Plant operator courses in Kenya [Everything you need to know]

I have several reasons why I consider Plant operator courses in Kenya a viable option if you have just left form 4 (and even for people who would like to change careers)..

  1. Jobs are often available because the road construction and building sectors have been growing remarkably for the last decade in Kenya (if you look around you, you’re likely to notice a new building or road under construction). Remember that you can also be hired by manufacturing companies/big industries, particularly in plant management and maintenance
  2. The pay is way better than what people are paid in some blue-collar jobs such as accounting, office administration, customer care, and the like
  3. You don’t need to have an A grade in your KCSE to do plant operator courses in Kenya – Some plant operator training schools in Kenya will admit you even with a KCPE certificate.
  4. This is a job that you can do for many years – as long as you’re healthy, you can still be called in by companies to help here and there even when you’re old especially if you learn how to repair the involved machines/equipment along the way (Earthmoving Machines, power plant systems, produce processing equipment, etc)
  5. It’s a short course- training takes 2-3 months and you’re ready to go for attachment (you should start earning soon after).

You see? I can go on and on.

So, what do you need to pursue various plant operator courses in Kenya including plant mechanic courses in Kenya?

Well, this is what I shall be answering below.

I will also tell you about the best colleges offering plant operator courses in Kenya including the leading plant mechanic schools in Kenya (Government owned and private colleges).

We shall start with the schools/colleges – and we shall also look at the minimum requirements to do plant operator training in Kenya at the certificate and diploma level in these institutions (there is no degree course when it comes to plant operator training in Kenya)


Plant operator schools in Nairobi and Plant operator schools in Kenya Ngong

JCBs Kenya plant operator training(Ganatra Plant& Equipment Ltd)

JCB Kenya has a simulator (consisting of different machines) so you will be exposed to all important machines/equipment.


Location: Baba Dogo Road -Nairobi

Telephone: 0723 506911


KIHBT (Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology)

KIHBT is a public institution and one of the very best.

Now, KIHBT’s Plant Operator Course (it’s one of the best known KIHBT short courses) is taught every 2 months at their Ngong Campus.

The aim of the course is to give you the skills to enable you to operate diverse road construction equipment/machinery like a pro and you will cover the following modules:

  1. Choice of Plants (and their uses)
  2. General maintenance and carrying out simple repairs
  3. The Kenya National Highway Code and Safety regulations
  4. Machine operation and control
  5. Professional workmanship and precision

KIHBT plant operator course requirements

D Plain(KCSE)

Note: If you’re thinking of plant mechanic courses in Kenya, you can as well go for KIHBT plant mechanic course (Construction plant option – they will teach you the repair and maintenance of heavy earth moving equipment and construction machines). You can also choose Industrial plant option if you want to learn the repair and maintenance of heavy-duty industrial machines/equipment)

KIHBT Contacts




Plant operator schools in Nakuru

Sensei Institute of Technology -The best Nakuru plant operator training school

If you’re in Nakuru or near Nakuru, we recommend Sensei Institute of Technology for Plant Operator Training course and Plant mechanics.

Here are the full details of the course:

Plant Operator Course Requirements

  • KCPE certificate
  • Have an ID (have two copies of your ID).
  • Driving License (If you already have one) – 2 copies (of the same) needed. You will first do a driving course for 1 month to get a driving license if you don’t have one
  • Passport photos(2)

Plant operator course fees at Sensei Institute of Technology

At the time of writing this, the Premium Course costs Ksh 104,000 (day scholars) and Ksh 118,000 (for boarders)

This fee includes tuition fee and examination fee.

A first aid course is also offered (and a certificate given) at no extra fee.

It’s worth mentioning that Sensei has a campus in Nairobi (in Kitengela).

Sensei Institute of Technology Contacts

To confirm the current fees and other entry requirements, reach out to Sensei through:

Tel:0707 964 600 (Nairobi) /0729 891 301 (Nakuru)


Plant operator schools in Thika

Kilimambogo Highways Building and Technology

Kilimambogo offers the advanced plant operator course- you will be shown how to operate and manage many different types of equipment.

The course takes 2 months and the fee is about Kshs108,000.

Entry Requirements

Minimum Grade/Qualification: KCPE

Others: National ID, 2 passports


Kilimambogo Highways Building and Technology Contacts

Telephone: 0708 308 780 /0711 899 829/ 0703 813 145/ 0704 201 901/ 0713 035 717



So these are the best plant operator schools in Kenya- There are other schools offering plant operator course in Kenya so be sure to do more research before you make a decision (the most important thing is to verify if the college is accredited by NTSA and the relevant ministry to offer


Qualifications for plant operator course in Kenya

In general, you only need to have at least a KCPE certificate.

But as indicated above, the requirements vary from one college to the other so it’s upon you to see where your grades will fit best.

Don’t worry about having a driving license- it’s needed in all schools by the way- because you can first undergo a driving course before you join the plant operator course

Plant operator college in Kenya: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is plant operator course marketable in Kenya?

As I had mentioned, a plant operator course has more jobs than even some ‘office’ courses like accounting because the government and private investors will always be building something.

Also, plant operators are employed by companies in diverse industries (food processing companies, power/electricity generating firms, agricultural-based organizations, etc)

Where can I study plant operator in Kenya?

Just as a reminder, you can take a plant operator course in the following institutions (among others):

  • Sensei Institute of Technology
  • KIHBTECH(Kilimambogo Highways Building and Technology)

Which is the best plant operator school in Kenya?

Well, a lot of students recommend KIHBT more than all other plant operator schools in Kenya (remember it’s government-owned so KIHBT is very well equipped).

Which machines/equipment do plant operators handle?

Overall, you will be trained how to operate and maintain the following:

  • Front End Loaders
  • Bulldozers
  • Asphalt Pavers & Rollers
  • Forklifts
  • Dump Trucks
  • Road Graders
  • Cranes
  • Backhoes
  • Excavators
  • Pile Drivers
  • Tractors
  • Compactors

Which are the best plant mechanics schools in Kenya?

Here we again recommend KIHBT. They’re very good when it comes to anything to do with plant operator courses in Kenya



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