Emergency Loans in Kenya via MPESA (How to get loans in Kenya)

Emergencies comes our way most often when we are unprepared (Example: settling hospital bills, a missed paycheck, property damage, etc.).

Sadly, nowadays we rarely find escape routes due to the harsh economic situation in Kenya- you know, getting funds from friends, relatives, colleagues is tougher than it used to be some years back.

That is where emergency loans in Kenya via MPESA come in.

Now, this guide will help you understand where to borrow emergency loans in Kenya via MPESA and how to apply.

Emergency Loans in Kenya Via MPESA

To start, below is a list outlining both commercial bank lenders and mobile applications which offer instant mobile loans in Kenya.

  • MCo-op cash
  • MCo-op bank salary loan
  • M-Shwari (Safaricom loans to MPESA)
  • Safaricom Fuliza
  • NIC Bank Loan
  • Eazzy loan
  • Whizz
  • Tala
  • Branch

Let us now jump into the full details for each product:


This is a partnership between KCB bank and Safaricom and is an option for KCB account holders as well as registered M-Pesa users.

To be eligible for loans, one must have noticeable M-PESA transactions over a period not less than 6 months.

How to apply;

  1. Go to MPesa menu
  2. Loans and savings option
  3. KCB/M-Pesa

Note that your M-Pesa transaction history and KCB savings dictate the loan you qualify for.

MCo-op Cash

Co-operative bank customers are qualified to take loans via M-Pesa with the help of MCo-op cash application to be downloaded from Google play store.

Loans range from Ksh 3,000 to Ksh 100,000 dependent on your savings with the accumulator.

If you happen to be a public servant and receives salary through Co-operative bank, you can quickly borrow from MCo-op cash when an emergency strikes.

The best part?

MCo-op cash salary loans are issued up to 1.5 times net salary!

M Shwari

This too, like KCB/M-Pesa is a collaboration between Safaricom and CBA bank.

Loans are disbursed to potential borrowers i.e. those who use M-Pesa regularly and have good credit history.

You can borrow between Kshs 100 to 20,000 shillings at an interest rate of 9% and the repayment period is 30 days.

To apply for M-Shwari, go to MPESA menu> loans and savings> Mshwari.

Importantly, Mshwari loans are only available to those who have been saving with Mshwari (and you need a good savings history).

For smaller amounts, consider Fuliza…and this is coming up next..


Safaricom Fuliza

You probably know about Fuliza so this is just a reminder that it can be a fantastic option whenever you go low on cash and wanted to set off bills.

All you need to access Fuliza loans is Dial *234*0# and select 1 to opt in to Fuliza M-Pesa. Be sure to review and accept the terms and conditions before pressing 1 to accept.

Once you join, you can attempt to ‘Fuliza’ a given amount (Says Kshs5000) depending on how busy has been your MPESA account to a friend (That is how to get a cash loan from Fuliza).

Otherwise, you can ‘Fuliza’ cash to a PayBill or Till number if you are paysing for an emergency such as a medical bill.

NIC Bank Loan

Like other financial institutions, NIC bank offers loan via MPESA to its account holders.

Two options are available for you to access this loan;

  • Dial *488# and follow the prompts or
  • Download NCBA mobile loan app from Google play store.

Equity EAZZY Loan

This is another option as long as you are an equity bank client.

To be clear, Eazzy loan is a credit service offered by Equitel – the popular banking platform from Equity bank.

You need to get an Equitel line from your bank first- this is where you borrow from.

Note that you go to its SIM tool kit then choose ‘my money’ and finally ‘loans’ to get the loan.


HF Whizz

Whizz is a digital banking platform by Housing Finance group limited of Kenya.

If you want this loan, search for and download the Whizz app from play store.

Alternatively, you can dial *618# – then ‘loans’ to borrow.

Tala loan app

Tala has been offering emergency loans in Kenya via M-Pesa for quite some time and I’m sure you have probably heard about it.

Steps to get funded by Tala

  1. Download Tala app from play store
  2. Create your account as required
  3. Answer the questions displayed.
  4. Wait for assessment from Tala staff. Here they will also observe your M-Pesa latest transactions to gauge how much they can entrust you with.

Just bear in mind that your CRB ratings should be good for you to get the loan (If you are not listed, Tala is excellent).

Give it a try!


Branch is another good lender if you find yourself in an awkward financial situation.

As with Tala, download the Branch app after then fill in the required information and submit.

You must permit the App to access data such as your M-Pesa transaction history and social networking platform activity (Think Facebook) from your phone to proceed (This enables them to asees your risk profile before advancing you the loan).

Online emergency loans in Kenya -Other apps worth a shot

There are other online loan apps that can be an option too (that operate pretty much like Tala and Branch).

These are:

  • O-kash
  • Haraka
  • Pezesha
  • Zidisha
  • Zawadi
  • Kopa Chapaa
  • Mkopo Rahisi
  • Saida

Final words

All emergency loans in Kenya via MPesa have varying interest rates and you need to pay attention.

In other words, do enough research before applying for these types of loan.

Otherwise, you are can end up incurring super high charges in form of loan interest and late payment penalties (if you are unable to pay back by the due date).


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