Cancer NGOs in Kenya [Contacts and Location]

I am going to highlight the names and contacts of some of the leading cancer NGOs in Kenya.
As you will notice, some of them have been formed by cancer survivors – people who have previously been downed but lived to tell their story.
The list also includes foundations started by well-wishers who understand the woes that cancer patients face when trying to fund the expensive-to-treat disease.
Some don’t offer financing help but will help you or your loved one access essential cancer support services including home-based care.
If you have a patient, contact them and see the sort of help each can offer.
Let’s go through them:

Cancer NGOs in Kenya- Contacts and other details

1. Africa Cancer Foundation(ACF)

This charitable trust helps to create awareness on cancer issues including prevention, disease management, and treatment in Africa.
They organize dozens of cancer screening camps across various counties in Kenya and have a vision of expanding their services to the rest of Africa in the future.

Address/Location: Third Parklands Ave, 5th Floor, Mediplaza (opposite Aga Khan University ), Nairobi
Phone: +(254) 0725 337603/+(254) 788 263 358

2. Kenya Cancer Association (KENCANSA)

KENCANSA have been at the forefront of countless cancer awareness in Kenya campaigns since their formation in 1985.
The organize the popular relay for life Kenya camp/walk event to help raise funds that go to finance their numerous cancer patient support programs.

Address/Location: Nurses Complex, KNH Grounds, adjacent to the K.N.H Outpatient Centre. P.O Box 293-0202 KNH
Phone: +254 20 267 7319 / +254 20 386 061

cancer ngos in kenya
3. Eddah’s Hope Cancer Foundation

This foundation helps early detection as well as prevention of some of the common cancer types in Kenya -cervical, breast, prostate, stomach, colorectal, and leukemia- through various projects.
They also have a couple of cancer advocacy and awareness programs.

Address/Location: Paresia Centre, Ngong Rd, Opp. Steers/Uchumi Hyper, Nairobi
Phone: +254 704 448000

4. Faraja Cancer Support Trust

This cancer NGO runs the Faraja medical fund which helps qualifying cancer patients pay for cancer-related medical costs like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, brachytherapy, and hormonal therapy.
You must apply through a prescribed application form then wait for vetting by the fund’s expert panel (done monthly) to know if you have secured financing.

Faraja cancer support location /address: Shivachi Road, Parklands (Nairobi), P. O. Box 39173- 00800 Nairobi.
Phone: (+254)0727 529287 /0737 844882

5. Beth Mugo Cancer Foundation

Started by veteran politician after recovering from cancer, the Beth Mugo cancer foundation is involved in a host of interventions that aid those affected by cancer.
The NGO is especially active in breast, cervical, and prostate cancers detection, prevention, and support.

Location /address: Valley-View Office Park, City Park Drive, off Limuru Road, Tower B 2nd Floor, P.O. Box 42542-00100, Nairobi
Phone: (+254) 790 710 880

Organizations that collaborate with Cancer NGOs in Kenya

There are other organizations that lead support to cancer patients indirectly through the various Cancer NGOs in Kenya.
These include Safaricom foundation and the government’s own National cancer institute.
Also, consider contacting them to see if any of the programs could help.

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