How old is Sabina Chege?

This article is on how old is Sabina Chege?, her education background, her career journey, her net worth, and more.

Sabina Chege is a gifted individual.

Sabina Wanjiru Chege is a former television and radio presenter, and also a Kenyan politician who held the position of Murang’a County Women’s Representative from 2013 to 2022.

Prior to her election as the Women’s Representative for Murang’a County in the national parliament during the 2013 general elections, she was mostly unknown outside of her fame in radio and theater.

Well, Sabina has become one of the Mount Kenya region’s most influential female politicians.

Sabina is one of the most admired women when it comes to leading a social lifestyle. She is a straight-shooting politician who never hesitates to express her thoughts.

Sabina Chege was recently nominated to serve in the Parliament of Murang’a County.

So, how old is Sabina Chege?

How old is Sabina Chege?

She was born on August 22, 1978, in Murang’a County.

Other than her age, this article also outlines Sabina Chege’s diversity in her career journey.


Sabina Chege’s education background

Prior to transferring to Kinyoni School, where she finished her primary education, Sabina Chege began her schooling at Matu Primary School.

She then proceeded to Mugoiri Girls’ High School and completed her secondary education.

She then enrolled in the University of Nairobi, where in 2002 she earned a bachelor’s degree in Education (Arts). The same university awarded her a Master of Arts in Communication in 2005 as well.

She also pursued a post-graduate diploma in Public Relations Management at the Kenya Institute of Management.


Sabina Chege’s career

Sabina Chege is not only a politician, but has also worked as an actress and a radio presenter.

Prior to being involved in politics, Sabina was very much into the film industry.

From conquering as an actress, a video vixen, a radio presenter, and now taking politics head-on.

Sabina Chege is one of the leading Kenyan women politicians, and she is known for her vocal nature in the political arena.

She was an actress in the popular TV series, Tausi, where she played the role of Rehema.

Also, she was a video vixen featured in John De’ Mathew’s music album in the song “Njata Yakwa”.

She consequently worked as a radio presenter on two Kikuyu radio stations, Coro FM and Kameme FM, between 2002 and 2005, then later worked as a regional manager for Communication World Space Africa.

Sabina later joined Kenya Broadcasting Corporation in 2007, where she worked as the program controller.

While working as a radio presenter, she frequently addressed issues relating to women and developments.

Prior to the 2013 general elections, she resigned from her role in KCB in order to contest for the Murang’a County Women Representative seat, which she won on a TNA party ticket; she was a member of The National Alliance Party.

She went on and gained more prominence in the national limelight when she was made the chairperson of the Departmental Committee on Education, Research, and Technology and also a member of the Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee.

In the 2017 general elections, she was re-elected to the the same seat, now as a member of the Jubilee party.

Furthermore, she sponsored both the Kenya National Blood Transfusion Service Bill, which commercializes blood transfusions, and the Breastfeeding Mothers Bill, which would require employers to provide facilities and breaks for employees who are breastfeeding.

In addition, she is the founder and director of the Sabina Wanjiru Foundation, an initiative that focuses on addressing and improving women’s issues and concerns affecting youth in society.

Currently, she is nominated as an MP to the national assembly of Murang’a County.


Sabina Chege net worth

The estimated value of Sabina Chege’s assets is Kshs.300 million.

She has made that much via acting and a public servant.


Sabina Chege family

In addition to being married, Sabina Wanjiru Chege is the mother of three kids.

Chege Mutema and Susan Wairimu are her parents.

The general public knows very little about her siblings, though.


Is Sabina Chege married?

Yes, Sabina Chege is a family woman and is married to Maina Gathitu, as a second wife.


Who is Sabina Chege’s husband?

Maina Gathitu, a former Kenya Dairy Board manager, is married to Sabina Chege as his second wife. They are fortunate to have one child.

The couple met in 2013, when Sabina Chege was running for the first time as a woman’s representative.

Maina Gathitu is one of Murang’a’s millionaires, and he once gifted Sabina a land cruiser V8 and a mansion at Garden Estate worth around Kshs. 150 million.

Just so you know, Sabina Chege and Hon. Amos Kimunya were once married and had two children together before divorcing.


How old is Sabina Chege? Wrap up

Young people appreciate Sabina Wanjiru Chege for empowering them and providing them with opportunities. She clearly loves to transform people.

Her real-life experience is one of the best examples of how famous people deal with difficulties as they transition through life.



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