NHIF Hospitals List

As per the official nhif hospitals list, NHIF has accredited over 5000 health providers countrywide categorized into three groups  :

Category A, B, and C based on the services available and the kind of contract the hospital has signed with the fund.

Contract A providers:

These include all government contracted hospitals. These hospitals are expected to provide comprehensive medical cover to patients including inpatient, medical consultation, lab services, drug administration, kidney care, surgical services, and referrals.

Members accessing services from such centers are not expected to make any form of payments.

They walk in and walk out without any co-payment.

Contract B healthcare providers:

These comprise of faith-based, mission, and some private hospitals. They offer both inpatient and outpatient services. They also provide maternity services such as C-section.

Members may be required to make a co-payment in major surgical cases. All other services are fully covered.

Contract C healthcare providers:

These are the private high-end hospitals such as Nairobi hospital. Members have their bills offset through a daily fixed predetermined rate called a rebate which varies from one hospital to another.

The members bear the difference between this rebate and the hospital bill individually or through other insurance schemes.

To ease communication, NHIF has provided a special NHIF hospital login through which the providers reconcile their accounts with the fund.

Here is the current nhif list of hospitals including nhif outpatient hospitals list in nairobi.

  1. Inpatient services
  2. nhif Linda mama hospitals
  3. Hospitals offering Dialysis
  4. List of Hospitals countrywide offering outpatient services to all Kenyans

 nhif hospitals list

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