CRB Clearance Certificate in Kenya [How to get it]

Sometimes you will be asked for a CRB clearance certificate in Kenya.

In fact, most loan lenders and some employers will require you to produce a valid CRB copy to assess your integrity level before lending to you or giving you a job.

This article will help you know everything about CRB clearance certificate in Kenya including how to get the certificate, associated costs, and much more.

Let’s dive right in.

CRB Clearance Certificate in Kenya – How to get your CRB Clearance Certificate

First things first…


What is CRB?

To answer that, CRB is an acronym for Credit Reference Bureau (CRBs are simply companies mandated to keep track of our credit records – loans you have borrowed from various institutions/apps, your payment history, credit score (this is computed by the CRB system automatically), and more.


What is CRB clearance certificate?

CRB clearance certificate is just a document declaring that a person has no non-performing loan.

In other words, it is a document confirming that you have defaulted on any loan.


Why do you need a CRB clearance certificate?

As mentioned at the beginning, the CRB clearance certificate is asked for mostly by lenders (banks, SACCOS, loan apps) and potential employers including the government– it’s one way of gauging your integrity.

A CRB clearance certificate is also required during political party nominations so you may need it when you want to vie for public office.

Another instance when a CRB clearance certificate is needed is when you’re applying for some tenders.


How to Get CRB Clearance Certificate in Kenya

The process of obtaining a CRB certificate in the country is straightforward.

You just need to:

  • Check your current credit report (check if you’re listed – lenders will list you if you’re late in paying due loan installments or when you have totally failed to repay)
  • Pay your arrears to those who have listed you, if any.
  • Request for a clearance certificate from CRB


Checking your credit report

Knowing your credit status before applying for the clearance certificate is essential.

To check your credit status, reach out to any of the following 3 registered CRBs in Kenya:

  • Metropol Corporation
  • TransUnion Africa
  • Creditinfo Kenya

Each CRB will require you to register before you can use their services.

Registration is not difficult- You can do that by phone, via their websites (check the steps below), or by downloading their respective apps from Google PlayStore.


Once you have done that, you’ll know your current credit status as well as who has listed you.

Now, if you have been listed, you need to pay the loan repayments that you had defaulted on (you need to pay all the pending arrears to each of the lenders that has listed you).


So your next step is to settle your overdue loan installment(s).

Here you need to contact your lender(s) and pay what you have been asked to and inform them- be sure to remind them to request the CRB(s) to delist your name.

You can only request for a clearance certificate after you’re delisted.

Here are the complete steps (How to request for credit report and how to apply for CRB clearance certificate):


Applying for a credit report and a CRB Clearance Certificate (steps)

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get the credit status report and how to apply for a clearance certificate in Kenya.


Metropol Corporation

If you want to use Metropol CRB, you need to register with them first.

Follow these steps to register with Metropol Kenya:

  • Dial *433# on your phone (Safaricom line)
  • Enter your ID Number
  • Enter the agent number who referred you to Metropol, if any. Else, enter zero (0)
  • Confirm your details as displayed on the screen
  • Pay Ksh 100 registration fees. Use Paybill number 220388 for that and your ID number as the account number
  • Metropol will send to you a Crystobol PIN via SMS. You’ll also get a link to your free credit report.
  • Click the link, read the report and get in touch with whoever has listed you.


Once you have paid what’s overdue as advised above, follow these steps to get your clearance certificate from metropol:

You can now apply for your clearance certificate;

  • Head to Metropol website:
  • Log in using the crystobol pin you received
  • Select ‘clearance certificate’.
  • Pay a sum of Ksh 2,200 for the service. Paybill number is 220388 and account number is your ID number.
  • Now follow the instructions displayed to download your clearance certificate

Congratulations! You can print your clearance certificate at will.

Metropol Contacts

If you run into problems, contact Metropol on the following numbers:

Calls: 0709 834 000 /0730 884 000

Whatsapp: 0707 723 666 or 0791 723 666 (Send the word “Hello” on whatsapp)


TransUnion Africa

TransUnion Africa is also registered as a CRB in Kenya and you can use them.

To register with TransUnion:

  • Text full names to 21272 from a line that’s registered to you. It’ll cost you Ksh 19 for the SMS service. Otherwise, use the TransUnion Nipashe app downloadable from PlayStore. It’ll help you save on the SMS charges.
  • Pay a one-off registration charge of Ksh 50 to PayBill 212121. Your National ID number will remain as the account number
  • It’s done. TransUnion will send you a verification code to confirm your registration process.
  • You can now request for and get your credit status report instantly. Just text CR to 21272. It will be sent immediately.


To get your CRB clearance certificate from TransUnion:

  • Download the TransUnion Nipashe App
  • Install, open the app, and log in.
  • Enter your details as specified (includes your full name, ID number, phone contact)
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of use and proceed
  • Activate the account by clicking on ‘Activate’
  • Enter the code sent to your phone from TransUnion to verify
  • Access and click on ‘clearance E-certificate’, provide a valid e-mail address and submit
  • You’ll receive an encrypted clearance certificate via your e-mail address. To open the certificate, use the ID number you provided as the password. Omit the zero if the ID number starts with a zero.
  • You can now download and print the certificate.

TransUnion contacts

Reach out to TransUnion via 0742258478/ 0768253748 / 0768617074/ 0768262495

Creditinfo Kenya

The last option you have to get a CRB clearance certificate in Kenya is using Creditinfo Kenya Ltd.

To do that;

  • Go to their website:
  • Hover your pointer over ‘clearance certificate’ and click
  • Choose the tab that has the type of certificate you want (either personal or company)
  • Next is filling the forms provided as required.
  • It’s a clear step-by-step process. You just need to be on the website, follow up, and voila!

Creditinfo Contacts

Call Creditinfo via +254 709 593000

CRB Clearance Certificate in Kenya (Important points)

I’ll leave you with the following few points about the CRB clearance certificate (also called COC -Certificate of Clearance);

  • Obtaining a CRB clearance certificate is free to all first-time applicants across all the CRB licensed firms in Kenya.
  • You can also access the CoC from your nearest CRB office, Huduma center, or Cyber Café.
  • Some cybercafes also offer the service so check a cyber near you.
  • You are supposed to wait at least 3 days after paying your outstanding loans to your lender before requesting for the COC. This will give your lender enough time to submit your new credit info to the bureau
  • A defaulting status on CRB will mean you’ll have to wait 5 years before you are fully delisted so you cannot get a loan in this period.
  • Beware of social media scams that claim to delete defaulters from CRB. These scams are very common and you need to be careful to avoid losing your hard-earned money.


How do I get CRB clearance online?

Download Metropol CRB App and follow the steps to register and request for your CRB clearance certificate online. You have to pay Kshs.2200.

As an alternative, you can get your CRB clearance certificate online from MetroPol website here.



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