Kaiboi Technical  Training Institute Contacts, Courses, Admission letter, Location, and More

Kaiboi Technical  Training Institute is one of the most popular technical training establishments in Kenya. Just about 13 years ago, the college had a partly 70 learners registered. But after re-engineering and a massive investment in modernizing training infrastructure, the college has managed to boost enrollment to the current population estimated to be over 1500.

The college has also increased the number of courses and is currently offering over 50 highly competitive programs.

All the diplomas and certificate courses are aligned to Kenya’s vision 2010.

Like other Technical Training Institutes, Kaiboi has embraced technology in a big way and is one of the few colleges which avails nearly all services- including applications for admission- online.

The college is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Kaiboi Location

Kaiboi Technical  Training Institute is located in Nandi county, a couple of kilometers from Mosoriot town (22 kilometers off the beautiful Eldoret-Kapsabet highway).

Kaiboi Technical  Training Institute Contacts

Postal Address: P. O. Box 937, Eldoret 30100

Phone:  0734937937 / 0727937937

E-Mail:  kaiboi@kaiboitech.ac.ke

Website: http://www.kaiboitech.ac.ke

Kaiboi Technical Training Institute Courses

Agricultural Department

  1. Dip. In Agricultural Engineering
  2. Dip In General Agriculture
  3. Diploma In General Agriculture In – Service Program
  4. Artisan In General Agriculture
  5. Artisan In Agricultural Engineering
  6. Sustainable Agriculture Craft
  7. Agricultural Mechanics (Craft)
  8. General Agriculture Craft
  9. Dip. Sustainable Agriculture

Business Department

  1. Diploma In Accountancy ( In Service )
  2. Certificate In Cooperative Management
  3. Craft Certificate In Cooperative Management
  4. Diploma In Library And Information Science
  5. Diploma In Secretarial Studies
  6. Diploma In Library And Information Science
  7. Diploma In Human Resource Management
  8. Diploma In Supply Chain Management
  9. Diploma In Business Management
  10. In Human Resource Management (In- Service)
  11. Diploma In Cooperative Management
  12. Diploma In Human Resource Management
  13. CPA I – Section 1
  14. ATD I,II,III
  15. CPA I – Section 2
  16. Certificate In Human Resource Management
  17. Diploma In Human Resource Management (School Based)
  18. Accounting Technician Diploma I
  19. Accounting Technician Diploma II
  20. Accounting Technician Diploma III
  21. Certificate In Supply Chain Management
  22. Certificate In Business Management (Craft)
  23. Certificate In Social Work And Community Development
  24. Certificate In Computerized Secretarial Studies
  25. Craft Certificate In Library And Information Science
  26. Certificate In Supply Chain Management
  27. Craft Certificate In Information Science
  28. Craft Certificate In Library And Information Science
  29. Certificate In Human Resource
  30. Certificate In Business Management
  31. Diploma In Social Work And Community Development

Information Technology Department

  1. Computer Proficiency Course
  2. Certificate In Information Technology
  3. Diploma In Computer Studies
  4. Diploma In Inform. Comm. Technology
  5. Cert In Comp Application Packages (Part Time)
  6. Diploma in Information Communication Technology  I-KASNEB
  7. Diploma in Information Communication Technology  II-KASNEB
  8. Diploma in Information Communication Technology  III-KASNEB
  9. Cert In Computer Application Packages (Part Time)
  10. CICT-Craft Certificate In Information Communication Technology

Automotive Department

  1. Certificate In Automotive Engineering
  2. Motor Vehicle Mechanics (Craft)
  3. Motor Vehicle Mechanic(Grade 3 )
  4. Craft In Automotive Engineering Mod I
  5. Motor Vehicle Mechanics (Artisan)
  6. Motor Vehicle Mechanics (Craft)

Electrical Engineering Department

  1. Certificate in Solar PV Technology
  2. Certificate in Electrical Installation
  3. Certificate In Plumbing And Building
  4. Artisan in Building Services
  5. Certificate in Electrical And Electronics Engineering – Power option
  6. Diploma In Land Surveying
  7. Dip. In Electrical Engineering (Power)
  8. Carpentry And Joinery Grade III
  9. Electrical Wireman Grade 3
  10. Artisan In Plumbing
  11. Artisan In Building Technology
  12. Electrical Artisan Certificate
  13. Welding And Fabrication Artisan
  14. Certificate In Masonry (Craft)
  15. Dip. In Building And Plumbing Services
  16. Carpentry & Joinery (Artisan)
  17. Electrical Installation (Craft)
  18. Certificate In Road Construction Technology
  19. Carpentry & Joinery (Craft)
  20. Land Surveying Certificate
  21. Artisan In Building Technology
  22. Certificate In Building Construction Technology
  23. Electrical And Electronics Engineering Power
  24. Diploma In Building Construction Technology
  25. Dip in Electrical Engineering (Power)

Mechanical Department

  1. Welding Fabrication Certificate
  2. Diploma In Mechanical Engineering Plant Option
  3. Craft certificate In Welding And Fabrication
  4. Welding And Fabrication Artisan
  5. Craft Certificate in Mechanical Engineering – (Production)
  6. Craft Certificate In Mechanical Engineering (Plant)
  7. Diploma In Mechanical Engineering (Production Option)

Secretarial Department

  1. Single And Group Certificate In Secretarial Studies (S&G)
  2. Computerized Secretarial Studies
  3. Craft Certificate In Secretarial Studies
  4. Diploma In Secretarial Studies

Certificate In Information Science

  1. Certificate In Information Science

Kaiboi Technical Training Institute 2019 Intake

Kaiboi TTI has three intakes in 2019: January, May, and September.

You should first check the course requirements online (here). You can then choose to apply online (check the link below) at your own convenience or alternatively visit the college’s registrar’s office for a physical application.

Kaiboi Technical Training Institute Online Application

Apply for admission online here. (You will need to read and accept the displayed regulations before applying for courses).

You can also download this application form, fill it and then present it to the college.

Kaiboi Technical Training Institute Admission Letters

You can collect your Kaiboi TTI admission letter directly from the institute.

Kaiboi TTI Fee structure pdf

Generally, borders pay shs.18750/- and day scholars shs.11350/-. Click the links below for more fee details.

Kaiboi Technical Training Institute Student Portal

Here is the link to the students’ portal.

Kaiboi Technical Training Institute Prospectus

Kaiboi Technical Training Institute

Kaiboi Technical Training Institute Vacancies

Click here to check if there are any job openings at the moment.

Kaiboi Technical Training Institute Tenders

Check available tenders from this page.


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