Electronics shops in Nairobi Guide: Locations and contact

It’s an open secret that buying electronics in Kenya can be a tricky affair considering the number of bogus electronics shops in Nairobi.

Nevertheless, it’s not all gloom and doom and there are stores offering an impressive assortment of authentic consumer electronics in the city- TVs, Laptops, Cameras, Microwaves, and more.

These are the shops I am introducing to you in this article to help your electronics shopping experience in Nairobi.

I shall also share some useful tips to help you differentiate fakes from valid products.

Leading Genuine Electronics shops in Nairobi

Ebrahim Electronics Ltd

For long ranked as one of the very best electronics shops in Nairobi, Ebrahim is a super well-stocked retailer dealing with genuine phones, laptop and desktop computers, power banks, etc.

They sometimes have fantastic deals on various electronics so you might land your dream TV at an amazing price.

Shop Location: IPS Building, Ground Floor, Kimathi Street, Nairobi

Contacts:  020 221533


Dixons Electronics Limited

Dixons electronic stores offer an impressive range of household appliances and technology gadgets from different well-known brands including Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Philips.

Dixons electronics limited Nairobi shops are conveniently located along Kimathi street and at Sarit Center.

Shop Location: Giro House, Ground Floor, Kimathi Street or Lower Ground, Sarit Centre, Nairobi.

Contacts:  0722 212222 Kimathi and 020 3747563 (Sarit)


Sony electronics Supply stores

Sony electronics store is a comprehensive Sony specialized store and could be a hassle-free way to purchase electronics in Nairobi.

Almost every Sony product is available here and they all come with a genuine warranty.

Plus, you’ll enjoy excellent service from their ever-smiling shop attendants.

Shop Location:  Old Mutual Building, Kimathi Street (shop No 1), Opposite the Sarova Stanley Hotel and at Junction Mall (The New Wing)

Contacts: 0719 406541

Robeez Electronics shops in Nairobi

Robeez also stocks diversified electronics and you should surely find fantastic options here.

You’re assured of quick service and among the best prices in town.

Shop Location:  Midplaza, Kumasi Road, Nairobi

Contacts: 0724 643342


Anisuma Traders

Anisuma is a top official dealer of Sony electronic products in Kenya. They additionally offer incredible deals on Hisense.

There are tens of Hi-Fis, TVs, Home Theatres, Car Stereos, Cameras, Gaming Consoles, Phones, all the way to Recordable Media.

Shop Location:  Kimathi Street, Old Mutual Building

Contacts:  0707-073111 / 0736-073111


Luthuli Avenue Electronic Shops

Truth be told, Luthuli Street has lost its former glory as the hub of electronics in Nairobi thanks to the proliferation of sellers selling contraband items.

Fortunately, a few sellers have, however, resisted the greed and still stock quality consumer electronics. Indeed, some of them supply Kenyans supermarkets and online electronic shops like Jumia.

Here they are:

Yassin Electronics

With a wide variety of top-notch consumer electronics at discounted prices compared to the competition, Yassin Electronics has been a huge attraction to buyers.

From TVs and Home Theaters, you’re spoilt for choice at Yassin Electronics.

Shop Location:  Luthuli house, along Luthuli Avenue

Contacts: 0722 588078


Boxlight Electronics

I once bought a phone from Boxlight Electronics and I was pretty impressed by their very humble and courteous attendants.

Importantly, they exclusively deal with genuine products. You can even order online from their website and pay on delivery.

Shop Location:   Alykar bldg., 2nd floor, Luthuli Avenue, next to the magnificent Electronics House, Munyu road junction (Near Kenya Mpya bus stage)

Contacts: 0720224220/0728439430

Banadir Electronic

Banadir Electronics is also among the top-rated electronic shops in Nairobi and is home to dozens of electronics products.

Their prices are again quite competitive compared to the upmarket electronic shops. You also get fair warranty terms and transparent receipts.

Shop Location:  Luthuli Avenue, skyplaza mall, 3rd floor

Contacts: 0722218484/0722732732


Omaar Electronics

It’s one of the topmost TV shops in Nairobi but you can also buy Air Conditioners, blenders, Cameras, and myriad electronics accessories here.

The shop has standout after-sales services even for online electronics shoppers.

Shop Location:  Luthuli Avenue, Jdbzi

Contacts: 0705 555222/0734422679

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Are Luthuli avenue electronics genuine?

Well, certainly, not all Luthuli Avenue electronic shops are crooked. In fact, there are a couple of genuine vendors- mostly Somalis and Indians- dealing with original and warranted products.

One way you can guarantee yourself a safe buy is by undertaking some due diligence about the seller. For example, nowadays people talk freely online and you can ask for reviews from your social media pals.

Secondly, don’t buy the storyline that the seller is going to collect your product from the store-it will most likely be a fake – insist on paying for the item on display.

Still, you can scan the product’s barcode using your smartphone to get detailed information about authenticity and warranty instantly.

Also, you can first visit an authorized shop selling your favorite brand.

For instance, check out Hotpoint Appliances Ltd for Samsung, LG Brandshop for LG, and Anisuma for Sony products.

You then identify the exact make and number that you wish to buy.

Then head over to Luthuli and ask for exactly the same. Cons mostly lack identical models unless it’s one of those fast-moving types.

Shops in Skymall are mostly trustworthy and you can prioritize them.

What’s more, you can tag your tech-savvy friend along if you feel totally intimidated.

And if you budget allows, the surest bet is buying electronics only from an authorized retailer.

Some supermarkets are also fine since they get their merchandise only from authorized dealers.

Other electronics suppliers in Kenya Nairobi

If you’re a technician looking for other electronics such as ICs, Microelectronics, Transistors, Semiconductors, Transformers, fuses, and such, you can check out the following shops..

Sagana Electronics shop

Location: AfriCastle Building, River Road, Ground Floor.

Contact: 0722 723479


Wanjira Almark Electronics shop

Location: Luthuli lane just off Luthuli Avenue

Contact: 0721 689649

Final Thoughts

Besides the above-mentioned electronics shops in Nairobi, you can buy original electronics from malls such as TRM and Garden City.

There are a couple of other less-known trustworthy sellers scattered across the City but you may have to ask for referrals from your friends.

Good luck.

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