How to Become a Distributor in Kenya

How to become a distributor in Kenya: Probably you’ve been searching for a good business opportunity and you feel that there is a gap in the distribution of FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) in Kenya.

The good news is that there is quite a good number of manufacturers in the country seeking to recruit distributors for their products from time to time.

So, how do you start as a distributor in Kenya?

In this step-by-step guide, we share with you all you need to know about becoming a distributor of various products in Kenya (remember requirements for becoming a distributor may vary from one company to the next).

Let’s start.

How to Become a Distributor in Kenya – requirements and how to apply ( how to become a distributor in Kenya procedure)

To be clear, below is what we shall be talking about in this article:

  1. How to become a Unilever distributor in Kenya
  2. How to become an EABL distributor in Kenya
  3. How to be a liquor distributor in Kenya
  4. How to become a milk distributor in Kenya
  5. How to become a diaper distributor in Kenya
  6. How to become a coca cola distributor in Kenya
  7. How to become a Pepsi distributor in Kenya

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of How to Become a Distributor in Kenya for each of the above companies.

How to be a Unilever distributor in Kenya

Unilever is one of the biggest consumer products companies globally and trades in more than 400 brands in over 190 countries including Kenya.

Now, to become a Unilever distributor in Kenya, you need to fill an application letter and send it to the following address:

The Customer Development Director,
Unilever Kenya Limited Watermark Business
Park, Ndege Road, Karen
P.O. Box, 30062-00100,

GPO Nairobi, Kenya

Bear in mind that your envelope should be clearly marked “UNILEVER DISTRIBUTOR APPLICATION”

Requirements to become a Unilever distributor in Kenya

The basic requirements to be hired as a Unilever distributor are as follows:

  • Have a registered company

You must provide the company’s and individual directors’ profiles, IDs, referees, and registration documents such as a list of directors, Incorporation certificate, PIN certificate, trading licenses, etc.

  • Distribution capacity

You should have in place a spacious warehouse, office, and sales team in addition to having a reliable means of transport (trucks, tuk-tuks, etc.)

  • Financial requirements

Unilever will require you to have a capital of at least Ksh 35M. Additionally, you must have the ability to secure a bank guarantee of at least Kshs.10M (the amount varies from time to time) from a licensed bank.

For proof of your financial situation, you will be required to provide a recent 6-month bank statement.


How to be an EABL distributor in Kenya

Like any other big manufacturing company in Kenya, EABL requires you to apply for distributorship and wait for feedback.

Most often, the companies advertise for distributorship opportunities when they arise but you can still send your application any time.

Before you do that, you need to be familiar with the requirements to make it easier for your application to go through in case such an opportunity arises unexpectedly.

Below are these requirements and where to send your completed application:

Requirements to become an EABL distributor in Kenya

  1. Have an area you’d like to serve (your market of interest must be indicated)
  2. Have a registered business (all licenses and trading certificates must be attached to the application)
  3. Bank guarantee – You must be able to raise a bank guarantee of at least Ksh 35 Million
  4. Start-up capital – You must be able to secure a start-up capital of at least Ksh 15 Million.
  5. Enough distribution vehicles including trucks with big capacity and pick-ups (Minimum requirement is six, 9-ton trucks and 1 Pickup)
  6. Warehouse facility –minimum size should be 5000 square feet.
  7. Entrepreneurial commitment and passion for growth and success.
  8. Experience- a minimum of 3 years’ experience in sales/general business is needed.
  9. Excellent PR skills- EABL wants partners who are good at customer service
  10. Strong sales and marketing capabilities – this means you need to show that you have the necessary human resource talent in place.

To express your interest in becoming an EABL distributor, send everything to the following address:

Sales Director,

Kenya Breweries Limited (EABL Corporate offices),

Garden City Business-Park, 5th Floor

P.O. Box 30161-00100
Nairobi, Kenya.

In summary, here is what you should send:

#1-Your contact information.

#2-Application letter- here you must clearly indicate your market of interest.

#3-Copy of the following:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • PIN Certificate
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • List of all current directors
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • CRB Clearance Certificate – both for your company and the individual directors/shareholders
  • Current business license
  • Other applicable licenses.

#4-Statements showing you have met the working capital requirements

This could be your bank statement and statements/commitment letters from other sources of funding that you have secured including cash, bank guarantees, overdraft facilities etc.

#5-Report detailing your experience (and suitability to become an EABL/UDV distributor)

A report clearly showing your past experience and suitability for the opportunity is also needed.

Don’t forget that you may also copy your expression of interest to the email address  (Kindly note your email attachments cannot exceed 5MBs so be sure to compress it).

Be sure to indicate how soon you can start operations (clear timelines) should your application be successful.


How to become a liquor distributor in Kenya

There are several liquor manufacturers in the country including Africa Spirits Ltd, Elle Kenya Ltd, and London distillers to whom you can apply to, to become a distributor.

The general requirements of being a liquor distributor in Kenya include the following:

  • Business registration certificate
  • Bank guarantee (the amount varies)
  • Start-up capital (the amount varies)
  • Trucks and delivery vans/pick-ups
  • Spacious warehouse facilities (from 3500 sq. feet and going up)
  • Application letter expressing your interest in becoming a distributor of your preferred liquor manufacturer

In all instances, you are required to adhere to the manufacturer’s distribution regulations and operational standards.


How to be a milk distributor in Kenya

Milk distributors links milk processors with their retailers/consumers nationwide.

And the good thing is that there is a growing number of milk processors in Kenya who recruit entrepreneurs as distributors including Brookside dairy limited, New Kenya Co-operative Creameries Ltd, Fresha etc.

The following are the general requirements to be a milk distributor in the country:

  • Secure a milk business permit including health certificates
  • Conform to the laws of the land relating to milk selling and distribution
  • Avail the necessary capital- A small milk distribution center may cost around 50k while a medium one may need between Kshs. 350-400k.
  • Identify an area with good potential – this will be your target market
  • Big enough premises and milk storage equipment
  • Have in place properly qualified personnel.
  • Dependable means of transport – a small truck is usually needed (minimum)

Remember that you need to contact the milk company that you feel is best placed to meet your business needs and the needs of your customers and ask about available distributorship opportunities.

Once you do that, you will get the specifics of what you need to have to be recruited.

Don’t forget that different milk processing companies have different requirements and operations criteria (Some require you to pay a security deposit while others will allow you to pay on order).


How to be a diaper distributor in Kenya

Now, to become a diaper distributor is pretty easy because there are a lot of diaper manufacturers in Kenya looking for partners to help them get a share of the vast diapers’ market.

So your first step is selecting the diaper brand you want to distribute.

Here are a few popular diapers brands:

  1. Molfix diapers – contact the no 0739514229 For More information
  2. Soft Care  diapers– call 0786 368233
  3. Huggies – Contact 254 020 389 2283
  4. Bouncy baby diapers– contact 0713 065 586/0713 065 582. You can also email
  5. Pampers diapers– one of the best-known brands. Contact the importer, HASBAH Kenya Ltd through 0721 555777 for details on how to become their distributor.

These manufacturers/importers will again have general requirements that you must meet – a set startup capital, storage facilities of a given size, means of transport, etc.


How to become a coca cola distributor in Kenya

Below are the requirements to become a coca cola distributor in Kenya:

  • Capital- Kshs 3 million to 5 million depending on the region you’re targeting. A bank guarantee of Kshs. 2 million is also needed.
  • Technology requirements- You or your staff must be tech savvy.
  • Storage facility- a warehouse/store of at least 2000 Sq. feet is needed.
  • Target Market– You must have identified your target market before applying. This should ideally be an area without other Coca-Cola distributors
  • Registration/licensing requirements– copies of your company’s incorporation certificate, memorandum of association (and articles of association), KRA pin certificate, and other applicable business licenses will be needed.
  • Expertise/experience- strong sales/general business knowledge with an excellent track record (proven), including door-to-door selling. You also need to be extremely passionate about growth and high performance.

To apply, send all these documents plus a persuasive application letter to:

Country Sales & Marketing Manager

Nairobi Bottlers Ltd.

P.O. Box 18034 Nairobi-00500.

You can also reach out to the Coca-cola bottlers serving your region- for example, Mt Kenya bottlers for those in Central Kenya- and enquire about distributorship opportunity.


How to Become a Distributor in Kenya -How to be a Pepsi distributor in Kenya

To become a Pepsi distributor in Kenya, you need to have a registered company.

You must also meet other Pepsi distributor requirements including warehouse space, transport trucks, working and start-up capital, personnel etc.

Furthermore, you need to purchase empty bottles for the range of Pepsi drinks you will be distributing from Pepsi.

To apply and get the most recent list of requirements, you can either approach any Pepsi customer care desk within your region and explain to them you want be a Pepsi distributor or drop a letter expressing your interest to the following address:

Pepsi Kenya

P.O.BOX, 30275


You may also visit or call 0720 210 487

How to Become a Distributor in Kenya -Conclusion

In general, to become a distributor of any FMCG manufacturer in Kenya, you need to go through an application process and fulfill a set of basic requirements.

Here are links to where else you can apply for distributorship opportunities in Kenya..

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  • To become a Keroche breweries distributor in Kenya, check the requirements here.
  • To become a distributor of Bounty Limited products (Safari KingDrinking Water and Safari Lemonade carbonated soft drink), go here.



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