NEMIS Form 1 Admission Process (Step-by-Step Guide)

As part of streamlining Kenya’s education sector, the ministry of education now requires principals to admit form 1 students via National Education Management Information System (NEMIS). Now, this article is for you if you have been wondering how to conduct the NEMIS form 1 admission process through the new digital platform.

Remember this is the standard requirement for all secondary schools- both public and private.

Also, don’t forget that the form 1’s will report with their form one admission letters and present them to the admission official at the school.

From there, the school is supposed to confirm the existence of these students’ names in the NEMIS system before progressing to the latter admission steps.

Here is how to conduct the whole NEMIS form 1 admission process from your computer or phone (for the school Principal or their delegated person):

NEMIS Form 1 Admission Process: Steps

  1. Using a smartphone or computer, log onto the NEMIS systems by clicking or then entering your school’s username and accompanying password.NEMIS Form 1 Admission Process
  2. Once logged in, click on the learner tab.
  3. Then Click on the Admit/process request option.
  4. Now type the index number of the student being admitted on the provided search INDEX/ UPI space.
  5. Then Click search.
  6. The exact details of the searched for student should appear indicating that this student has been selected to join your school. In this case, proceed to step number 7 below.
  7. Click on the Admit button.
  8. That’s all. The student is now to complete the remaining admission steps as per your institution’s established routine.

Note that you can only admit students who already added to the schools account in NEMIS.

At the same time, the ministry advices schools to provisionally download and print copies of their form one selection list from the system even before admission.

This will help the school to proceed with admissions by acting as backups where there are cases of a power blackout or internet connection problems.


The Issue Of Transfers and Direct Admission of Form Ones

The ministry has barred direct admission of form one students. Additionally, any form one student transfers should be requested and conducted through NEMIS by the concerned principals.

This means that no transfers of form one students can go through unless the school has uploaded the student’s details online as per the parents’ request.

The school/students are then to await the ministry’s approval on the NEMIS portal and thereafter download their letter from the official Nemis website.

Approval of schools’ transfer requests is handled by the ministry officials at different levels as per the categorization of the school.

For instance, Approval for national schools is by the education ministry’s head office while regional coordinators are responsible for extra-county schools.

On the same note, county education directors approve transfers to county schools.


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