Zuku internet paybill and How to Pay Zuku via MPESA

Zuku offers you countless convenient ways to pay for your internet subscription including Zuku internet paybill.

Now Zuku internet paybill is 320320 and here is how you pay for your Zuku fiber and other Zuku internet packages.

How to pay Zuku Fiber using Zuku Internet Paybill (Safaricom)

  1. Open your M-PESA menu on the phone
  2. Select Pay Bill
  3. Type Zuku internet paybill320320
  4. Now type zukuXXX – XXX is your Zuku account number . For example, type 155 if your Zuku account number is zuku155
  5. Now enter the Amount you’re paying (depending on your Zuku internet package)
  6. Type your M-PESA PIN then click Send
  7. Wait for a confirmation SMS from MPESA.

Please allow 15 minutes for the payment to reflect.

How to pay Zuku fiber internet using Airtel Money

If you wish to pay for Zuku internet via Airtel money, you should use the business name ZUKUCATV.

Step by step:

  1. On your phone, Go to Airtel toolkit then open Airtel money.
  2. Click make payments
  3. Click pay bill
  4. Choose OTHER
  5. Type business name ZUKUCATV
  6. Type the Amount
  7. Type your PIN
  8. You’re then asked For a Reference. Type XXXXX (XXXXX being your zuku account no.)
  9. Wait for the confirmation SMS /email from Zuku.

That’s all..

Again allow 15 minutes for your account to reflect.


How to pay for Zuku fiber internet using Airtel Money

You can as well use Equitel to pay for your Zuku internet package.

Again let me share the steps…

  1. Go to your Equitel menu on your phone
  2. Choose my Money
  3. Click send/Pay
  4. Choose the Equity bank account you want to pay from
  5. Click others and type Zuku PaybillEquity number 320320
  6. Enter your Zuku account number
  7. Type the Amount as per your zuku payments per month
  8. Type your Equitel PIN then Send
  9. You will again be sent a confirmation SMS by Zuku.

Again allow 15 minutes for your account to reflect.

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Zuku Internet Packages 2019

Here now is a summary of existing Home and office Fiber internet zuku packages and prices.


Zuku internet package Price
5 Mbps Internet Only Package


shs.2499 per month
Zuku 10 Mbps Internet only Package


shs. 3999 per month
Zuku Triple Play Package – 5 Mbps


Zuku Triple Play Package – 10 Mbps


kshs. 4199 per month
Zuku Triple Play Package – 30 Mbps


Zuku Triple Play Package – 50 Mbps


Zuku Triple Play Package – 100 Mbps


shs. 11299
Zuku Triple Play Package – 250 Mbps




NOTE: TriplePlay Zuku packages come bundled with TV (different bouquets) and Zuku telephone


Zuku internet paybill: Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I pay ZUKU Internet via mpesa?

A: Go to MPESA>Paybill> Type Zuku internet paybill no. 320320> your Zuku account number>Amount> your M-PESA PIN> Send

Q: Is ZUKU Internet Unlimited?

A: Yes, Zuku internet packages are unlimited. You can check how much each package costs from the above table.


Q: How do you pay for ZUKU channels?

A: Like I mentioned, you can pay for Zuku channels using MPESA, Airtel Money, Equitel, Banks, VISA card, and even Pesapal.

Zuku contact

The guys manning Zuku’s customer care department and will answer your questions regarding Zuku services including using Zuku internet paybill to pay for their services.

Here are the full Zuku customer care contacts..

Zuku wifi customer care number/Zuku Fiber support:  0205-205-205 and/or 0719-028-200

Zuku contact email: support@zukufiber.co.ke

Zuku sales telephone number: 0205-222-222

Zuku sales email contact: cablesales@zukufiber.co.ke

Zuku Mombasa Contact
Sales Telephone number: 0205-255-255
Sales Email: mombasasales@zukufiber.co.ke
Zuku Customer care number: 0205-205-205

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