How To Make Money On Facebook

As an online marketer, one of the questions I get asked daily is: “How do you make money on Facebook?” Others ask about how to make money on facebook pages. Lately, I’m being asked about how to make money on facebook videos – Well, my FaceBook inbox can attest to this.

And so the big question is since you have all these likes on your facebook account, how can you earn money from facebook account. Or should you just be happy that people are liking, sharing, and commenting on your posts?

I will start with the good news: YES! It’s possible to live off facebook. And I’m dead serious. You can make money using facebook $100+ a day (or even more).

And now to the bad news: You have to sweat it out! It’s not easy money- indeed, the internet doesn’t have easy money. So, those marketers who tell you that Ooh, you’ll mint hundreds of dollars by just working a few hours a week, know this: that’s bulls**t.

But as I have said, you can get a healthy income from the estimated 2.19 billion monthly Facebook users.

Here are some tried and tested methods;

Convert your Facebook account into a Thriving Market Place:

If you have lots of friends on Facebook, then you could be sitting on a goldmine.

But if you want to make serious bucks, you must be strategic.

This is what you do:

First, turn your Facebook profile into a page. That’s because your personal account can only have a maximum of 5000 users. And to make good money you need big numbers.

Pages don’t have a cap on the number of followers and also offer great analytics meaning they make it easier to track the results of any future marketing campaigns.

There’s another reason why you should changeover:

Other pages can also “Like” your Facebook page so, if you are working with other businesses, you can like each other and help inter-promote your businesses.

So, what happens if you convert your Facebook profile to a facebook page?

  • Your new page will not be appearing in your fan’s interest lists.
  • You will not access personal messages you had from your old profile.
  • Your current profile’s updates and photos will not move to your new page.
  • You will automatically be deleted from groups you had joined.

If you feel uncomfortable with these happenings, then create a brand new page for your business and invite your followers to like it.

Obviously, there’s more work but with the right strategies, you’ll have a substantial following in a short while.

For example, I created a fresh page for one of my clients’ business and grew followership organically from 0 to over 24000 in 6 months.

earn money from facebook

If your business is already doing well, and your plate is always full of tasks, hiring a social media marketer would be the best solution.

A digital marketing agency can be a more affordable option if you’re not ready for a full-time marketer.

Whichever way, reaching your target market should be your number 1 priority.


Can we now talk about how to earn money using Facebook page?

How to Make Crazy Money from Your Facebook Page

I know you’ve been waiting for it.

Perhaps you already have a Facebook page but haven’t made a dime.

Or you even could be having a popular personal Facebook profile but have been scrambling looking for ways to milk cash from it.

Well, if you are creative, you can generate handsome income from your Facebook followers.

But, you’ve to plan for the long-term. You don’t create a page today and expect to pay bills from it tomorrow. Nah! It doesn’t work like that.

What you need is a well thought-out game plan, and be ready to follow it to the latter.

Here now are some beautiful ideas that can help you harvest dollars from the page:

  1. Get a Product and Promote the Hell Out Of It

There could be a local product with a potential global market. Identify it, talk to the maker/seller, agree on commissions (or a fixed fee) and promote it like nobody’s business.

Of course, you’ll have worked out some logistics on how deliveries will be made to prospects and how to receive payments.

  • The thing is, you have to be damn clever.

Online marketing isn’t like any other marketing and you’ll be easily caught out if you engaged in shameless self-promotion.

Whether you’re an individual, a start-up or an established business, you have to know how to generate excitement around your brand.

And to hype your products….without anybody realizing that you’re just interested in their money!

In short, you’ve to create ways of selling while thrilling your followers!

That’s tricky. Or is it?

Look at this ad:

How do you make money on Facebook

It’s mother’s day and entertainment network A&E is planning to publicize an auction.

Not one to miss an opportunity, they craft a message around their popular TV drama series to talk up the online auction (check the message again)!

Can you now see what I mean?

Brilliant marketing, I dare say!

It’s not that demanding, BTW, provided you get your creative juices flowing.

  • It’s all About Playing with Emotions

You have to treat your audience as humans.

Now, according to BigThink, humans are, first and foremost, emotional creatures and make decisions based on their emotions and not logic.

You must also appreciate that they joined Facebook to advance their social agenda.

Which means one thing:

If you can connect with their sentiments, you can reap big time.

Grammarly knows that online dating and love is an emotional topic.

So, why not use it to reach new markets?

Look at this Ad. closely…

how to make money on facebook pages

96% of online daters say GRAMMAR is essential. Really?

That’s A grade  intelligence..


  • Coach and enlighten your followers

Offering helpful advice and practical hacks will show an audience that you care and may help crank up the numbers- even if you don’t care a hang!

Shopify is a brand I love and they have consistently grown their Facebook membership by consistently delivering helpful advice.

how to earn money from facebook page likes

In the above example, they’re offering precious advice on how their clients can help push sales by taking advantage of available interior design talent.

That’s being kind-hearted..or is it?

The marketer there is paid to keep their fans and prospects glued to their page. And with such imagination, he is surely earning his salary.

  • Make them laugh- and they will love you eternally.

Humor is magical. After all, life wasn’t supposed to be this serious. Right?

Crack their limbs. I tell you they will love you. And they will come and buy- in droves.

KCB Bank Group in Kenya has perfected the art of laughter. Their page bodes on a comic series.

BTW, how do you welcome a new month?

This is KCB’s way

To them, a weekend is not what you think..

earn money from facebook account

They are for sleeping until you are hungry….then you eat until you’re sleepy..


And you know what?

They have over a whopping 1 Million engaged fans!

Seems the old adage is true:

Laughter is the best medicine – even when talking about how to earn money from facebook page likes.

  • Keep them Inspired

Forget about actions speaking louder than words. On social media, words will always speak louder than actions (pun intended)…

Change the menu and post Inspirational quotes once in a while.

But don’t overdo it especially since marketers turn to sharing famous quotes when their creativity won’t cut it.

Plus, some of those quotes have been shared a trillion times meaning there’s a very good chance your fans may have seen them which may make you look lazy.

  • A Picture paints a thousand words. And seeing is Believing!

Whatever you will be posting, visuals sell. Make that quote an image, a GIF, or a meme.

This applies for every other content that you’ll be sharing on your page.

make money using facebook $100+ a day

In fact, until recently, Facebook wasn’t allowing ads with more than 20% text. Yes, That’s how dangerous sticking to text can be…

This brings me to the hottest marketing property not only on Facebook but on the entire internet space- Video.

A picture (or is it a video) speaks 1000 times louder than words and nowhere is this more apparent than Online.

Video is big. And if you have even a remote dream of going viral, you have to dabble into video.

In a study, buzzsumo recently reviewed about two billion Facebook articles and posts.

The results?

Video absolutely demolished the competition with 17 (85%) of the top 20 most shared content being videos.

Remarkably, the top video garnered a colossal 15.6 Million interactions!

Something else:

Do you know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google?


The world is in mad love with Video!

Mashable even predicts that Facebook video is well on its way to beating YouTube which will make Facebook the World’s number 2 search engine!

If this turns out true (Pray it happens), it will be an unbelievable opening for entrepreneurs and marketing teams.

In a nutshell, you got to take visuals seriously. And very seriously for that matter!

Do Sponsored Ads Help?

Boosting a post can be a great way to increase your earnings from FaceBook. But there is a catch:

You have to design your Ad. the right way.

By this, I mean you make the message clear, target the right market, and definitely, have an awesome CTA (call to action).

As I mentioned, Ads with visuals (video/pictures) perform much better so make it the best it can ever be.

Remember to nudge the prospect to signup, call, order, or like your page if that’s the action you want them to take.

Here are examples of winning call to actions.

You can also learn a lot from these amazing Facebook Ads.

What Kenyans are Promoting On FaceBook

You can run a full-time business on Facebook and earn a comfortable living. As usual, Kenyans are creative and we found people promoting all types of stuff.

From cutlery, baby items, chapati cooking services, cars, how to grow Guava hair (whatever that means) to mtumba, Kenyans are doing it all- and making some good cash.

how to earn money using Facebook page

We also noted that some of Kenya’s most open Facebook business groups have hundreds of thousands of fans and some are getting a living just by advertising their merchandise for free there.

For instance, a group like Cars Under 500K – Kenya had over 200K members at the time of writing this which is well below the popular Gikomba market place Nairobi group with over 430K active members.

You will meet some massive Facebook forums such as the Let’s Cook Kenyan Meals  with a whopping 1,434,953 members as we were writing this!

Unfortunately, not all FaceBook entrepreneurs are clean and some have been engaging in some monkey business tarnishing the name of honest traders and making some prospective clients to shun online marketers.

So miffed are the people such that somebody started a group by the name Buyer Beware-Kenya( ORIGINAL) where those unlucky to be conned can vent their anger and shame the fraudsters. At the time of checking, this Facebook group had over 23K fed-up followers.

You can also join these groups and start selling there. Some even allow for paid-up ads and that can help your business.

Even better, you can start your own group, invite your friends and others. Then build it slowly by sharing invaluable content until you get enough members.

Later, you will have a ready marketplace for your products..How is that?

In the past, I have started groups with one of them grew so fast to hit over 1K members in under two months so its very much possible.

However, if you are the group admin, you need to keep it clean by ensuring follows only post relevant stuff and that scammers are kept at bay.

Also,  remember the new long arm of the law may send you to Kamiti or some other scary place courtesy of Kenya’s tough cybersecurity laws.

Under the 2018 Computer Misuse & Cybercrimes Bill, group admins must vet the content shared in their groups and will be held responsible for any misdemeanors.

  1. Sell your Art/Skill on FaceBook

Comedians are the best examples of Kenyans who have really exploited Facebook to grow wings. You see, in the past, a local comedy guy would have to pray and wait for Churchill to give him a chance to showcase his skills on his much-loved Churchill live show.

Some of them would attend countless auditions all hoping to win over the panel and secure an appearance on the show..

And today?

Anybody, and I mean anyone can take their phone, record a comical script, share it and wait for it to go viral.

That’s all he would need to start winning income generating Gigs such as to MC weddings, fundraisers and such.

The same can be said of musicians, and every other artist for that matter.


These are some proven ways of earning money on Facebook. But remember one should always first concentrate on building a page then look for the earning options.

Your motive behind creating a page should be to provide quality content and not just to share your links, because people are more attracted to useful information, and not your promotional stuff.

Also, when we come to publishing promotional posts, keep it sane and but don’t spam the page lest followers start unfollowing the forum.

But the thing is, used well, Facebook can make you a millionaire!


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