Affordable dentists in Nairobi:[Contacts and Location]

Admittedly, dental services in Kenya are generally expensive. But there are a few affordable dentists in Nairobi offering quality dental care services.

I say affordable because if you compare with the charges in other dental clinics, these prices their wisdom tooth extraction, dental implants, root canal treatment, teeth whitening, and even scaling a bit lower.

Interestingly, a good number of the affordable dentists in Nairobi are among the few offering cosmetic dentistry in Kenya as well as teeth crowning in Kenya.

Here are these specialists and their contacts.

Affordable dentists in Nairobi: Name and contacts

1.   Dr.Oliver Walla

Dr. Wala operates the serene Family dentistry clinic along Ngong road and is one of the leading lights in the industry.

Be sure to book your appointment early as sometimes he can be absolutely busy meaning you may end up being served by the many trainees under his mentorship.

Contacts and Location

Physical address: Green House, Ngong Road  (3rd Floor, Suite 20)

Telephone: 0722-784882


2.   Seven Days Adventist Dentist Clinic

This non-profit dental clinic is owned and operated by Kenya’s Seventh-day Adventist Church and so the charges are quite pocket-friendly.

It’s a nice place to go if you’re searching for teeth whitening, braces, and related treatments. This is actually one of the most affordable dentists in Nairobi.

Contacts and Location

Physical address: Jakaya Kikwete Rd (Milimani Road),

Telephone: +254722 455 646


3.   Dental Centre (Doctor`s Plaza)

Dental Plaza is another of the few affordable dentists in Nairobi.

For instance, it costs shs.6000 on average to clean and polish your teeth, which is pretty lower than in some of the high-end dental clinics.

Other services are likewise fairly cheap.

Again, the dentists here provide nearly all routine dental care services including teeth alignment and veneers.

Contacts and Location

Physical address: Doctor`s Plaza (3rd floor), room 306, Ralph Bunche Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi

Telephone: 0716 207859


4.   Swedish dental clinic Nairobi Kenya

The Swedish dental clinic has been helping Nairobians access affordable dental assistance for several years now.

The clinic’s professional and ethical dental doctors offer dental implants, bridges, dental crowns, veneer, teeth whitening, and even orthodontic dentistry, to patients of all ages.

They are slightly costlier than some of their above-mentioned peers for some services but they importantly don’t compromise on quality.

Contacts and Location

Physical address: Gatundu Close, Kileleshwa (Off Gatundu Rd), Near Kenya High School

Telephone: 020 2180635/ +254 722 648300

Keridam dental clinic Nairobi

Other dentists in Nairobi

Away from the affordable dentists in Nairobi, there are other popular dental clinics in Nairobi where you can get outstanding dental care services…

And I reckoned that I should include them- after all, it’s always good to have choices..

Here they are:

1.   Nairobi south hospital dental clinic

The facilities at the dental clinic at Nairobi South B hospital are way better than what you find in some of the biggest hospitals in Nairobi.

Plus, it’s generally cheaper than most dental clinics in Nairobi.

Location and contact:

Physical address: Kapiti Crescent, South B

Telephone: 0722 509165


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2.   Keridam dental clinic Nairobi

Keridam dental clinic Nairobi has been earning rave reviews from impressed patients for years and is absolutely one of the very best.

Every dental appointment is educational not to mention that they employ the latest technology.

It’s such an awesome place and Dr. Ojwang (the lead dentist) is just amazing.

Location and contact:

Physical address: Norwich Union House, near KENCOM Nairobi

Telephone: 0704 477100



3.   Lions dental care clinic Nairobi Kenya (also Lions dental clinic Nairobi)

This dental clinic ambience is inviting, warm, and comforting.  Furthermore, their massively experienced dentists deliver wonderful service time and again.

Treatments include veneers, teeth whitening, smile rejuvenation, to mention but a few.

Location and contact:

Physical address: Kaptagat Rd, Nairobi

Telephone: 0790 199957


4.   St Mary’s hospital Langata dental unit

St Mary’s  hospital Langata dental unit is proudly customer-centric and thoroughly professional so are assured of a caring and efficient treatment for your dental issues.

They are also pretty honest about the procedures and applicable fees ahead of administering treatment.

Location and contact:

Physical address: inside St. mary’s Mission Hospital, Langata

Telephone: 020 7851300



5.   Balm Dental Care

Balm dental care is the dental company behind some of the infectious smiles you see in the streets of Nairobi so they must be very good.

Their roster of expert dentists offers basically all dental care services.

I also love the pleasant surroundings and amiable staff.

Location and contact:

Physical address: Green House, Adams Arcade, Ngong Road,

Telephone: 0713 071950



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6.   Emerald dental clinic Nairobi

This multi-specialty dental center was established to offer affordable and top-quality dental care service to Kenyans and has lived up to its mission of helping you access preventive, restorative, and even cosmetic dental care affordably.

You can bet on their highly skilled professionals to transform your smile.

Location and contact:

Physical address: Rose Avenue, Hurlingham, Nairobi

Telephone: +245 700609078


Pediatric Dentist in Nairobi

7.   Moonlight dental centre

This caring family dental practice is also located in Hurlingham and the relaxed welcome makes you feel right at home as soon as you pop in.

The clinic is known for its kind and gentle service and provides preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, among others.

Location and contact:

Physical address: Jabavu Lane, Hurlingham, Silverpool Office Suite, Nairobi

Telephone: 0740 409710



8.   Africa Coptic hospital

Coptic Hospital dental center provides oral/dental hygiene, orthodontic treatment, replacement of your missing teeth, operative treatment, oral surgeries, and dental X rays (Periapical X-ray).

It’s another good alternative to the various affordable dentists in Nairobi especially for those with medical insurance from companies like Britamm insurance.

Location and contact:

Physical address: Ngong Road, Opp. China Centre, Nairobi

Telephone: 0732 341241 / 0716 896965



9.   Elephant dental

Elephant dental is one-stop dental care center for all your teething problems. They provide myriad dental services including root canal treatment, tooth whitening, gum disease treatments, dental implants, and many more.

You are handled by the excellent dentist team in partnership with a supportive team of nurses.

Location and contact:

Physical address: Garden city, Thika road

Telephone: 0714 999004



10.         Serene Dental Care

The clinic feels super comfortable while the staffs at this top-rated dental clinic are very helpful.

The lead dentist,  Dr. Kaguongo Nduta, also sounds very knowledgeable on matters dental care and is very gentle and patient.

Location and contact:

Physical address: Ralph Bunche Rd, Kugeria Court  No. 12, Upperhill-Nairobi.

Telephone: 0722 858879



Pediatric Dentist in Nairobi

The best person to attend to your young one is a pediatric dentist since he/she has undergone specialized training on a whole range of kids’ dental problems.

We have several of them in Nairobi as you can see below…


1.   Molars dental clinic Nairobi

As well as being one of the top medical centers for dental care Nairobi, Molars dental clinic also offers pediatric dental care services.

The clinic operates even on Sundays so you can book a weekend appointment in case of an emergency.

Location and contact:

Physical address: Electricity House,  3rd Floor.

Telephone: 0751 856900



2.   Gertrudes children hospital

As you might be aware, Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital specializes in pediatric medical care services and is actually one of the very best children hospitals in Kenya.

Gertrude also has some of the best pediatric dentists in Nairobi so your kid will be in good hands. The facility operates 24 hours and has several branches in Nairobi.

Location and contact:

Physical address: Muthaiga, Nairobi

Telephone: 020 720 6000



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3.   Tigoni hospital

If you live on the sides of Limuru and neighboring estates, Tigoni hospital’s pediatric dentists can save your little one’s teeth.

Last time I checked they were charging 1500 per tooth and my daughter enjoyed interacting with the welcoming lady dentist.

Location and contact:

Physical address: Ngecha, Tigoni, Limuru (Near Loreto High School)

Telephone: 0792 003511

Molars dental clinic nairobi

4.   Lady northey dental clinic

Lady northey dental clinic focuses on children suffering from dental problems was among the very first dental centers to offer free pediatric dental services in Nairobi.

They offer oral health education, basic diagnosis, and extractions while referring complicated dental cases to either University of Nairobi or KNH (Kenyatta National Hospital) dental clinics.

It may not be one of the top 5 affordable dentists in Nairobi but it’s surely among the cheapest dental clinics in Nairobi.

Location and contact:

Physical address: State House road,

Telephone: 020-2722581



5.   Nairobi Premier Dental Clinic Nairobi

Another great option for your loved one would be Nairobi premier dental clinic.

They offer brilliant customer service and know how to pamper kids.

Can you imagine a dentist who calls to find out how your baby is fairing after having his/her tooth extracted?

Well, they sometimes do that!

Location and contact:

Physical address: Kimathi house, Kimathi St, 7th floor, Nairobi

Telephone: 0701 859649


6.   St. Francis community Hospital Kasarani

The Catholic-run facility accepts NHIF family cover and can be another good choice for your youngster if you live around Kasarani, Githurai, and Mwiki estates.

The center runs 24/7.

Location and contact:

Physical address: Hunters along Kasarani-Mwiki Road, Nairobi

Telephone: 0713 969608


7.   Ivory dental clinic

Ivory dental care is widely regarded as one of the topmost dental clinics in Westlands Nairobi and offers even advanced Orthodontist dentistry services for both children and adults.

You will enjoy being served by Dr. Munyao, one of the best-known dentists in Nairobi.

Location and contact:

Physical address: Centenary House, Ring Road, Westlands Lane, Nairobi

Telephone: 0786 155955



8.   Tabasamu dental Clinic

Led by Dr. Daniel Kemei, the team at Tabasamu knows how to bring back the smile on kids.

I know you know that kids tremble on hearing of dental visits but with Tabasamu, he/she will be nagging you to take him back (no pun intended)..

Location and contact:

Physical address: Kugeria Court House No. 15, Off Ralph Bunche Rd, Upperhill

Telephone: 0707 634100




9.   Vimak Dental Centre

Vimak dental care is located right in the CBD and provides excellent pediatric and adult dental care services.

Like other leading dental practices in Kenya, the dentists here are a delight to deal with while their customer care staff is ever welcoming.

Location and contact:

Physical address: ICEA Building, Banda Street, Nairobi

Telephone: 0720 285819


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Dentures cost in Kenya and dental cleaning cost in Kenya

Like I had hinted, some of the dentistry procedures can be extremely expensive unless you’re attending one of the affordable dentists in Nairobi I highlighted earlier.

For example, tooth whitening costs average between Sh8,000-12,000 per jaw.

Coming to Veneers, it may costs you as much as Sh20,000 and can rise to a high of Sh45,000 a tooth.

Other costs:

  • Consultation fee Sh1,000-Sh2,000.
  • Wisdom tooth extraction cost in Kenya -Sh3,000 – Sh5,000
  • Regular fillings cost -Sh3,000-Sh6,000.
  • Root canal filling costs- Sh15,000-Sh25,000
  • Porcelain crowns cost- Sh20,000-Sh30,000
  • Teeth scaling and polishing-Sh3,000-Sh6,000.


This is largely blamed on the massive shortage of dentists in Kenya because of the costs associated with training dentists in Kenya.

To put this in context, a Masters in Dental Surgery can costs about Sh1.5 – Sh2 annually in local universities.

In addition, not many form-four leaves take dental courses because of the tough entry grades.

For example, I enquired about dental surgery requirements at the University of Nairobi and I gathered that you must have a minimum of C+ grade in Chemistry, Physics/Mathematics, and English/Kiswahili besides a mean grade of C+.


Turning to the acceptable means of payments, there are dental clinics in Nairobi that accept NHIF (I added quite a number in the above list).

Also, note that costs in public hospitals are generally cheaper because of various government subsidies so you can consider seeing that government hospital near you.



Well, this has turned out to be quite long but I believe it’s going to be helpful.

I wanted to cover affordable dentists in Nairobi but my editor suggested that I include alternative dental clinics in Nairobi just in case your budget allows.

And for your kid, you can contact any pediatric dentist in Nairobi for assistance- and again, I have mentioned some of the very best pediatric practitioners in Nairobi.

Finally, check our upcoming comprehensive list of dentists in Kenya for the contacts of the best dentists in your town if you come from outside Nairobi.

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