Best iPhone Shops in Nairobi Kenya

If you are in Nairobi and you are looking to buy an iPhone, below is a list of the best iPhone shops in Nairobi you may want to visit.

Let’s jump in.

iPhone Shops in Nairobi CBD

Here is a list of iPhone shops in Nairobi town that you might want to pay a visit whether you are looking to upgrade to the latest iPhone or you just want to try out a refurbished  iPhone (these are cheaper)


Phones and Tablets Kenya

This is one of the best iPhone shops in Nairobi kenya.

Besides offering excellent customer service, the shop arranges for quick deliveries if you’d like to buy online.

Phones and Tablets Kenya contacts

Location: Kimathi Street, Kimathi House, 1st floor, Office no. 106, Nairobi

Telephone: 0716 690990


iPlace Kenya

iPlace Kenya stocks genuine iPhones and they offer very good prices.

You will also enjoy being served by the excellent team of shop attendants you will find in the shop.

iPlace Kenya contacts

Location: Kimathi Street, Eagle House, 5th Floor, Room 8

Telephone: 0797 970000


Mobile Hub Kenya

Mobile Hub has the newest iPhone as well as some of the older models in stock and can be another nice place to shop for an iPhone in Nairobi.

Like its competitors, the customer service attendants at Mobile Hub Kenya never disappoint.

Mobile Hub Kenya contacts

Location: Moi Avenue, SASA MALL, 1st floor.

Telephone: 0722 974 623


Smart world Kenya

Smart World is another attractive option when it comes to iPhone shops in Nairobi town.

Their iPhones are well priced- you could get the very latest iPhone at a very fair price.

And yes, there is no iPhone you will not get here and it’s almost like walking into a gsmarena shop right here in Nairobi.

In short, if you have been looking for a certain iPhone version in Kenya without success, then visit them.

Smart world Kenya contacts

Location: Bihi Towers, Ground Floor, Shop no. G8

Telephone: 0718 794014


Salute iWorld headquarters

Salute iWorld is an authorized Apple reseller in Nairobi, CBD and is another worthwhile alternative to the above shops.

It’s actually a dedicated shop for all Apple electronic products and accessories and one of the largest iPhone shops in East and Central Africa.

More importantly, the shop is always well stocked so you’re unlikely to miss out on the iPhone you are searching for.

Salute iWorld headquarters contacts

Location: Parklands Office suites, Parklands-Nairobi.

Telephone: 0798 192 924


Globoedge solutions

Globoedge is another reputable Apple dealers in Nairobi, Kenya and one of the best iPhone repair shops in Nairobi too.

We love the professional customer service and the great prices.

Plus, they often dish out gifts to shoppers so you could walk away with a surprise gift when you buy your iPhone from these popular Apple dealers in Kenya.

Globoedge solutions contacts

Location: Waterfront Mall, Karen Nairobi.

Telephone: 0742 919 917

Smartphone store kenya

Reviews from Smartphone store Kenya are always positive and they especially recommend them for their amazing customer service and legit iPhone products.

Perhaps you could try them too.

Smartphone store kenya contacts

Location: Moi Avenue, Nairobi.

Telephone: 0714 398 534

Elite Digital-Sarit

Elite Digital has every premium Apple product or accessory you can think of making it a popular iPhone seller in Nairobi.

They have been dealing with Apple iPhones for the longest time so they will expertly guide you on the best iPhone to go for depending on your needs.

Elite Digital-Sarit contacts

Location: Sarit Centre (Parklands road), Nairobi.

Telephone: 020 374 5550

iStore Ke

The iStore team is very friendly (from online reviews).

In addition, the shop has a huge variety of iPhones (both old and newer) in stock so you can buy your next iPhone from them as well.

iStore Ke contacts

Location: Moi Avenue, Bazaar Plaza, Mezzanine 1 (unit 2)

Telephon: 0724 874 754


iPhone Street Kenya (one of the Best iPhone store in Kenya)

At iPhone Street, you get original iPhones and even greater customer service.

We recommend them too, if you are still undecided.

iPhone Street Kenya contacts

Location: Kenyatta Avenue, Tuskys Karasha

Telephone: 0722 489 174


Mac and More Solutions

This is another shop you will meet a team of very nice people who are always willing to help you decide on the best iPhone model to go for (depending on what you need it to do for you).

Mac and More Solutions contacts

Location: Westlands, Bandari Plaza- Woodvale Grove (opp. Havana)

Telephone: 0700 288 144

iPhone City

Genuine iPhones and Best customer service awaits you at iPhone city.

Consider trying them when shopping for an iPhone in Nairobi, Kenya.

iPhone City contacts

Location: Kimathi Street, Eagle House

Telephone: 0715 889 552


Gadgets Leo

Gadgets Leo is unique in one big way: They allow you to sample the features of the iPhone you want to buy before paying!

That way, you will be sure that you are purchasing the product that will best serve your special needs.

Gadgets Leo contacts

Location: Moi Avenue, Veteran House, 8th floor

Telephone: 0743 167 157



Winding it up

There are tens of other iPhone shops in Nairobi and we can’t really include all of them in this list (the article would be so lengthy and a bit confusing).

Did I even mention that you can also shop for an iPhone from any Safaricon or Airtel shop in Nairobi?

Well, all in all, you now have a good idea where to start next time you will be shopping for an iPhone in Nairobi.

Happy shopping!


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