Passport charges in Kenya [How much it will cost you in 2023]

Learn more about passport charges in Kenya, how to apply for one, and the documents needed to do so.

Any Kenyan who wishes to travel outside of Kenya must have a passport, which can be obtained through the eCitizen portal.

So, when applying for a passport in Kenya, you will be charged differently depending on the type of passport or the number of passport pages you require.

The following is a detailed breakdown of passport charges in Kenya.


Passport charges in Kenya

Just so you know, passport application fees vary depending on the type of passport you want. Prices range from Kshs. 4,500 to Kshs. 12,000.

Below are the passport charges in Kenya.

Ordinary passport “A” Series (32 pages) 4,500
Ordinary “B” Series (50 pages) 6,000
Ordinary “C” Series (66 pages) 7,500
East African passport 990
Temporary permit 350
Diplomatic passport 7,550
Mutilated passport 10,000
Lost passport 12,000


Lost passport in Kenya charges

It will cost you Kshs. 12,000 for replacement of a lost passport.

Present the following documents to the immigration office when applying for a passport replacement:

  • Your national ID, both the original and a copy.
  • a dully filled passport application form, and two invoice payments.
  • police abstract for loss of passport.
  • a sworn affidavit.
  • an official letter explaining the circumstances surrounding the loss.
  • Three colored passport-sized photos.


East African passport charges

This is a valid national passport that can only be used to travel within the EAC region.

It is valid for six months and can be used to enter Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Burundi.

Applying for one will only cost you Kshs. 990.


New passports in Kenya

Kenya issued new East African Community (EAC) chip-embedded passports, which became effective on December 31, 2022.

The data in the e-passport is identical to that in the passport booklet, but it is stored on a microchip to verify the information in the booklet.

The e-passport is designed to combat widespread forgery and impersonation of holders.

In order to obtain the new e-passport, applicants must apply for a replacement and return their current ones.

You will apparently need to go to a cybercafé with your documents, application fee, and cyber service fee (depending on your location).

So, if you’re applying for a new passport, take the following steps:

  1. Go to to access the eCitizen portal.
  2. Go to the immigration department services.
  3. Choose the passport application.
  4. Complete the online application form correctly.
  5. Scan and upload any necessary documents.
  6. Pay the prescribed fee using your preferred payment method (such as M-Pesa, a credit card, a debit card, or online banking payment modes).
  7. Book an appointment date.
  8. Print the completed application form as well as two invoices.
  9. Attach copies of the required documents.
  10. Submit to immigration offices as well as go for biometric enrollment (on the appointment date).

Bring the following documents with you when you submit your passport application:

  • Duplicate and original copies of your national ID.
  • Original and a duplicate of your birth certificate.
  • A completed eCitizen passport application form, as well as two payment invoices.
  • Three recent passport-sized photos (one signed by the recommender).
  • Parents’ copies of national IDs and birth certificates (or death certificate if deceased).
  • A copy of recommender’s ID card.

Otherwise, if you are applying for a renewal or replacement of a lost passport, you must go through the same application process as if you are applying for a new passport.

The only difference is that you must bring the old passport for renewal, a police abstract on the loss of the passport, and a sworn affidavit of the circumstances surrounding the loss with you when you submit the application.


New passport Kenya deadline

Any Kenyan who wishes to renew their old passports in order to obtain the new digital e-passport must have done so before December 31, 2022.

That was the deadline given by the Directorate of Immigration Services.

The old passport will be rendered invalid on January 1, 2023, and no Kenyan will be able to travel internationally without a valid East African Community biometric e-passport.

How to get a temporary passport

A temporary passport is a one-year travel document issued to Kenyans to allow them to travel within the East African region (that is, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan).

Application steps

  • Log into the eCitizen portal.
  • Go to Department of Immigration services.
  • Select “temporary permits” and then the form that applies to you (child or adult).
  • To access the online application form, click the “Apply Now” button.
  • Fill out the form correctly with all of the required information.
  • You’ll then be taken to the payment page. Pay the prescribed amount (Kshs. 350) using your preferred method of payment.
  • Print two copies of the completed application form as well as two payment invoices.
  • Attach copies of the required documents.
  • At the time of departure, submit to the nearest Immigration Office.

Note that the temporary passport will be issued within 1 to 3 working days.

Also, have in mind that you should bring the following documents with you:

  • A duly-filled temporary application form and two payment invoices.
  • For adults-original and copy of ID.
  • For minors- original and copy of birth certificate.
  • Two recent passport-sized photos.

Please keep in mind that a temporary passport cannot be renewed because its validity expires after a short period of time.


Requirements for passport biometric capture

After applying for a passport (likely online), all applicants must appear in person at immigration offices as scheduled for submission and biometric enrollment.

The biometric appointment entails taking a photograph (a passport photo) as well as fingerprints.

You can get your biometrics taken at any of the following Kenyan locations:

  • Mombasa-Uhuru na Kazi Mombasa, P.O. Box 90284 Mombasa
  • Nairobi—Nyayo House, Ground Floor
  • Kisumu—New PC’s office
  • Embu- Embu PC’s office
  • Nakuru, Regional Commissioner’s Big Nakuru, P.O. Box 17632
  • Kisii – County Commissioners Building
  • Eldoret- Public Works Building

Bring the following documents with you:

  • A completed eCitizen passport application form, as well as two payment receipts.
  • Your original birth certificate and its copy.
  • Your original national ID and a duplicate.
  • Three recent colored passport-size photos.
  • A copy of recommender’s national ID card.
  • Copies of parents’ ID or, if deceased, a copy of the death certificate.
  • Your old passport, as well as copies of the last three pages, is required for passport renewal.
  • A sworn affidavit, a police abstract, and an explanation letter on the circumstances of the loss are required in the case of a lost passport.
  • An explanation letter explaining the circumstances of the mutilation is required in a mutilated case.


Passport charges in Kenya – FAQs

Does Huduma Centre offer passports?

Yes, you can you can apply for your passport at the Huduma Center cyber account at

Wrap up

So, those are the current passport charges in Kenya.

All the best as you apply for one.


E Passport Application Kenya: Step-by-step Guide


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