Best stock brokers in Kenya (2023 updated)

So, what are the best stock brokers in Kenya? And what criteria would you use to distinguish the very best among the many available?

Well, it is a fact that unscrupulous stock brokers do exist all over the world and Kenya is not an exception.

Perhaps you are a beginner in the industry and you are looking for an experienced and trustworthy brokerage to not only introduce you to the market successfully but also help you get good returns on your investment.

Below we introduce you to the best stock brokers in Kenya (they run the best investment platforms in Kenya) to help you make an informed decision as you start your stock investment journey.

We also touch on what you need to check when comparing the various brokers- you want to work with the very best.

Let’s proceed.

Best Stock Brokers in Kenya – list of licensed stock brokers in Kenya that you can trust

To start with, here are the best trading brokers in Kenya to point you in the right direction.

Keep in mind that the list includes the best online stock brokers in Kenya (Not all brokers run great online stock trading apps/platforms so we shall mention those that have reliable and stable online forums where applicable).

Dyer & Blair Investment Bank LTD

This broker provides timely and reliable news along with comprehensive research data and market trend information that is super helpful to its members.

In addition, they are very transparent when it comes to handling all of your transactions in fixed and equity income capital markets.


ABC Capital Limited

ABC Capital prides itself as an experienced brokerage firm and has been in the industry for over 55 years (since 1954).

Some of the benefits you can have by partnering with ABC are trading in equities and quality investment advisory.

You can access ABC through their website.

To learn more, visit

KCB Capital

This is a unit of the popular KCB bank and runs a stock brokerage service.

The unit acquired a license from CMA (Capital Markets’ Authority) and also secured trading rights on NSE the same year.

You can find more about them on the website (

It’s worth mentioning that KCB capital has a portal that you can log into and execute trades if you prefer online trading of shares.


SBG Securities Limited

SBG Securities is also one of the best stock brokers locally.

Besides having a great online platform through which you can comfortably trade with your phone, the firm is very responsive when it comes to answering queries.

Join them today via their website

Quick Tip: To open your CDS account, visit SBG with your ID, KRA PIN, and 2 passport size photo (recently taken). They will guide you from there.

Side Note: If you already have a CDS account and want to start trading from your phone, just dial *209# (you will be taken to the app iTrader, which is very easy to use)


This brokerage firm is a partnership between AIB Capital Limited and Apex Africa Capital Ltd, both with over two decades of experience in share trading.

Additional services of the AIB-AXYS include asset/wealth management, asset/corporate financing, taking deposits among others.

Check them out via (and yes, they have a brilliant online trading platform too).

Faida investment Bank

At Faida capital, you can conveniently access your account and trade one of the best stock trading mobile app in Kenya, Faida M-trader.

Faida’s M-trader allows access to the following services (to mention but a few);

  1. Account statements
  2. Portfolio valuation reports
  3. Real-time market analytics and statistics
  4. Market recommendation reports
  5. Corporate News
  6. Real-time trading

Contacts (you need to get in touch with them to register or move your CDS account)

Phone: 020 7606026-37


Physical Address: Crawford Business Park (State House Rd),Nairobi Kenya

Genghis Capital Ltd

Genghis Capital Ltd is a leading stock broker in Kenya and can be an amazing option too.

Genghis Capital is super innovative and customer-focused and is the stock broker of choice for a growing number of Kenyans.

All you need to start working with them is to open a CDS account.

And you can try their popular G-KUZE app (download it from PlayStore)

Abacus Kenya

Abacus Kenya allows you to quickly get started on your NSE investment  journey.

You can deposit just Ksh1,000.00 and buy shares in multiples starting with 100, 500, (and upwards) ..

Plus, you can do everything online here.

Write an email to or call +254 792 753 774 to get started.

You can also open an account with Abacus here.


Sterling Capital Limited

Some of the services you can enjoy from Sterling capital include:

  1. Buying and selling of shares.
  2. Processing payments for shares sold or bought via sterling.
  3. Evaluating portfolio holdings and value

Sterling Capital also operates one of the best online trading platform in Kenya and can be yet another alternative if you are looking to venture into online trading.

Click to visit their main website.



Criteria for selecting best stock brokers in Kenya


You probably know that you should only consider registered (licensed) stock brokers.

Check the NSE (Nairobi Securities Exchange) website for a complete list of licensed stock brokers in Kenya if you’re unsure.


While selecting a stock broker, consider their charges (commissions, fees and/or additional costs).

You usually have to pay for the service rendered and it is only sensible that you pick a broker that offers lower fees (other factors holding constant) if you want to maximize your returns.

Customer support

What about when you want to reach your broker? Is the firm readily available to answer your calls, chats, emails, or social media messages?

You don’t want to work with a broker that takes ages to respond to your communication (neither do you want someone who delays in executing orders).

Payment options

Today there is a wide range of payment options-bank transfers, credit card, MPesa, Skrill, PayPal, and so forth.

You again want to work with a broker who allows you to pay via the payment method you find convenient so confirm if they accept MPESA, if that is what you prefer.

Wrapping up

Other registered brokers worth mentioning are:

  1. Old Mutual Securities (
  2. Standard Investment Bank (ICEA Building, 16th floor)
  3. Kingdom Securities Ltd (Visit any Co-op bank to learn about them)
  4. Francis Drummond and Company Limited (Hughes Building, second floor,)
  5. Kestrel Capital Limited(
  6. Renaissance Capital Ltd (
  7. NCBA Investment Bank (part of NCBA group)-
  8. Equity Investment Bank (part of Equity bank group)-
  9. EFG Hermes Kenya (
  10. Absa Securities Limited (part of ABSA bank)- Email:
  11. Securities Africa Kenya (



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