Shooting Range in Kenya – where to practice shooting in Kenya

Gun shooting can be a thrilling experience especially if you adore watching thriller movies.

So are there good shooting ranges in Kenya where you can hone your skills?

The answer is YES- there are a couple of excellent shooting ranges in Kenya for both the hobbyist and pros looking to take their shooting skills to the next level.

So whether you practice shooting for sporting purposes, personal security reasons (Here in Kenya we say security starts with you) or just for leisure, below are the ranges you should make a date with.

Shooting Range in Kenya – the best of the lot

Now, in Kenya there are two major shooting ranges where you can refine your marksmanship skills:

The best known are:

  1. KRRC (Kenya Rifles Regiment Club) and
  2. NGAO (National Gun Owners Association Range)

In addition, you can also reach out to Triple Tap Range (which works under IDPA -International Defensive Pistol Association) for gun shooting activities.

The best thing about Triple Tap is that they have around 4 branches countrywide so you can visit the range that is most convenient for you.

Here are their ranges:

  • Kirigiti shooting range (This is in Kirigiti, Kiambu county)
  • Bamburi shooting range (This is found in Nyali, Mombasa county)
  • Kedong shooting range (This is within Kedong Ranch in Naivasha, Nakuru county)
  • PEU shooting range (This is in Juja, Kiambu county)

Let us now get down to the nitty-gritty of each of these amazing shooting ranges in Kenya.

Kenya Rifles Regiment Club Shooting Range in Kenya

KRRC is a very competitive shooting range in Nairobi, Kenya and has been in existence for over 65 (they have been running since 1952).

Most importantly, from the reviews, the range is still rated as one of the most active shooting gallery ranges in Kenya.

In truth, nobody has pioneered the development of gun shooting as a sporting activity in Kenya like KRRC.

Bear in mind that KRRC is currently taking part in all ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) gun shooting competitions as well as Full-bore target shooting.

In a nutshell, KRRC is an outstanding indoor shooting arena which allows everyone to while their weekend away shooting- the main entry requirement is just your original ID card.

Other entry requirements are Kshs. 500 for school going pupils and Kshs. 1,000 for adults.

In addition, you will pay Kshs. 100 for earmuffs, protective eyewear, plus a target (with bull’s eye).

Ammunitions like .22 caliber rounds will cost you Ksh 40 each and 9mm rounds will set you back Ksh 70 each (at the time of writing this).

Again, if you intend to use the 9mm rounds, you can hire appropriate guns at Ksh 100 (just in case you don’t have or you have attended the place without a registered weapon).

Keep in mind that KRRC features a 10-meter airgun ISSF range and a 25-meter IDPA-ISSF shooting range for both small-bore and big-bore rifles and handguns.

The other thing you should know is that club opens from Monday to Saturday (12 to 4 p.m.) for all handgun shooting activities while the weapon area opens on Saturday (between 2 to 4 p.m.).

Their hiring –for those who do down this route- is on Thursday (from 12 p.m – 4 p.m.)

To cut the long story short, if you are looking for a gun shooting place in Kenya that you will keep going back to, then KRRC is a sure bet.

They are located at Lang’ata (Nairobi Sailing club) and you can call them through telephone number 0724-359-546


Now, National Gun Owners Association (NGAO) is a competition as well as a training theatre for the registered gun owners in Kenya.

If you would like to try them out, one of the requirements to participate in the facility’s gun shooting activities is having your own registered weapon.

NGAO has two primary goals:

First, to offer professional training in the usage, handling, and storage of firearms.

Secondly, to promote the rise of gun shooting as a sporting activity in the country with the hope of sending shooters from Kenya to global sporting events such as the Commonwealth and Olympic games.

So, working with NGOA could see you raise your shooting skills beyond just hitting a few dummy targets.

Turning to the cost, you can train with them as an adult gun owner with just Ksh 10,000 (it’s free for children.

Note that training per hour will set you back Ksh 3,000 per hour of shooting.

Please visit their location at Kirigiti, Gitara farm, Kiambu County for more information.

Triple Tap Range

TTR is another excellent shooting range in Kenya.

For starters, TTR is a fully CFB approved firearm dealer.

It is also accredited as a national firearm instructor by IDPA(International Defensive Pistol Association) and IFTA(International Firearm Training Academy)

It is worth mentioning that besides providing professional gun shooting training services, Triple Tap offers consulting services on nearly everything gun-related (from purchasing, ownership, management, etc).

Triple Tap Range contacts

Office Location: Kedong Hse, rm 18, Lenana road, Nairobi

Telephone: 0733 922 693

You can reach them too from their many branches (I highlighted the branches earlier in the article).

GWK (Guardians Worldwide Kenya)

GWK is primarily a training school aimed for Civilian firearm owners who would wish to handle their weapons safely or participate in the IDPA or PSC competitions.

The following are the specific courses offered by the institution along with their current cost:

  • Usage and handling of short weapons (3 hours) -Kshs 15,000
  • Dynamic short firearms shooting (6 hours)- Ksh 30,000 per person
  • Dynamic short weapon match simulations and shooting (6 hours)- Ksh 40,000
  • Advanced dynamic short weapon shooting (6 hours)- Ksh 50,000

Note that the cost of a firearm (for those who don’t own one) plus bullets is not included in these prices.

Now, working with GWK is likely to see you access the training in either the NGAO shooting range in Nairobi or Bamburi shooting range in Mombasa.

In other words, it isn’t a physical shooting range but a learning facility promoting gun shooting activities in Kenya.

They are located in Nairobi and you can call them via 0721 210 096 for more details (including the latest prices).

Shooting Range in Kenya – Other worthwhile options

You can consider the following two shooting ranges too:

Nairobi Archery Club

Nairobi Archery Club located in Marula Lane. You can call them through 0708 38 66 85 with your questions.

Paintball Fury

Also, you can opt to join (for fun) the Paintball Fury in Karen, Nairobi.

Just to be clear, Paintball Fury specializes in paintball military gaming (there is no usage of real bullets).

Call 0745 655 250 if you’d like to explore this kind of fun.


Shooting Range in Kenya – Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much is shooting range cost in Kenya?

It depends on the range.

For example, KRRC charges Kshs.1000 per session for adults while gun shooting training per hour at NGAO will set you back Ksh 3,000 per hour.

Where can I shoot a gun in Kenya?

Well, there are no shortage of options.

That said, perhaps the best known shooting ranges in Kenya are KRRC (Kenya Rifles Regiment Club) and NGAO (National Gun Owners Association) range.

TTR is another excellent shooting range in Kenya.


Final words

The minimum age required for one to participate in any gun shooting activities in Kenya is 14 years.

It is also recommended that children come along with their guardians when visiting most gun shooting galleries.

One last thing: For logistical reasons, most ranges prefer that you book for a session before the actual date you have planned to go for gun shooting activities.

That’s it for today.


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