the boy child, who have been neglected for quite some time.

Recently, the Second Lady announced plans to introduce national financial empowerment programs that will particularly target boys and young men. The empowerment programs will be in conjunction with the Kenya Union of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (KUSCCO) to give the young men financial freedom.


Mr. Rigathi Gachagua’s wife

Hon. Rigathi Gachagua and Pastor Dorcas met in the 1980s, when they had gone on a university student trip to visit the late president Daniel Arap Moi’s Karbanet home.

At the time, Rigathi was a student leader at the University of Nairobi, whereas Dorcas was a student at Kenyatta University.

On that day, Dorcas was on a suicidal mission. She had planned to rant at the president, probably getting herself shot.

Fortunately, that did not happen as Gachagua intervened and offered words of comfort as she confessed why she was doing so.

The two later got married in 1989 and are now blessed with two sons, Kelvin (a software engineer) and Keith (a medical doctor).


Summary of Dorcas Rigathi Age

Dorcas Rigathi’s incredible “grass to grace story” is an inspiring one to many, especially those who might think that all is shut down due to their day-to-day challenges.

She uses her story as motivation to encourage others not to easily give up on life.



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