Best Business To Start With 10k In Kenya (2023 update)

Oh yes! You have sh10, 000. in your wallet.

Wondering on what best business to start with 10k in Kenya today?

Well, there are quite a number of awesome ventures and untapped business ideas in Kenya that you can engage in and earn dearly!

Unbelievably, some have underrated these jobs but with trust, these businesses have seen some achieve financial stability and grown to be huge enterprises over time.

Just knowing about which is the best business to start with 10k in Kenya today could easily see you growing from 10k to beyond expectations.

I mean from surviving to a luxurious lifestyle (Imagine going from a notorious borrower to a lender!)..

Best Business To Start With 10k In Kenya

Now, when searching for the best business to start with 10k in Kenya, you should consider these ideas:

1.      Selling secondary/used clothes

2.      Start a salon/barber shop

3.      Become a cereal dealer

4.      Women shoes

5.      Cleaning services

6.      Opening a movie shop

7.      Refreshments

8.      Pig farming

9.      Smart photography

10. Selling fast foods

Let us now get into the nitty-gritties of each idea..

Selling secondary/used clothes.

Popularly known as Mitumbas, this is a source of income to thousands of Kenyan citizens.

Despite the increased number of Mitumba sellers in Kenya, it remains as one of the best business to start with 10k in Kenya.

Why so?

Because second hand clothes are cheap to purchase and they have high profit margins as there is no prior set prices for any of them in the market.

Instinctively, the better your bargaining power, the more you are likely to mine good money from your clients.

Again, did you know that over 90% of Kenyan families use these clothes?

Also, one bale of Mitumba costs as low as sh.8,000. at Gikomba market-Nairobi, besides having an option of selecting ‘Camera’ single clothes depending on your customer’s taste and preference.

Another advantage of this business is that lately, Mitumba wholesalers have set up shop in various towns out of Nairobi so it is easy to get crucial details and supplies.

Try it!


Start a salon/barber shop

I myself, when I was struggling to decide on what business I can start with 10k in Kenya, I got surprised with the possibilities Salon/barbering business offers in Kenya as I was looking at my options.

You see, starting of a salon/barber shop requires very few legal formalities – just obtain a health certificate and a single business permit which will cost around Ksh5,000 yearly depending on the town you will be operating from.

The only other thing you need to do is buy or hire the necessary operational equipments: a hair drier, hair clipper, brush, hair iron etc. which probably will not take much as well.

Now, with necessary skills you are good to go and can even start right from your local shopping center or offer mobile services.

Plus, you can engage a professional to assist or run the job altogether.

You can also employ a pro under commission first so that the salary cost does not become a burden.


Become a cereal dealer

Maize, millet, sorghum, beans, wheat, green peas…Add to the list!

In most cases, each homestead in Kenya consumes at least a type of cereal per day and the market is huge.

However, cereal farming is mostly seasonal but there is a secret:

Pop into the farms during the harvest season and purchase in bulk- Note that 10k can do reasonable stock at this time.

Hold your purchases until demand rises when you can sell at double the original price (or even more)-Well sun dried cereals can last for years as long as you control pests.

You should also consider delivering your stock from areas of plenty to where the supplies are low.

Give it a stub.


Women shoes

Well, you ask “why not any other shoe?”.

First, as compared to men’s shoes these are cheap while stocking so you do not need huge capital.

Secondly, women are willing to spend on their beauty- Having multiple pairs on their shoe rack for different occasions is what most women live for.

And anyway, the market for these is readily available- our women (and we love them) will always be fascinated by the latest footwear.

Consider women shoes if you have not decided.


Cleaning services

With modernization, homeowners are increasing turning to professional cleaner.

There are companies too with large operating spaces which need to be thoroughly cleaned regularly.

Now, cleaning involves making sure that everything ranging from sits, walls, cabinets, floor etc. are free of dirtiness, grime, dust, cobwebs and more.

Here is the thing: Individuals who render cleaning services reap big as in most cases payment is hourly ranging from sh1500.

Don’t forget that general requirements include working tools like brooms, dust blower, detergents, and such.

Having these plus intense marketing should see you go places.


Opening a movie shop

This is again one of the best but untapped business ideas in Kenya.

And it is also one of the simplest to start and operate.

Simply identify adequate space to operate in and set your facilities including the large screen and have a reliable source for the movies (you can also download them online if you can access good internet speeds).

Concerning legal requirements, you will need permit from copyright board and the local kanju.

Lastly, to maximize on earnings, choose a place where population is high, particularly the youth.


Pig farming

Still, if you would like a business to start with 10k this year, consider pig rearing.

One can acquire a reliable piglet 2-3 months old at a cost of 3k only.

Buy two and save 4k for their initial upkeep.

If well taken care of pigs have a potential of returning 20 to 30k profit after 6-8 months!

And pork in Kenya is in high demand so you need not worry on where to sell.


Smart photography

Guess what?

Just investing your 10k on a smartphone could help you earn a living-online.

All you have to do is take professional photos during your up and downs and sell to online photography sites such as Adobe Stock, Shutter Stock, Alarmy etc.

Nothing needed to get started here but patience – it may take a bit of time to make your first sale- and perhaps a little creativity (people are interested in unique photos they can’t find elsewhere).

Let’s move on to….


Fast foods business


Think Samosa, boiled eggs, sausages, chips, mandazi….

With 10k, you have enough to bring in all what it needs to start this one inclusive of health certificate and the trolley to assist you reach the areas with masses- this is where most demand is.

To be specific, if you want to go this way, target:

  • Areas with plenty of children,
  • All day busy laborers’
  • Reachable offices.
  • Populated streets.



People get thirsty severally as they push on with their daily chores so you may consider selling hot drinks such as coffee and cold ones like yoghurt.

Remember to study your prospective clients (what drinks they love taking and at what time), particular weather conditions, and the competition- you can be vending Uji if the competition is into tea and coffee.

And the good thing is that most popular refreshments and drinks are cheap to prepare and in most cases one is guaranteed to make a double profit.

Wrapping it up

As I conclude, there are dozens of wonderful businesses to start with 10k in Kenya and you can make a living from any of these if you are willing to put in the work.

Grab the one that fits your passion and run away with it.

You will soon be your own boss.

Till next time.






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