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Just like Netflix , locally owned Viusasa application aims to revolutionize the way people watch TV  and the entertainment scene as  whole with its massive database of thrilling TV and video content.

And with the kind of aggressive marketing viusasa kenya has been engaged in and the user friendly viusasa app making the service easily accessible, Viusasa could be surely headed for a bright future.

Of course it’s also helped by the fact that it offers practically everything – sitcoms, soaps, sports shows, naija movies, American cinema, series, music, kids shows, and even reality TV.

There are even some viusasa videos recorded in local dialects!

So, what is viusasa citizen tv and how can you register and use the service?

Here is everything you’d want to know about Viusasa:

What is viusasa?

As I mentioned earlier, the viusasa application is an exhilarating subscription-based TV/video-on-demand application offering a well-rounded entertainment package.

But Unlike Netflix (or Amazon), Viusasa primarily promotes African- especially Kenyan- content.

Even though registered under an entity named CAL(Content Aggregation Limited), the service is thought to enjoy close support of the who-is-who at the giant Citizen Media group- at least going by the support it enjoys on Citizen’s channels.

How Can I access viusasa?

For access, a viusasa download app is a must –search from Android’s Google play store or AppStore (iPhone).

Then, you need to register (open an account) and lastly, you must subscribe (pay) to your favourite package.

Read on to learn more..

Joining Viusasa: Step by Step guide

Start with a viusasa app download (go to Play store/Appstore) and search, then click download.

How to download viusasa from Google Play Store (Android users)

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your phone.
  2. Search for viusasa app and select it.
  3. Tap to install. It should install within moments.

Downloading Viusasa from your iPhone

  1. Launch your iPhone App Store.
  2. Tap the magnifying glass on your screen.
  3. Search for viusasa.
  4. Tap to install.


You register immediately after the download:

How to subscribe to viusasa

Step 1: Submit Your Phone number

Open the downloaded viusasa Kenya app. ( select a language to use as you open it ).

Click register.

viusasa apllication

You are now requested for your phone number, email, and a good password (4-16 characters)

Enter the, Then click create to activate your Viusasa account.

Step 2: OTP Verification

You now verify your account which simply means you to type the OTP for viusasa number sent to your mobile in the given space.

Click verify.

viusasa download app

Then choose your preferred content language and click OK.

You will now be taken to viusasa videos and content zone.

But you haven’t subscribed so you can’t watch any episode.

Step 3: Subscribe to your chosen package

To pay, tap on pay near the upper right hand corner of your screen.

The app. has several packages; daily, weekly, and monthly-base which vary in rates. Choose one.

ViuSasa package Rates

Package Videos Music  Videos & Music
Daily Kshs. 20 Kshs.  15 Kshs.  30
Weekly Kshs.  100 Kshs.  75 Kshs.  150
Monthly Kshs.  300 Kshs.  200 Kshs.  450


Select one, enter your MPESA pin, and click ok.

If On the Website:

You can also do this on the viusasa website;

You simply pick a package, and your liked mode of payment. Assuming you pick MPESA as the preferred mode….

  • Go to the MPESA Toolkit on your phone
  • Select lipa na mpesa,
  • Then paybill
  • Then tap enter business number.
  • Enter the paybill no as 724177.
  • Then select account no. – and type in your phone number
  • Type the amount e.g. 20/- for videos daily package
  • Type your mpesa pin.
  • Check the details and if satisfied, tap ok.

Your package will be activated soon thereafter and for the relevant duration.

Now load enough bundles and enjoy Viusasa to the fullest!


viusasa 40984 Contacts:

Email address:

Telephone number: 0709 767 000

For Artists interested in Viusasa application:

If you are an artist and wish to have your content on Viusasa, kindly contact the viusasa team directly.



Viusasa application has clocked over 1 million downloads since its launch showing that it’s a force to reckon with in the local entertainment industry.

And as we have seen, everything is so easy- from registration to use, viewers enjoy a simple to use interface and a highly interactive service.

Plus, the charges are quite affordable.

All these make viusasa a favourite for many and even Though it’s not easy to tell at this juncture, viusasa could be the next big thing on the local TV and entertainment scene.

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