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Are you planning to tour Kenya and enjoy the rich culture and warm climate?  Are you wondering if you should plan your safari or get a local travel agent to help you put it together?

Why is it good to use a local tour company?

An efficient tour agent will give you ideas about the kind of safari you want to make, the park you want to visit, accommodation and any other details included in planning a safari.

Using a travel agent puts you at ease, knowing that someone is taking care of your travel needs.

It helps you enjoy the safari without thinking, oh I need to pay for park fees, oh I need to fuel in the next gas station, or oh I need to find accommodation, all these concerns and more are eliminated.

A travel agency comes in handy, especially when you don’t know your traveling place.  Their knowledge of local destinations relieves you of any worries making your travel worry-free.

You also get a chauffeur to drive you to your desired destination in a comfortable vehicle, drop you in your hotel and pick you up at the designated time.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Overall, a travel agent makes your life easy!

List of Travel Agents in Kenya

Kenya has over 400 registered travel and tours agencies.

All these agencies have all the answers to making your dream safari come true.  It all depends on who you entrust to handle the safari.

Here, we have compiled a list of the local travel agencies that you can contact anytime you want to go on a safari.

List of Travel Agents in Kenya

You can click on their website and get to learn about them. They include:

  1. Abib Swift Travel Agencies Limited
  2. Africa Celebrity Tours & Travels
  3. All Seasons Safaris & Tours Ltd
  4. Aberdare Expeditions
  5. Amicabre Travel Services LTD
  6. Asili Adventure Safaris Ltd Kenya
  7. Best Camping Tours and Safari Ltd
  8. Bonfire Adventures
  9. Bountiful Safaris
  10. Bunson Travel Service Ltd
  11. Cruzeiro Safaris Kenya
  12. Expeditions Maasai Safaris
  13. Explorer Kenya Tours and Travel Limited
  14. Express Travel Group
  15. FCM Travel Solutions Kenya
  16. Go Africa Safaris & Travel
  17. Go Kenya Tours & Safaris
  18. Muthaiga Travel
  19. Nahdy Travel & Tours
  20. Pollman’s Tour & Safaris Ltd
  21. Satguru Travel
  22. Shore Africa Ltd
  23. South Rift Galaxy Safaris
  24. Speedbird Travel & Safaris
  25. Spot Kenya Safaris
  26. Tembea Africa Tours & Travel Travel
  27. Travelshoppe Company Limited
  28. TrippyGo Tours & Travel
  29. Twiga Tours

Take Home

We cannot exhaust the list; maybe your favorite travel agent did not make it to the list here today, that does not mean they are not licensed.

You can still use those not included here, but do your homework and get to know what type of services they have offered their past clients.

That said, take your safari to the next level by getting a travel agent to do everything on your behalf.

Whether you are a local or an international tourist, the agency you choose will give you a safari to remember.

From pick up to being chauffeured to your destination and helped with your luggage to being taken around for game drives, these agencies leave a lasting impression on most explorers.


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