Best business to start with no money in Kenya (8 ideas)

So, what is the best business to start with no money in Kenya?

And how can I start a business without money in Kenya?

Well, Kenyans have a tendency of imagining that there exists no business to start without capital.

And, perhaps you are one of them…

BUT, in truth, there are quite a number of potentially lucrative business ideas you can venture into without any money (or with very little capital).

Now, this guide will introduce you to some of the best businesses you can start with no money in Kenya and still make good money.

Let’s jump right in.

Best business to start with no money in Kenya (8 best businesses that need no or minimal capital)

To make it easy for you to follow along, we have divided the article into two sections.

To be clear, the first section will introduce you to the best business to start without money in Kenya (there are a few nice ideas).

And the final section will focus on the best business to start with little capital in Kenya (again, there are several good ventures).

Best Business to Start With no Money in Kenya

The following is a list of businesses you can start with nothing (literary- you only need to be courageous and be willing to work hard).


Consultancy (selling your expertise in whatever line you are skilled in)- can be another way of starting  a business with no money in Kenya.


First, you do not necessarily rely on having fixed premises (you can comfortably render your services from home or travel to clients’ premises).

Secondly, because consultancy is considered a small business to start in Kenya, you don’t need to incur expenses such as obtaining permits (some consultancies have very few legal procedures to meet while beginning).

All you need to get started is to pick one area you’re proficient in and start sourcing for clients (you can do word of mouth marketing or even use social media to advertise).

Try it.



Brokerage is one of the best businesses you can start in Kenya while having no funds.

You will be selling on behalf of clients a wide range of assets including ‘shambas’, vehicles, cattle, farm produce, etc.

You start by identifying owners of the commodities you wish to sell and then searching for potential buyers and link them to the sellers (and you can even do that online).

Brokers are paid on commission and you can even add a margin to the seller’s price (when quoting to buyers if you want to earn more).

Give it a shot!


Commission Agent

This is very close to brokerage but for a few differences..

The thing is, Kenya’s traders are more willing to embrace individuals who can sell their products at a commission than hiring permanent salesmen at a fixed salary.

Needless to say, this helps them minimize expenses (they only after earning) and will also drive you to make more money.

In most cases, you’ll find them wanting you to sell an item at a certain price and pay you a given percentage of the value, say like 10%.

If you are wondering what you can sell this way, visit Gikomba (and other marketplaces) and speak to the traders.

To be honest, there is no limit to what you can sell (and earn)- ‘mutumba camera’ clothes, shoes, toys, utensils, stationery, furniture…..the list is endless.

Why not try this especially if you’re an outgoing person and a go-getter?


Garbage Collection

It is filthy but waste pays.

Put simply, collecting waste is one of the easiest-to-pursue business opportunities we have in Kenya.

And yes, you can start with no money.

In fact, you don’t need a business permit to go around collecting domestic litter around your location.

And you can use the usual home buckets, ‘ngunias’ and forks (if need be) to pick litter.

Of course, you need to convince people to pay for your services so this is viable for towns and neighborhoods where litter goes uncollected for days (by the Kanju).

After all, county governments fail to reach some outskirts areas in towns/suburbs.

Quick Tip: The best way to get started is reaching out to your neighbors or landlords in your area and applying to be disposing of waste at a fee.


Best business to start with little money in Kenya

Suppose you had little cash in your pocket let’s say 1k, 5k, 10k…and you have questions such as “What business can i start with little capital? or What business can i start with 1k in Kenya? in your mind.

Well, here are a number of businesses you can start in Kenya with low capital (and end up being fully self-employed).

Making Mud-Bricks

Maybe you come from areas of sandy or loamy soils which are excellent for making mud bricks.

If that is true, you could just be sitting on a gold mine!

You see, sun-dried bricks last for over 30 years and can last even longer if fired in a kiln.

Haven’t you seen the rate at which soil bricks’ houses are replacing the traditional mud and timber houses in some places?

The good thing is that you can learn how to make these kinds of bricks from YouTube (and it is super simple) in one day.

And you really do not need much to get started!


Poultry farming

Chicken rearing is one of the best business to start in Kenya with small capital.

Question: How much would you need to construct a small chicken house within your homestead using locally available materials?

Now, add the cost of buying a few birds.

Will it exceed Ksh 10,000?

I doubt.

So, why not try poultry rearing (specifically Kienyenji because you can do them free-range)?


Cleaning business

A cleaning business is another good option to start with little money.

Fortunately, more Kenyans are beginning to appreciate cleaning pros and are willing to pay good money for professional cleaning services.

Now, how much would it cost you to start cleaning your neighbors’ homes, compounds, companies and offices?

The fact is, purchasing few detergents, gloves, buckets, soaps, a blower or so would not go far beyond (if it will) Ksh 10,000 so you can consider cleaning too.


Home-based salon/barber shop

Add salon/barber shop to your options if you are yet to still to settle on a business.

Having above-average skills in the industry is the key to starting a small hair care business at home (you just need to convert one of the rooms at home or build a small shed).

In addition, you need operating basics such as driers, cobs, hair products, clips etc. which doesn’t cost a lot of money.


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