CID salary in Kenya (All you need to know)

So, how much do DCI (or CID officers in Kenya make) and is the job really lucrative?

Below is all you need to know about the CID salary in Kenya (including the starting pay and other allowances)

And, we shall also tell about the GSU salary in Kenya (perhaps you’d rather be a GSU cadet and not a DCI)

In summary, we shall also talk about the following:

  1. Structure of the Kenya National Police Force.
  2. Units of the Kenya police.
  3. Police ranks and salaries.

What is CID /DCI (Directorate of Criminal Investigations)?

The DCI in Kenya is responsible for investigating various crimes.

You can just call them ‘CIDs’-as they used to be called.

The DCI organ in Kenya is chaired by a director, appointed by the president.

This chief works closely with the police inspector general.



So, what is the CID salary in Kenya? And what is the GSU salary in Kenya?

Before we go to the answers, let us first understand how the Kenya National Police Force is organized.

Structure of the Kenya National Police Force.

You probably know that the KNPF is independently headed by the inspector general of police (KPS, is generally in charge of enforcing law and order in Kenya).

And the deputy Inspector-General heads the KPS who reports to the Inspector-General of the national police.

Now, KPS is composed of these sub-divisions:

Units of the Kenya police

  1. General Service Unit (GSU)
  2. Diplomatic Police Unit
  3. Traffic Police Department
  4. Kenya Police College
  5. Kenya Police Air Wing
  6. Presidential Escort Unit
  7. Railways Police
  8. Kenya Police Dog Unit
  9. Tourist Police Unit
  10. Kenya Airports Police Unit
  11. Maritime Police Unit


More about the leadership of the Kenya Police Service Divisions

Overall, the aforementioned Kenya Police formations are led by commandants/directors.

And the overall head might be a Senior Assistant Inspector General, Assistant Inspector General of Police or a Commissioner of Police.

To be clear, all sub divisions of the Kenya police are under commandant officers based at their respective headquarters.

Police salary in Kenya

Having explained the structure, we can now discuss the core of this article: police salary in Kenya.

Now, the exact salary depends on where you fall in the Kenya police salary scale (which is directly proportional to the seniority of an officer).

In other words, if you rise to be an OCPD (maybe after a few years), you will be in the OCPD salary in Kenya salary scale/range.

Likewise, a constable in the AP unit will earn what is specified in the administration police salary in Kenya scale.

The same applies when it comes to the CID salary in Kenya – a constable in the CID(DCI) is paid  according to CID salary in Kenya salary scale/range.

To make it easy for you to follow, here is table summarizing the Kenya police salary and allowances according to ranks (and their equivalents in the Kenya defense forces).

Keep in mind that the CID Salary depends on the rank you are in the Kenya Police Service.

CID Salary in Kenya (Kenya Police Ranks and Salaries)

As you will note in the table, a CID fresh recruit pockets a clean Ksh 32,880.

Here is the complete table (depending on the rank).

Ranking Equivalent rank in the KDF Salary (Kshs)
Inspector General of Police 2-star General 854,241
Deputy Inspector General 1-star Brigadier General 274,890
Assistant Inspector General Colonel 187,890
Commissioner of Police Lieutenant Colonel 130,590
Senior Superintendent Major 85,890
Superintendent Captain 73,020
Assistant Superintendent Lieutenant 70,530
Chief Inspector Warrant Officer 1 59,220
Inspector of Police Warrant Officer 2/Sergeant Major 53,820
Senior sergeant Senior Sergeant 50,220
Sergeant Sergeant 45,540
Corporal Corporal 42,660
Constable/Fresh Recruit Private 32,880

More on Security Organs in Kenya

Administration Police Service

The AP organ is led by Deputy Inspector General and its traditional objective was to serve the public administration in Kenya (Think Chiefs, sub chiefs, etc.).

General Service Unit

This unit was formerly called KPEC-Kenya Police Emergency Company.

And the thing is: GSU officers are highly trained.

For this reason, they even protect the VIPs (including the president, diplomats, and other very important persons).

Of course, they are also very good at combating rioting (maandamano).

Other law enforcement agencies in Kenya

Kenya Prisons Service

The supreme of KPS is the commissioner general of prisons though. But unlike other police departments, this body is domiciled within the ministry of Interior and Coordination for National Government.

Regarding their roles, KPS secures prisoners in Kenya and are in charge of all prisons in Kenya.

Kenya Wildlife Service

KWS is responsible for wildlife conservation and protection.

It has such units as;

  • Trap unit
  • Air wing unit
  • Anti-poaching unit
  • Scout unit
  • Wildlife intelligence unit
  • Wildlife protection unit
  • Dog unit

A director heads the entire KWS.

Kenya Forest Service

KFS is a state organization associated with training and employing armed rangers.

Among other duties, KFS officers protect forests, enforce revenue measures, and coordinates the eviction of squatters from the forest reserves.

National Youth Service

Popularly known as NYS operates under the GoK.

It provides paramilitary training to young Kenyans, who in turn assist in rendering various services in the country (e.g. infrastructure coordination).

Later, participants are enrolled to vocational and technical TTIs for further acquisition of vocational skills (you can be trained as an engineer, a surveyor, ICT professional, etc).

County Enforcement Agencies

These are based in county governments established under County Law Compliance & Enforcement Bill of 2018.

Officers ensure that county laws are followed, county properties are safe, and VIP’s are protected while investigations and prosecutions of county related crimes are effected.

National Intelligence Service

The NIS undertakes internal and external strategic intelligence on behalf of the government. It identifies conditions that may threaten the country’s political, economic and social stability.

Afterwards, it develops the techniques and strategies to bar such threats.

Director of NIS acts as the supreme security advisor to the president.

However, the intelligence organ is sectioned as follows;

  1. Administration
  2. Information technology
  3. Internal intelligence
  4. External intelligence
  5. Analysis & production
  6. Operations
  7. National Intelligence Academy

Kenya police reserve (KPR)

You are likely to also find Kenya police reserve (KPR) officers in arid and semi-arid areas such as Suguta valley and the wider Baringo.

What you should keep in mind is that these simply back up the KPS in Kenya.


As you have seen, a CID fresh recruit from the DCI academy pockets a clean Ksh 32,880 ( without any due bonus/allowances)- if you add regular allowances, the pay averages Kshs.44000.

And you will obviously earn more as you rise up the ranks (the table explains everything).

Till next time!


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