20 Ways to Defeat Stress and Live Happily

In brief: Today’s life is generally super hectic and stress is inevitable at some point. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to manage stress in life…..Interesting? Read on…

Work, family, friends, church and the society all need your attention.

Then there’s the absorbing technology- your favorite apps, social media, news websites, blogs to follow…..there is indeed too much on your plate.

Ultimately, you can burn out and become stressed. Some even lose the meaning of life!

When this happens, you need to take control and beat stress lest you go into depression;

Here is how to manage stress in life:

  1.  Accept and Move on

Remember the famous adage, “Accept and move on”? Yes, that helps. And a lot, for that matter.

There is no point crying over spilled milk or sulking over things you can’t change. This is what you do:

Analyze the event, Reflect on whether it’s possible to change, and if not, move on to something else. Otherwise, it will end up stressing you.

2.    Work Out

Physical exercises increase metabolism, reduce the release of stress-inducing hormones including cortisol and restore your brain to its best-relaxed state.

So, when feeling stressed, wear your walking shoes and venture out.  You will also enjoy the cool refreshing air/breeze.

Additionally, regular workouts will improve your sleep pattern and helps to burn excess fat.

how to manage stress in life

3.    Confront challenges

Depending on how you look at it- as either a threat or challenge- almost any other event could cause stress.

If you choose to view challenges as threats, you’ll always be stressed. But if you look at an obstacle as a challenge — and an opportunity to conquer adversity — you will transform your stress into positivity and start winning.

So, start viewing your stressing moments as temporary roadblocks — on the road to success!

4.    Listen to Soothing Music

Can music be the medicine that the doctor prescribed for your soul? According to studies, yes!

Cool music can have a healing effect on the soul.

It’s said that instrumental music can trigger relaxation responses by reducing your blood pressure and crucially, the heart rate.

Classical, local, Indian, and some Rumba can be very soothing.

On the same musical note, natural sounds can be very calming so if possible, head out and enjoy the sound of birds chirping in the morning.

5.    Celebrate Your Little Achievements

If you have ever watched a marathon, you may have noticed that some runners celebrate wildly even after finishing way outside the medal brackets.

Indeed, a marathon is so challenging that merely finishing can trigger a whole night of partying in the athlete’s family.

Yet, we are guilty of focusing too much on the grand prize forgetting that success is the sum total of many baby steps.

This underrating of your small achievements and obsession with the grand prize can make you feel low and down and eventually bring stress.

So, learn how to congratulate yourself on every win. It will keep you motivated.

how to manage stress in life

6.    Stay Away From Espresso, Cappuccino (or whatever fancy name you call your coffee brew)

I know you know this.  Caffeine is a stimulant and stimulants are not good for your heart. The problem with caffeine is that it’s found all over- your tea cup, energy drink, chocolate, coffee, and elsewhere.

Results? It makes you jittery and over-anxious,

So, is there an easier way of saying this?

Nope! Just cut back on this terrible stimulant.

What if you are very married to your coffee cup and can’t just divorce it? Well, no problem.

Studies have concluded that if indulged in moderation, coffee isn’t that evil!

7.    Give More, Expect less

Give more and while at it, lower your expectations.

Don’t fear to sacrifice your time and resources whenever possible.

But know that we are created differently and the beneficiaries may not always note your assistance.

Some of those we help actually never turn up at our hour of need and you may be left with more questions than answers.

And since there was no contract that they will help back, trust that God has a way of paying back good deeds and stop blaming yourself for helping.

The best way is to give without ever expecting back!

8.    Call On Your Friends and Family

When the going gets tough, you need a broad shoulder to cry on. And that’s where your circle of Friends and family come in.

A reliable network of friends gives you a mighty sense of belonging in addition to improving the feeling of self-worth – both of which can help during tough times.

Furthermore, your mutual friends can help you financially after a job/income loss.

Several scientific research studies have confirmed that people those with fewer social connections are more likely to suffer from depression.

how to manage stress in life

  1. Do Something Fun

So, what is the silliest thing you have ever done? Is it playing some of those children games, swimming in mud, or singing in public loudly?

Or is it screaming aloud for no good reason?

Well, so long as you find it fun, disregard the silly bit and do it. You will be happy that the stress is finally gone!


  1. how to manage stress in life: Sleep!

When stressed, get a good night sleep.

The nervous system becomes inactive, stressful consciousness suspended, postural muscles relaxed and stress forgotten.

Unfortunately, stress messes up your sleep pattern as thoughts engulf your head and can make it hard to fall asleep.

Ensure that your bedroom is serene, grab a good read before sleeping, and take a warm bath to soothe your eyes to sleep.

Also, establish a constant bedtime routine to help your mind get used to your shut-eye hours.


  1. Maintain a Stress Diary

Record everything you do in a day. Then, try to recognize the situations that make you feel distressed.

Note down the events that make you feel sad, the date, time and location. Capture details of those present and your immediate physical plus emotional feelings.

Lastly, allocate a stress score (e.g. from 1-10) to each stressing episode.

You use this diary to understand the persistent causes of stress. Subsequently, you should devise a way of avoiding such happenings in the future.

how to manage stress in life


  1. Completely Switch Off

We spend too many hours consuming various media- TV, social media, and your phones are some of the culprits.

While you do this, researchers have repeatedly shown that your smartphone can actually amplify stress.

The more you chat, browse on Facebook/Twitter, and make calls, the higher your likelihood of being less happy.

Thus, turn off your digital devices and balance your media time. It can be as healthy as following a balanced diet.

  1. Laugh Out Loud!

A Good dose of laughter is great for your health, and well-being.

More laughter transforms your mood and makes you feel youthful.

Laughing also breaks accumulated tension and helps your muscles to relax. Additionally, it brings more oxygen to your lungs.

Attend comedy shows, watch Mr. Bean theatrics on YouTube, and hang out with funny pals.

14. Stop Procrastination

Whether in your workplace, school, or business, learn to prioritize tasks and to stop procrastinating.

Obviously, procrastination ups the pressure as you will fear being left behind.  You’ll also feel the urge to chase and try to catch up.

This brings more stress and can, affect your health and sleep negatively.

Make it a norm to create and follow a to-do list. Also, act before the deadlines however simple-looking a task is.

15. Learn To Cuddle

On a warm note, hugging, kissing, cuddling, and sex are all awesome stress busters.

Lose yourself in the hands of your partner and enjoy the pleasure. You will be amazed at how fast you will forget about your pains.

The warm physical touch also helps to balance your heart beat and blood pressure thanks to the released happy hormones.

16. Indulge Your Pet

People who own (and love their pets) seem to have lower stress levels than individuals who are sworn enemies of the neighborhood dog and cats.

First, socializing with your pet can boost the release of various mood-improving chemicals.

Secondly, having a pet can give you a renewed sense of purpose, help to keep you active, and provide the much sought-after company.

All these are known to lessen anxiety.

how to manage stress in life

17.  Eat Well

still, on how to manage stress in life, nutritionists and psychologists believe that healthy eating can help manage stress levels.

Some suggested foods when stressed includes dark chocolate courtesy of its antioxidants.

A bite could reduce cholesterol and brighten your mood.

Also, foods rich in omega 3 fats can lower stress, anxieties, and general depression.

These include avocados and some fish varieties.

Vitamin C is another crucial element and is available in plenty from tasty fruits such as grapes, strawberries, and oranges.

18. Practice Mindfulness

Behaviors that anchor you to the present happening are collectively called mindfulness and could help beat back anxieties emanating from negative thinking.

Some time-proven ways of uplifting mindfulness include personal meditation and yoga.

Mindfulness also helps self-esteem.

19. Live Your Own Life

Some of us Live for others and forget self- a risky proposition. Unhealthy comparison with your schoolmates and peers makes you feel as if you have underachieved generating self-resentment and more inner turmoil.

You will become increasingly pessimistic and you may eventually even stop pursuing own goals.

If not reined in on, this is the type of thinking that can break up your long-held vision of being the best.

After all, you’ll never lack someone ahead of you in almost everything…and that’s life!

20. Choose The News To Watch and Surrounding

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” -Jim Rohn.

Gloomy news and cynical friends will never help when stressed.

For the news broadcast, the secret lies in carefully choosing what to absorb.

Sure, being informed is fantastic but it can be counter-productive if you are too let the happenings create hopelessness around your soul.

At the same time, you will need to smartly replace your negatively-wired friends with optimists as part of your strategy to battle stress.



There goes your answers to the question of “Here is how to manage stress in life

As we have seen, stress can be terrible and can put paid to your vision in life despite your ability. However, we have also seen that you shouldn’t give up.

Try workouts, eat well, sleep more and get a good laugh.

You can also talk to friends, cuddle more, spend time with your pet, and learn to stop procrastination.

These, plus other measures may help deliver a knockout blow to stress and to rediscover life’s fun!

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